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John Robinson Worcester Letter Home from Appomatox

Near Appomattox C.H., Va
April 14, 1865

My dear Mother:

I was glad to get a mail again this morning and receive you letter of the 2nd visit and a pair of drawers with some coffee. It is now nearly two weeks since I have received a letter before. I hope you have received some of the letters I have written to you. Did you never receive my warrant as Sergeant Major. Direct to me in future.
John R. Worcester
Sergt Major 97th Regt. N.Y. Va.

I wish you would set to work and make me one or two fancy shirts or I expect we shall go to Richmond or some other place for guard duty and I shall have to dress handsomely and put on all sorts of style. Make them and as soon as we get settled somewhere I shall write for several things I want, and you will have to make me up another box. I think my marching and fighting days are over, and I am not sorry for it.

Did I tell you I captured a very nice rebel sword at the Battle of the Five Forks. I would not take $500 for it simply as a relic. It is something to brag of. You will have to send me another pocket handkerchief as I have lost. These marches and fights have cost me a good deal in clothing, but I cannot complain so long as I remain safe and well. I hope you will receive the letter containing a piece of the tree under which Gen. Lee surrendered. Give my best love to all the folks and believe me as ever

Affectionately your son

P.S. Please continue to send me a stamped envelope every time you write at present. And I think you had better direct some of them to yourself as writing is almost out of the question on the march. Please send me another piece of that mouth glue the first time you write.

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