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No. II-3
(William1), b England, d 1681, Lynn, Mass., m Nov. 29, 1659, Elizabeth dau Francis Parrott, Rowley, b May 1, 1640. He came from England with his father to Salisbury, Mass. As early as 1658 he was engaged in business in Salisbury as "partner in a saw mill." In May, 1662, he bought of Samuel Sewall of Newbury ... for three score and ten pounds ... 300 acres of upland, ... 4 acres of meadow," etc, "being within the bounds and precincts of Rowley ... 200 acres of said upland bordering on Merrimac river," - in other words, a tract of land in that part of Rowley which in 1675, was incorporated under the name of Bradford, and in 1850 was separated from Bradford and incorporated under the name of Groveland. On this purchase he must have settled in the course of a few months, as the Rowley records make mention of the birth of one of his sons in March, 1663.
At the first recorded meeting of the "Merrimac people," Feb. 20, 1668-69, he was chosen an overseer. He became a freeman Oct. 11, 1670. He was the first Representative from Bradford to the General Court, and took his seat as a member of that body Jan., 1679-80. He left home for Boston on foot to attend an adjourned meeting of the Court to be held on Feb. 22, and on the evening of Feb. 20, reached that part of Lynn which is now called Saugus. Failing to obtain accommodations at the inn, he started for the house of a friend, and in the morning was found dead in the middle of the road in the attitude of kneeling. He was a man of distinguished piety, and shared largely in every effort to advance the interests of his adopted town. The gift of "one acre of meadow land, to be improved in general for the use of the ministry, or bestowed upon some able, faithful, minister for his encouragement to settle amongst them," is one of several recorded instances of his liberality.

Children of Samuel Worcester

III-1 William.
III-2 Samuel, b Mar. 31, 1663, d July 5, 1686.
III-3 Francis.
III-4 Joseph.
III-5 Timothy.
III-6 Moses, b Bradford, Essex Co., Mass., Jan 15, 1669/70, d Bradford, Essex Co., Mass., Dec. 18, 1689.
III-7 Elizabeth, b Bradford, Essex Co., Mass., Feb. 16, 1672.
III-8 Dorothy, b Jan. 21, 1673/74; Joseph Dakin, b Concord, Mass., 1669, d Mar. 13, 1744 (buried in Main St. Burying Ground, Concord, Mass.) Residence Flints Pond, Concord, Mass. (See, Descendants of Thomas Dakin of Concord, Mass., Albert H. Dakin, Tuttle Publishing Comp.)

Children of Dorothy Dakin

(a) Mary, b June 1, 1697.
(b) Dorothy, b Aug. 5, 1698.
(c) Samuel, b Sept. 23, 1700.
(d) Sarah, b July 4, 1702, d young.
(e) Hannah, b Oct. 23, 1704.
(f) Rebecca, b Mar. 8, 1707, d Dec. 24, 1717.
(g) Dinah, b Apr. 25, 1709; m Samuel Mead.
(h) Beaulah, b Mar. 26, 1712.
(i) Henry, b Mar. 8, 1715.

III-9 John, b Aug. 31, 1677, d 1701.
III-10 Ebenezer.
III-11 Susannah, b Feb. 11, 1680.
III-12  Joseph.

The commissioners' division of the Estate of "Samuel Worster, late of Bradford, and his wife Elizabeth, also deceased," gives, "in value" as follows: - to "William, eldest son,91p, 18s., 8d.; to Susannah, 10p, 8s., 5d.; to Timothy, Ebenezer, Dorothy, John and Joseph, each 20p, 16s., 10d.; to Elizabeth, 10p, 5s., 5d.; to Francis, 70p, 16s., 10d. Total, 287p, 11s., 6d. The homestead farm was in 1856 owned by Mr. Wm. Balch.

Bishop's Transcripts of the Parish Registers for Olney - Buckinghamshire Record Office, Aylesbury

Norfolk Rec. Essex Reg. Probate and Deeds. Salisbury, Rowley and Bradford Rec. "Life and Labors of Rev. Sam'l Worcester, D.D."

No. II-6
(William1), b Olney, England, bap. Olney, Jan. 15, 1638, d Boston, 1683, m Constant.  It has not been ascertained if any of his children left any descendants. Residence Salisbury and Rowley until about 1688; Boston from that date until his decease. Cordwainer.

Children of William Worcester

III-13 Joseph, b Rowley, Mass., d young.
III-14 Constance, b Boston, Mass., Mar. 10, 1668/69; m1st July 15, 1692, Abraham Tuckerman; m2d John Noiles, Jr. of Newfoundland.
III-15 William, b Boston, Mass., May 7, 1672.
III-16 Timothy, b Boston, Mass., June 2, 1674.
III-17 Samuel, b Boston, Mass., Dec. 23, 1679.
III-18 Joseph, b Boston, Mass., June 22, 1681.

Bishop's Transcripts of the Parish Registers for Olney - Buckinghamshire Record Office, Aylesbury

Old Norfolk County Records: William Worcester of Boston for 5 pds. Conveyed to Henry Brown of Salisbury a salt marsh in Salisbury granted to my father by Salisbury and devised to me in his will May 28, 1668 acknowledged same date.

Salem Quarterly Court Records and Files: William Worcester testified in Oct. 31, 1644, in a case involving the killing of his neighbor’s mare.

No. II-9
(William1), b Salisbury, Mass., May 14, 1642, d 1672, m Susannah . His widow married Oct. 24, 1672, Henry Ambrose, a weaver. Timothy was known to be a mariner or seaman. In March 12, 1666-7, he and his brother Moses split house and land given to them by their father through will.

Children of Timothy Worcester

III-19 Sarah, b Aug. 15, 1667, d Jan. 29, 1720; m c1690, Benjamin Sanborn of Hampton, NH. [Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire]
III-20 Susannah, b Dec. 29 1672, m Moses Pike, b Salisbury, Mass., 1658. They had seven children. Their seventh child was: (a) Joseph, (this name was given in the town records, Solomon, in the church record of baptism), b Sept. 1, 1707, m at Newbury, Mass., Dec. 8, 1731, Sarah Thompson, b 1711, d 1761.

Children of Susannah Pike

(a) Moses, b Salisbury, Mass., Aug. 16, 1688, d Dec. 8, 1716; m June 5, 1711, Mary Pike.

Children of Moses and Mary Pike

(1) Benjamin.

(b) Elias, b Salisbury, Mass., b July 10, 1692, d bef. 1778; m Joanna Allen, b jan. 19, 1715.
(c) Sarah, b Salisbury, Mass., b Nov. 5, 1699, d Oct. 30, 1701.
(d) Mary, b Apr. 27, 1695; m Thomas Atkinson, b Aug. 25, 1719.
(e) Timothy, b July 13, 1701, d Feb. 4, 1767; m Hopestill Hoyte.
(f) John, b Salisbury, Mass., Oct. 20, 1704; m Oct. 31, 1728, Mary Hooke.
(g) Joseph, Salisbury, Mass., Sept. 1, 1707, d Kensington, NH, Jan. 22, 1764; Newbury Port, Mass., Dec. 8, 1731, Sarah Thompson.

Children of Joseph Pike

(1) Joseph.
(2) Moses.
(3) Sarah.
(4) Susanna.
(5) Judith.
(6) Lois.
(7) Eunice.
(8) Hope.
(9) Keturah.
(1) Robert, b Feb. 1, 1740, d Mar. 30, 1818, m Jan. 18,1765, Sarah Quimby, b Apr. 30, 1743, d June 13, 1806.

Children of Robert Pike

(i) Robert, b July 18, 1773, d Brookfield, NH, Feb. 4, 1855, m May 6, 1806, Rossana Hanson, b 1785, d Jan. 31, 1872.

Children of Robert Pike

a - Susan Hanson, Brookfield, NH, May 6, 1814, d Bangor, Me., Feb. 11, 1895, Brookfield, Nov. 16, 1837, Charles Haven Sawyer, b Wakefield, NH, July 16, 1814, d Wakefield, Oct. 8, 1850.

Children of Susan Hanson Sawyer

(I) Robert William, b Wakefield, NH, Jan. 18, 1850, m Wakefield, Nov. 12, 1878, Martha Copp Paul. Harvard 1874. Residence Bangor, Me.

Children of Robert W. Sawyer

a- Robert William, Jr., b May 12, 1880, Harvard AB, 1902, LB 1905.
b- Eugene Mitchell, b Jan. 9, 1882, Harvard AB, 1904; SB, 1906; ME 1908.
c- Pauline, b Apr. 16, 1887, AB, Radcliffe, 1910.

(2) Joseph.
(3) Moses.
(4) Sarah.
(5) Susanna Fitts.
(6) Judith.
(7) Lois.
(8) Eunice.
(9) Ketura.

Inventory: 180p, 17s, attested to by Susannah in Hampton Court on Aug. 8, 1672.

No. II-10
(William1), b Salisbury, Mass., Nov. 10, 1643, m 1st before July 4, 1676, Elizabeth Start of Wells, b 1674, d before Apr., 1695, dau of Edward and Wilmot (Lamsytt) Start, m 2d Apr. 4, 1695, Mrs. Sarah (Remick) Soper, living 1714. He removed to Kittery, Me. before 1675, where he was living in 1731 at the advanced age of 88 yrs. He was "a famous hunter of Indians," and was familiarly known by the appellation of "Old Contrary." He owned extensive tracts of land in that part of Kittery, now incorporated as Berwick. He united with the church in Kittery in 1716, about two years after its formation.

Children of Moses Worcester by first marriage

III-21 Thomas.
III-22 William.
III-23 Elizabeth.

Salisbury Rec. Essex Probate. Ipswich, Salem and Norfolk Rec. Suffolk Probate. Boston, Rowley and Kittery Rec. York Co. Probate and Deeds. Life and Labors of Rev. Samuel Worcester, D.D.

In March 10, 1675, Moses Worcester of Kitterie, planter, conveyed for 25 pds. to John Allen his property in Salisbury, remainder to Rishard Hubbard – May 21, 1675.

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