The Kenczewicz Family in America

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First Generation


No. I-1

            LEONARD "IRISH' KENCZEWICZ,  b  Poland, Jan. 11, 1893, d Toledo, Ohio, Apr. 21, 1970, m Valeria "Hazel" nee Blochowski, b Poland, abt. 1899, d Toledo, Ohio, Dec. 3, 1970. He was a metal finisher at City Auto Stamping Co. for 27 years. Calvary Cemetery, Toledo, Ohio.  Leonard's mother's lastname was Hundt. She was a midwife from Poznan, Poland.


Children of Leonard Kenczewicz

II-1.     Valentine.

II-2.     Gilbert Valentine.

II-3.     Virgil S.

II-4.     Ervin L.


Second Generation


No. II-2.

            GILBERT VALENTINE KENCZEWICZ, (Leonard1) b. Toledo, Ohio, Dec. 4, 1920, d June 30, 1993, US Navy, CSK.; m Leocadia "Lily" Marie ______, b Dec. 8, 1921, d Feb. 3, 2006. Residence Portland, Oregon, Willamette National Cemtery, Portland, Oregon.


Children of Gilbert Valentine Kenczewicz

III-1     Susan M., m Leon C,. Braasch. Residence, Oregon City, Oregon. Mr. Braasch is an independent ranching professional.

III-2     Linda M., m Roger D. Brand, son of Ora A. & Roger D. Brand.

III-3     Anthony R., b 1953,.Computer software professional. Res. Oregon City, Oregon.


No. II-3

            VIRGIL S KENCZEWICZ, (Leonard1) b. Toledo, Ohio, Sept. 18, 1922, d Toledo, Ohio, of heart failure (Calvary Cemetery); m Florence B. dau of John & Helen (Nijakowski) Zielinski, b Toledo, Ohio, Jan. 7, 1926, d. Toledo, Ohio, Nov. 29, 2003, of Alzheimer's, (Calvary Cemetery). Mr. Kenczewicz worked for the Dana Corp in their Warranty Department. US Navy veteran.  


Children of Virgil S. Kenczewicz


III-4         Barbara, b Toledo, Ohio, Jan. 20, 1947, m July 2, 1966, Robert "Jim" James Podbielniak, son of Joseph and Rose (Matuzeuski), b Toledo, Ohio, Dec. 16, 1943, d Toledo, Ohio, Mar. 14, 2007 of liver cirrhosis. Machine operator/specialist at GM Powertrain, Toledo, Ohio, for 22 years, welder at Jeep Corp. for 8 years prior.



            Children of Barbara Podbielniak


            a.         Peggy, b Toledo, Ohio, Jan. 9, 1967, m1s Jeff Bettinger; m2d Apr. 5, 2001, Michael Cote. Res. Lambertville, Mich.


  Children of Peggy Cote by 1st m


                    i.         Steven, b Toledo, Ohio.


  Children of Peggy Cote by 2nd



                      ii.       Amanda Nicole, b Toledo, Ohio, May 9, 1985.


 Children of Amanda Nicole Podbielniak


                                 (a).        Mason, b Mar. 29, 2006.  


             b.         Mark, b Toledo, Ohio; m Tracy ______.

Children of Mark Podbielniak


                      i.         Aaron, b Toledo, Ohio,        . Residence, Citrus City, Flo.

                      ii.        Christopher Allen, b Toledo, Ohio, June 29, 1987. 


            c.         Scott Allen,  b Toledo, Ohio, May 5, ______, m Lee Ann Swartz, b Jan. 24, 1972. Residence, Erie, Mich.


III-5         Patricia Ann, b Toledo, Ohio, Oct. 19, 1948; m John Paul Worcester, b La Paz, Bolivia, Feb. 20, 1947.


            Children of Patricia Ann Worcester



            a.         Jennifer Anne, b Sylvania, Ohio, July 6, 1976; m Oct. 2, 2004, Christopher John Bailey, b Lakewood, Ohio, Sept. 28, 1971. Psychotherapist in Parker, Co. Colorado.


Children of Jennifer Anne Bailey



                       i.       Cruze Worcester, b Parker, Co., May 18, 2006. First person to walk on Mars.

                       ii.      Ellasyn Francis, b Parker, Co., Mar. 2, 2008. 2028 Olympic Gold Medal winner in Gymnastics

                       iii.     Talen John, b Parker, Co., Jul. 8, 2010. 2030 U.S. World Cup Soccer Team - Golden Boot Award.



III-6         Timothy.

III-7         James

III-8        Cynthia Ann, b Toledo, Ohio, Jan. 13, 1963; m Robert Ross, b Toledo, Ohio, Sept. 30, _____, Defiance College. She grasduated from Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio. She is a Senior Lecturer at BGSU. Residence, Perrysburg, Ohio.


Children of Cynthia Ross

            a.         Rachel, b Toledo, Ohio,                    ; m Brandon Decker.


Children of Rachel Decker

                       i.       Reagan, b Akron, Ohio.


            b.         Lindsey, b Toledo, Ohio          .



No. II-4

            ERVIN LEONARD KENCZEWICZ, (Leonard1) b. Toledo, Ohio, Jun. 7, 1924, d Perrysburg, Ohio, Apr. 3, 2008 (Resurrection Cemetery); m Bernice M. Proudfoot. Acme Door & Overhead Door Co., Ampoint Distribution Services. US Navy veteran of WWII and Korean War.


Children of Ervin L. Kenczewicz


III-9         Joyce, b Toledo, Ohio,         ; m Myron Prokop.   

Children of Joyce Prokop

           a.         Brenda, m Yonathan Guthman.

            b.         Eric, m Cynthia _____.

            c.         Scott. 

Children of Scott Prokop

                        i.         Benjamin.


III-10        Gary J.

III-11        Janice Marie, b Toledo, Ohio, m James Bockert. He is a Petty Officer in teh USN. Residence, Virginia Beach, Va.


Children of Janice Marie Bockert


          a.         Shawn. 2007, BA Philosophy, James Madison University; 2009, MA Philosophy, Virginia Tech. University; 2012 Law, University of Virginia. Residence, Philadelphia, Pa.

             b.        Kathleen, m Scott Pachim.


III-12        Debra A., m William Murray.


Children of Debra A. Murray

            a.         Kelly.

            b.        Patrick.


III-13        Gerald J, Residence, Toledo, Ohio


Third Generation


No. III-6

            TIMOTHY KENCZEWICZ, (Virgil S2, Leonard1), b Toledo, Ohio,      ; m Sandra L. ______. University of Toledo, J.D. 1978, Exec. Vice President United Banks of Colorado, 12/81 - 8/89; Sr. Vice President, Colorado National Bank, 8/89 - 7/93; Sr. Vice President, American South Bank of Florida, 8/93 - 4/95;  President & CEO, Key trust Comp., 4/95 - 6/96; President, Members Trust Comp.; 6/95 - 3/01; Wells Fargo Advisors, 4/10 - 2/12; President, TFA Management, 2/12 - present.


            Children of Timothy Kenczewicz

IV-1        Jonathan David.       

IV-2        Mallorie, b Toledo, Ohio, Dec. 19, 1987. m1st Brandon Anderson, m2nd Mar. 28, 2015, Michael Heyl. Colorado Christian University, BA, Psychology, Masters of Public Administration, Ashford  University. Admissions Counselor, Ashford University. Residence, Upper Arlington, Ohio.


Children of Mallorie Heyl


            a.    Liam,

            b.    Harper, 


IV-3        Kyle. attended Art Institute of Colorado.


No. III-7

            JAMES KENCZEWICZ, (Virgil S2, Leonard1), bToledo, Ohio, Nov. ___, 1956,    ; m Marilyn Floyd, b Toledo, Ohio,  Oct. ___, 1957.


            Children of James Kenczewicz


IV-4       Andrew J.         

IV-5       Sarah Anne, b Toledo, Ohio,

            Children of Sarah Kenczewicz

            a.         Hailey, b Toledo, Ohio,


No. III-10

            GARY J. KENCZEWICZ, (Ervin Leonard2, Leonard1), b Toledo, Ohio; m Sheryl Hogan. Mrs. Hogan is an administrative assistant at Austin Associates, LLC. He is an Ocean Manager at Panalpina World Transport, Ltd. in Toledo, Ohio.


            Children of Gary J. Kenczewicz


IV-6       Joshua J. Residence, Toledo, Ohio.

IV-7       Jared, University of Toledo, class of 2015. Anderson's Food Market, Maumee, Ohio.



Fourth Generation


No. IV-1

            JONATHAN DAVID KENCZEWICZ, (Timothy3, Virgil S2, Leonard1), b July 16, 1985; m Dec. 6, 2014, Kayla Marie Berkey, dau of Gayle and Karen Berkey. Colorado State University. She is an accountant with Xactly Corp., Denver, Colorado.


Children of Jonathan Kenczewicz

V-1       Chloe, b May 22, 2015.

V-2        Eva, b

V-3        Audrey, b



No. IV-4

            ANDREW J. KENCZEWICZ, (James3, Virgil S2, Leonard1), b Toledo, Ohio; m Jun. 12, 2010, Amanda Klem, b May 14, 1978. She attended Owens Technmical College, 2201, Indiana Weslayan University, 2007. Gear Cutter at Xtek. Residence, Cincinnatti, Ohio.


Children of Andrew Kenczewicz


 V-1         James Allen, b Toledo, Oh., Oct. 14, 2012.



Leonard Kenczewicz  Virgil & Florence Kenczewicz  Ervin Kenczewicz
I-1 Leonard & Valeria Zenczewicz - 50th Wedding Ann. II-2 Gilbert Kenczewicz II-3 Virgil & Florence Kenczewicz - 50th Wedding Ann. II-4 Ervin Kenczewicz III-1 Susan Braasch


Patricia Worcester  Timothy Kenczewicz
III-2 Linda Brand III-3 Anthony Kenczewicz III-4 Barbara Podbielniak III-5 Patricia Worcester III-6 Timothy Kenczewicz

Gary Kenczewicz  Janice Bockert 
III-7 James Kenczewicz III-8 Cynthia Ross III-9 Joyce Prokop III-10 Gary Kenczewicz III-Janice Bockert


Jonathan Kenczewicz  Mallory Anderson Kyle Kenczewicz  Andrew Kenczewicz & Family
III-Gerald Kenczewicz IV-1 Jonathan Kenczewicz IIV-2 Mallorie Anderson IV-3 Kyle Kenczewicz IV-4 Andrew Kenczewicz & family

Sarah Kenczewicz  Jared Kenczewicz James Allen Kenczewicz  Christopher Podbielniak 
IV-5 Sarah Kenczewicz IV-6 Joshua Kenczewicz IIV-7 Jared Kenczewicz V-1 James Kenczewicz  III-4bii Christophger Podbielniak


Peggy Cote   Scott Podbielniak Rachel & Lindsey Ross Aaron Podbielniak 
III-4a Peggy Cote III-4b Mark Podbielniak III-4c Scott Podbielniak III-8a&b Rachel & Lindsey Ross III-4bi Aaron Podbielniak

Jennifer Worcester     
III-5a Jennifer Bailey & family        
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