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 No. VII-3
(Moses6, Moses5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Jaffrey, N.H., Jan. 22, 1781; d Jan. 1821; m Apr. 7, 1818, Catherine Powers, Sorel, C.E., b Mar. 10, 1792, Lived in Jaffrey until Feb. 1806; then removed to Shefford, C.E.

Children of Moses Worcester

VIII-1 Caroline A.P.
VIII-2 Maria.
VIII-3 Harriet.

No. VII-4
(Moses6, Moses5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Jaffrey, N.H., Jan. 28, 1783; d Nov. 15, 1825; m Dec. 5, 1812, Lucy, dau Timothy Fox, New Ipswich, N.H., b Apr. 29, 1782, d May 22 1847. Residence after 1810, Stoddard, N.H.

Children of Nathaniel Worcester

VIII-4 Charles.
VIII-5 George
, b Sept. 12, 1815, d Aug. 17, 1853.
VIII-6 Mary F., b Dec. 30, 1817, m Sept. 9, 1841, Azel Hatch.
VIII-7 Abby D., b May 26, 1821, m May 7, 1840, Jonathan Green.

No. VII-7
(Moses6, Moses5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Jaffrey, N.H., Mar. 26, 1789; d Medina, Mich., 1855; m Dec. 7, 1815, Sarah, dau Isaac Kimball of Stoddard, N.H., b May 2, 1795, d Medina, 1884. Removed to Medina, 1854.

Children of John Worcester

VIII-8 Sarah Maria, b Dec. 2, 1816, d Nov. 12, 1885, m Sept. 5, 1837, Charles Stone, b Jan. 25, 1814, d Feb. 12, 1888. Residence Olivet,             Michigan.

Children of Sarah Maria Stone

(a) Charles H., b May 25, 1839, d Jan. 5, 1870.
(b) Leander W., b Jan. 19, 1843, d Aug. 16, 1844.
(c) Lysander L., b May 28, 1850, d Feb. 14, 1855.
(d) Ellen Maria, b Sept. 22, 1853, d Nov. 8, 1872.
(e) Leander W., b May 28, 1850, d Oct. 3, 1851.
(f) Mary Cynthia, b Sept. 14, 1857, m June 9, 1890, Arthur M. Dewey, b Oct. 4, 1851.

Children of Mary C. Dewey

(i) Ellen Stone, b Aug. 11, 1891.
(ii) Merle Arthur, b Feb. 4, 1893.
(iii) Lydia Maria, b Jan. 17, 1895.
(iv) Dorothy Worcester, b Sept. 18, 1901.

VIII-9 John.
George, b Nov. 17, 1820, d Dec. 6, 1820.
VIII-11Daughter, b Oct. 4, 1821, d Oct. 5, 1821.
VIII-12 Daughter, b Oct. 4, 1821, d Oct. 12, 1821.
VIII-13 Harriet, b Jan. 10, 1823, d Jan. 9, 1832.
VIII-14 Mary Ann, b June 19, 1825, d Nov., 1909, m Aug. 3, 1853, Oliver S. Hotchkiss of Medina, Mich., b Shelby, N.Y., 1831, d July, 1913.

Children of Mary Ann Hotchkiss

(a) Lilla J., b Oct. 4, 1854, m ____ Lawrence.
(b) Carrie, b 1856, d 1902.
(c) Nellie, b ____, m Jay (?) Hoag. Residence Adrian, Mich.
(d) Hattie, b Jan. 19, 1863. Residence, Hudson, Mich.
(e) Anna, b ____, m ____ Bishop. Residence, Auburn, Ind.

VIII-15 Lydia Ayer, b June 3, 1827, d Medina.
VIII-16 Son, b and d May 5, 1829.
VIII-17 Sylvesder.
VIII-18 Harriet R.
, b Nov. 17, 1833, d May 27, 1837.
VIII-19 Lysander.
VIII-20 Jane Sophia
, b Fitzwilliam, N.H., May 19, 1838, d Grand Rapids, Mich., July 18, 1881, m Lewis Wadsworth Heath, b Rock Creek, Oh., June 22, 1837. Hiram College, Ohio. Captain in Civil War.

Children of Jane S. Heath

(a) Jennie Alicia, b Apr. 13, 1865, Grand Rapids, Mich. Rye Seminary, N.Y., m Dec. 19, 1891, Frederick Kingsbury Tinkham, b Oct. 8, 1865. Residence Grand Rapids. Veneer and panel manufacturer.
(b) Ferry Kimball, b Oct. 23, 1876. Univ. of Michigan. Spanish War Veteran. Insurance.

VIII-21 Daughter, b and d June 21, 1840.

No. VII-9
(Moses6, Moses5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Jaffrey, May 2, 1795, removed to Shefford, L.C., in 1820; thence to Lodi, Ohio, where he died Sept. 9, 1844. Yeoman. Married 1st, Oct. 2, 1820, Hannah, dau of David Vandorn, of Fitzwilliam, N.H.; b Oct. 5, 1790; d Nov. 15, 1830; m 2nd, Aug. 10, 1831, Semantha, dau of John Farrar, of Marlboro, N.H., b Apr. 5, 1785.

Children of Jesse Worcester

VIII-22 Moses, b Dec. 7, 1823, d Nov. 1, 1842, Lodi, Ohio.
VIII-23 John Frederick.
VIII-24 Mathew Lang.
VIII-25 Mary Vandorn
, b in Canada, Sept. 10, 1827, d July 11, 1893, m Beloit, Wis. July 4, 1851, William Short Bowker, b St. Catherinsville,  N.Y. Sept., 1897. He was the first white child born in the county. Short was the name of the surveyor.

Children of Mary V. Bowker

(a) Sarah Lucy, d unmarried.
(b) Chastina Abigail, d in early childhood.
(c) Clara Emma, m Mar. 29, 1877, Geo. F. Trumbull of Stillman Valley, Ill. Served in Civil War, 132 Ills. Volunteers, Company I,  Infantry. Farmer.

Children of Clara Emma Trumbull

(i) Frederick Marsh, b near Stillman Valley, Ill., Nov. 23, 1878, m Dec. 16, 1903, Jennie Elizabeth, dau of Mathew Lang Worcester of Kingston, Ill. Farmer.

Children of Frederick M. Trumbull

a - Edna May, b Aug. 13, 1906.
b - George Worcester, b Mar. 15, 1912.

(ii) Mary Lee, b near Stillman Valley, Ill., Feb. 24, 1883.

(d) Frances Adelia, b Oct. 25, 1856, d Kingston, Ill., Jan., 1900, m J.E. White, who died Belvidere, Ill., 1905. No children. Farmer.

VIII-26 Jesse Farrar, b Aug. 10, 1833, d Dec. 23, 1842.
VIII-27 Harriet Semantha, b Jan. 21, 1843, d near Atkinson, Henry Co., Ill., m James Fry, who after her death married and moved to Iowa.

Children of Harriet S. Fry

(a) Frank, (b) Fanny (c) ____.

No. VII-13
(William6, Moses5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Jaffrey, N.H., Mar. 15, 1791; d Fitzwilliam, Mar. 20, 1833; m 1st, Mar. 1 1812, Abigail, dau Ephraim Parker, Fitzwilliam, b Mar. 5, 1796, d Feb. 23, 1820; m 2d, Fitzwilliam, Mar. 26, 1822, dau Silas Whipple, Richmond, N.H., b Nov. 17, 1801. Residence Jaffrey and Fitzwilliam, N.H.

Children of Joshua Worcester

VIII-28 Ephraim Parker.
VIII-29 Emeline
, b July 4, 1815, d Oct. 23, 1886, bur. Village Cemetery, Fitzwilliam, NH. She was teacher of a private school in Boston. Mass.
VIII-30 Abigail, b Mar. 30, 1817, m Dec. 21, 1837, William Gage of Fitzwilliam, N.H.; d July 10, 1893, bur. Fitzwilliam, NH.

Children of Abigail Gage

(a) William Parker, b June 1, 1840, d 1841.

VIII-31 Joshua, b Jan. 23, 1820, d Feb. 5, 1841.
VIII-32 Infant, b May 20, 1823, d June 5, 1824.
VIII-33 Milton.
VIII-34 Hannah
, b Fitzwilliam, N.H., Aug. 10, 1826, d Apr. 17, 1883, Hartford, Conn., m Nov. 24, 1845, Joseph Gage, b Jaffrey, N.H., Feb. 27,  1818, d  Rockville, Conn., Sept. 2, 1870. Residence Hartford, Conn.

Children of Hannah Gage

(a) Frank E., b Oct. 17, 1850.
(b) Mary Ella, b Fitzwilliam, N.H., Sept. 26, 1852, m Hartford, Conn., Oct. 25, 1876, Henry Wood Erving, b Westfield, Mass., Apr. 1,       1851. Residence W. Hartford, Conn. Bank officer. Conn. Literary Institute.

Children of Mary Ella Erving

(i) William Gage, b Hartford, Conn., Aug. 11, 1877, m Duxbury, Mass., Sept. 19, 1903, Emma Lootz, b Boston, Sept. 26, 1875. A.B. Yale, 1898, M.D. John Hopkins, 1902. Surgeon, Washington, D.C. Mrs. Erving grad. Smith, A.B., 1897. John Hopkins, M.D., 1902. Residence Washington, D.C. Physician.

Children of Wm. Gage Erving

a - Selma, b Sept. 6, 1906, Boston.
b - Henry William, b Aug. 30, 1909, Boston.

VIII-35 George, b Aug. 2, 1828.
VIII-36 Otis J., b Jan. 8, 1831, d May 7, 1833.
VIII-37 Lydia, b Aug. 15, 1833. Residence Newton, Mass.

No. VII-14
(William6, Moses5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Jaffrey, N.H., June 1, 1793; d Jaffrey, N.H., May 12, 1852; m May 9, 1824, Mrs. Louisa Tufts, Boston. Residence, Jaffrey and Boston.

Children of Joel Worcester

VIII-38 Joel, d young.

No. VII-18
(Samuel6, Moses5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Tewksbury, Jan. 10, 1789; m Apr. 20, 1819, Rhoda Rogers, b Apr. 20, 1794. Residence, Dracut. Yeoman.

Children of Samuel Worcester

VIII-39 Samuel.
VIII-40 Rhoda R.
, b July 17, 1825, d Jan. 28, 1828.
VIII-41 Josiah R., b May 7, 1827, d Jan. 8, 1836.
VIII-42 Pliny Fisk, b Apr. 22, 1828. Residence, N.Y. City.
VIII-43 Thomas R., b June 11, 1830.
VIII-44 Rhoda, b June 14, 1833, d Sept. 25, 1834.
VIII-45 Susan H., d Dec. 28, 1835.
VIII-46 Frank, d Dec. 28, 1835.

No. VII-21
(Samuel6, Moses5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Tewksbury, Oct. 11, 1794; d March 8, 1860, m 1st Apr. 10, 1821, Clarissa Ray, Tewksbury, d Oct., 1829; m 2d, 1830, Frances Mitchell, Portland, Me., d 1832; m 3d, Jan. 5, 1834 Rachel Coburn, Hollis, N.H., d 1840; m 4th, 1841, Mary Ann Jarvis, Loraine Co., d 1845; m 5th, 1848, Hannah Wylde (?) Willoughby, Loraine Co., Oh. Lived in Portland, Me., Hollis, N.H., and Lowell, Mass.; afterward, Loraine Co., Oh.

Children of George Worcester by first m

VIII-47 George, b 1822, d 1826.
VIII-48 Charles, b Aug., 1824
VIII-49 Mary Ray, b July, 1826.

Children of George Worcester by third m

VIII-50 George, b 1842

Children of George Worcester by fourth m

VIII-51 John C., b May 11, 1843, m Nov. 8, 1863, Adelia E. Mattison, Loraine Co. Oh.

Children of George Worcester by fifth m

VIII-52 Benjamin Franklin.

No. VII-22
(Samuel6, Moses5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Tewksbury, June 5, 1797, d ____; m June 5, 1823, Lucy, dau Kendall Flint, No. Reading, b July 1, 1800. He was an officer of the church in Hudson, N.H. He removed to No. Reading, Mass., in 1826; to Hudson, N.H., in 1828; to Nashua, in 1848. Yeoman.

Children of Moses Worcester

VIII-53 Moses Augustus.
VIII-54 Lucy Ann
, b Sept. 17, 1826, d Aug. 3, 1834.
VIII-55 Kendall Flint, b Feb. 3, 1833.
VIII-56 Lucy Ann, b Apr. 17, 1836.
VIII-57 Hannah Augusta, b Nov. 22, 1837.

No. VII-24
(Samuel6, Moses5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Tewksbury, Oct. 4, 1801; d ____; m Caroline, dau Eldad Worcester, Tewksbury, b June 16, 1802, d 1832.

Children of Charles Worcester

VIII-58 Charles Henry, b 1826, d Sandwich Islands, 1852.
VIII-59 George Lewis, b 1828.
VIII-60 Edwin, b 1830, d 1834.

No. VII-25
(Sampson6, William5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Sterling, Mass., Apr. 22, 1797, d Dec. 19, 1845, Barre, Vt.; m Mar. 30, 1819, Sybil Leonard, West Boylston, Mass. He lived in Sterling and West Boylston, Mass., Winchester, N.H., and Millbury, Mass., 1825-1835; Barre, Vt., 1835-1845.

Children of William Worcester

VIII-61 William, b Aug. 18, 1821, d Mar. 30, 1822.
VIII-62 Mary Ann, b Mar. 18, 1823, m Aug. 30, 1843, Samuel Field, Barre, Vt.

Children of Mary Ann Field

(a) Martha Ann, b Mar. 9, 1848.
(b) William, b Feb. 2, 1850, d 1853.
(c) Ida Frances, b Aug. 15, 1853.

VIII-63 Martha Jane, b Apr. 30, 1825, m May 1, 1850, Edwin Morse, Worcester, Mass.

Children of Martha Jane Morse

VIII-64 Phebe A., Jan 22, 1827.
VIII-65 Adaline T., b July 3, 1829, m Nov. 23, 1850, Azel W. Barber, Worcester, Mass.
VIII-66 Clara M., b Jan. 26, 1831, m Oct. 5, 1850, Joel D. Barber, Worcester, Mass.
VIII-67 Sybil L., b June 23, 1835.

No. VII-26
(Sampson6, William5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Sterling, Mass., Nov. 24, 1798, d ____; m May 22, 1823, Elvira Glazier, West Boylston, b Mar. 4, 1804. Lived in Sterling, W. Boylston, afterward in Shirley. Manufacturer.

Children of Willard Worcester by first m

VIII-68 Julia Ann, b Apr. 23, 1824, m Apr. 3, 1845, William Park, of Shirley.

Children of Julia Ann Park

(a) Emily M., b Nov. 9, 1846.
(b) Milton W., b June 27, 1850.

VIII-69 Albert Willard.

No. VII-28
(Sampson6, William5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Sterling, Mass., Aug. 26, 1803, d Clinton, May 19, 1845; m 1st, Nov. 7, 1827, Betsey T. Goodale, W. Boylston, Mass., b Oct. 26, 1806, d Mar. 12, 1839; m 2d, Dec. 10, 1839, Mary B. Davis, W. Boylston, b Dec. 26, 1808. Lived in Sterling, W. Boylston, Shirley, Lancaster and Clinton, Mass.

Children of Sampson Worcester by first m

VIII-70 Almira F., b May 26, 1829, m Apr. 10, 1850, E. B. Rice of Worcester, Mass.
VIII-71 Israel Sampson, b Sept. 2, 1835.

Children of Sampson Worcester by second m

VIII-72 Thomas Adams, b Mar. 10, 1842, d July 10, 1842.
VIII-73 Mary Elizabeth, b July 13, 1844.

No. VII-30
(Sampson6, William5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Princeton, Mass., Aug. 23, 1803, d ____; m 1st, Dec. 19, 1832, Matilda Wright, Brookline, N.H., b July 21, 1806, d Aug. 28, 1849; m 2d, Ellen H. Scillinger. Residence, Princeton and Clinton. Manufacturer.

Children of Charles Worcester

VIII-74 Harriet A., b Sept. 7, 1833, d Sept. 9, 1834.
VIII-75 Harriet M., b Nov. 27, 1835.

No. VII-36
(Benjamin6, William5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Tewksbury, Aug. 26, 1806, d ____; ,m Oct. 30, 1832, Lydia Merrill, Andover, Mass., d Jan. 21, 1853. Residence, Tewksbury, Mass.

Children of Daniel Worcester

VIII-76 John Worthen, b Oct. 8, 1833.

No. VII-37
(Benjamin6, William5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Tewksbury, Mass., Sept. 4, 1811, m Dec. 12, 1833, Lydia Holmes, of Bridgewater, b Apr. 16, 1810. Shoe manufacturer. Residence, East Bridgewater, Mass.

Children of Arad Worcester

VIII-77 Francis, b Mar. 13, 1836.
VIII-78 Frederick, b May 11, 1839.

No. VII-38
(Benjamin6, William5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Tewksbury, Mass., Sept. 4, 1811, d Feb. 17, 1891, m Dec. 12, 1833, Lydia dau of Howland and Huldah (Copeland) Holmes, of Bridgewater, b Apr. 6, 1810, d Oct. 31, 1888. Shoe manufacturer. Residence, East Bridgewater, Mass.

Children of Luke Worcester

VIII-79 Horace.
VIII-80 Lydia Ann
, b East Bridgewater, Mass., Feb. 27, 1841, d Sept. 2, 1909; m Henry Zacheus Hale, son of Zacheus and Mary (Poll) of Dunstable, N.H., b July 22, 1841, d Dec. 4, 1867, of exposure during the Civil War.

Children of Lydia Ann Hale

(a) Edith Marion, b Sept. 27, 1861, d Sept. 6, 1907, unmarried.
(b) Mabel Estella, b May 13, 1864, d June 5, 1871.
(c) Chester Stanley, b N. Bridgewater, Mass, Oct. 18, 1866, d Brockton, Mass, Feb. 2, 1838; m 1st, Nov. 2, 1887, Julia Marion Tillson, b Nov. 16, 1871; m 2d, Minnie Francis Thomson, dau Thomas Trotter Thomson and Susan Emelia Bishop, b Feb.   27, 1879, d Floral Park, N.Y., Mar. 17, 1951.

Children of Chester Stanley Hale by first m

(i)   Mabel Edith, b Nov. 21, 1888, d Aug. 29,   1949, unmarried.

Children of Chester Stanley Hale by second m

(ii)  Preston Worcester, b Wincheston, Mass., Oct.   1, 1902; m Janiece Goodwin, b Jan. 9, 1902.   Worcester Poytechnical Inst. Lt. Col., U.S.   Army, World War II, retired from reserves in   1962. Residence Boca  Raton, Fla. Meter Engineer, Consolidated Edison Co., N.Y.   City.  Retired in 1967.
(iii) Frances, b Brockton, Mass., June 8, 1912.   B.S., Simmons College; M.A., Hofstra   College. Residence Flora  Park, N.Y.   Director, Garden City, N.Y. Public Library.   Unmarried.
(iv) Shirley Graham, b Brockton, Mass., May 12,   1918. Attended Simmons College. Residence   Pompano Beach,  Fla. Unmarried.

VIII-81 Jane Dunlap, b Oct. 12, 1844; m Jan. 15, 1867, Herman Ladd Morse.

Children of Jane Dunlap Morse

(a) Edward Theodore, b Sept. 13, 1868.

Children of Edward Theodore Morse

(i)  Herman.

(ii) Frederick Bates, d in World War I. Public  Square and Legion Post in E. Bridgewater,  Mass. named after him.

No. VII-44
(Leonard6, William5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b July 19,1819, Billerica, Mass., d Dec. 31, 1907; m 1st, Sept. 20, 1846, Lucy A. Morse, Canaan, N.H., d Oct. 11, 1847; m 2d, Sept. 24, 1848, Eliza A. Taber, Chicopee Falls, Mass., d Jan. 25, 1862. She was a teacher; m 3d, Aug. 25, 1862, Eleanor W Reade of Holyoke, Mass., d June 17, 1889. Machinist.

Children of William Worcester

VIII-82 E. Estelle, b Holyoke, Mass., Apr. 2, 1857, m Nov. 22, 1904, Douglas R. Case, No. Dakota. Soldier in the Civil War. Minister. Mrs. Case is a dentist (1914).
VIII-83 Ernestine M., b Dec. 4, 1863, Belchertown, Mass., m Oct. 11, 1893, Eugene Randall, Belchertown. Farmer. Mrs Randall is a teacher (1914).

Children of Ernestine M. Randall

(a) Ernestine, b Feb. 2, 1896, Belchertown, d Feb. 9, 1910.
(b) Waring E., b Belchertown, May 13, 1897.

No. VII-45
(Leonard6, William5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Tewksbury, Mass., July 3, 1821; d Dec. 29, 1882; m Sept. 11, 1845, Sarah, dau William Carpenter, Centreville, Mich. Lived in Tewksbury, Mass., Centreville, Mich., and Lowell, Mass. In 1854 he removed to Le Grand Township, Marshall Co., Ia. To give his children educational advantages he thereafter moved to Grinnell, Ia. Farmer and stock raiser.

Children of Justus Worcester

VIII-84 Justus C., b Oct. 1, 1847, Lowell, Mass., d Sept. 24, 1879. Student at Iowa Coll., Grinnell. In 1869 engaged in gold mining in Black Hawk and  Central City, Col.
VIII-85 Laura Arabella, b Dec. 17, 1850, Mendon, Mich., m Jan. 6, 1892, James Hardy, Colorado Springs, Col. Student at Grinnell, a teacher, trained  nurse, and later active in Home Missionary work. Residence Gaston, Oregon.
VIII-86 Martha Maria, b Jan. 20, 1853, Mendon, Mich., m 1st, Aug. 8, 1879, John B. Gore, D.D.S., b June 10, 1851, d Nov. 19, 1880, grad. Iowa Coll. 1876; m 2d Apr. 6, 1892, J.W. Derr, D.D.S., b Sept. 30, 1825, d July 19, 1897. Graduate of Baltimore Dental Coll.  Mrs. Derr is now (1914) a practicing dentist at Grinnell, having been engaged in this work for many years in California and other States in the West. Before marriage, a teacher.
VIII-87 Mary Jane, b Le Grand Township, Ia., May 17, 1856, m Jan. 15, 1879, John Harper Patton. Printer, Editor, Attorney and Mayor of Grinnel 1911-13. Before marriage, a teacher.

Children of Mary Jane Patton

(a) John Harper, b May 10, 1884.
(b) Homer Emerson, b Jan. 19, 1887.
(c) Edward Carpenter, b Jan. 3, 1891.
(d) Mary Edith, b Dec. 19, 1891.
(e) Esther Ann, b Jan. 5, 1895.
(f) Paul Worcester, b Mar. 2, 1897.

VIII-88 Adda Celesta, b Le Grand T., Feb. 2, 1859, m Jan. 3, 1894, John V. Auten, Knoxville, Ia. Soldier in Civil War. Trained nurse. Residence  Grinnell, Iowa.

Children of Adda Celeste Auten

(a) Frank Worcester, b Sept. 26, 1896.
(b) Esther Ann, b June 13, 1901.

VIII-89 Byron Franklin, b Dec. 15, 1862, d Feb. 18, 1863.
VIII-90 Othello Judson.
VIII-91 Alma May
, b Le Grand, T., May 10, 1866. Teacher. Residence Grinnell.
VIII-92 Frances Adelma, b Le Grand T., Oct. 6, 1868, m Sept. 16, 1896, Leavitt Moses Norris. Government Postal Service. Residence Grinnell, Greeley Co. Ia.

Children of Frances Adelma Norris

(a) Raymond Leavitt, b Mar. 30, 1898.
(b) Othello Judson, b Aug. 25, 1899.
(c) Ellen Ann, b Dec. 27, 1901.
(d) Florence May, b Apr. 4, 1904.
(e) Charles Leonard, b Feb. 3, 1907.
(f) Lyman Worcester, b July 16, 1911.
(g) Martha Maria, b Nov. 20, 1916.

No. VII-46
(Leonard6, William5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Andover, Mass., Dec. 11, 1824; d Feb. 21, 1873, of chronic lead poisoning; m Jan 1, 1851, Hannah Carr, Middletown, N.Y.; b Oct. 14, 1824, Savannah, Ga.; d Middletown, Feb. 23, 1903, of cerebral hemorrhage. Residence, Middletown, N.Y. Printer.

Children of Joseph Wise Worcester

VIII-93 Rebecca Jane, b Jan. 5, 1852, Middletown.
VIII-94 Anna Maria, b Nov. 20, 1853, Middletown.
VIII-95 Charles Henry.
VIII-96 Harriet Alice
, b Feb. 22, 1858, d Jan. 6, 1891, m Warwick, N.Y., Nov. 15, 1887, Crawford Macardell. Residence Middletown, N.Y.

Children of Harriet Alice Macardell

(a) Cornelius Worcester, b Middletown, Nov. 12, 1888. Architect.
(b) Edith Carr, b Newburgh, N.Y., Jan. 17, 1890. Librarian.
(c) Donald Crawford, b Middletown, N.Y., July 20, 1891, d Nov. 3, 1912 of rheumatism.

VIII-97 Joseph Warren.
VIII-98 Mary Louise,
b Dec. 12, 1862, m Middletown, Apr. 26, 1882, Warren H. Coburn, Jr., Middletown.

Children of Mary Louise Coburn

(a) Charles Henry, b Middletown, N.Y., Jan. 30, 1883, d Aug. 17, 1900, m Dec. 5, 1878, Emma Clarke, Middletown, d Aug. 17, 1900.
(b) Henry Leslie, b Patterson, N.J., Sept. 14, 1884.

VIII-99 Helen Irene, b Feb. 7, 1865, d of diphtheria, Dec. 7, 1875.
VIII-100 Lillian Adelaide, b Aug. 12, 1869, m Middletown, Frank Wood.

No. VII-47
(Leonard6, William5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Andover, Mass., Nov. 17, 1826, d Jan. 25, 1894; m 1st, 1854 Hannah Fairfield, b Sept. 18, 1826, d Sept. 29, 1855; m 2d, May 4, 1858, Amanda Rosella Taft, b Suffield, Conn., Apr. 1, 1835, d July 10, 1881, Weymouth, Mass.; m 3d, Nantucket, Mass.,

Children of Mark True Worcester

VIII-101 Lillian May, b Mar. 9, 1858, d Nov. 20, 1867.
VIII-102 Adrian Latour, b Jan. 2, 1863, d Jan. 24, 1866.
VIII-103 Alma Lenore, b Oct. 15, 1870, m Nantucket, Mass., Aug. 15, 1889, Albert W. Ellis of Cambridge, Mass., b Feb. 22, 1869. Residence W. Medford, Mass.

Children of Alma Lenore Ellis

(a) Madeline Worcester, b Aug. 25, 1891.
(b) Alma Lenore, b May 7, 1894.
(c) Albert Sumner, b Dec. 2, 1895, d July 22, 1896.
(d) Jennie Parker, b Dec. 7, 1896.
(e) Norman Stanley, b Jan. 11, 1900.
(f) Chester Clinton, d Apr. 23, 1902, d Jan. 30, 1903.

No. VII-48
(Eldad6, Eldad5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Tewksbury, Mass., Feb. 4, 1794, d ____; m July 6, 1818, at Andover, Mass., Sarah, dau Dean and Sarah (Farnham) Chickering, b Andover, June 23, 1795; d Goshen, Indiana (while returning to her home at Albany, N.Y., from a journey in the south) Apr. 3, 1869. She was buried in her son Edwin's lot in the Albany Rural Cemetery. Her tombstone there gives the date of her birth as June 15, 1795. This is erroneous, as the true date is June 23, 1795. About 1826 he entered the profession of law at Albany, N.Y., and continued in the practice of his profession there until 1842. In that year he went south on business, and was never afterwards heard from. Residence, Andover, Mass., 1815-1826; afterward Albany, N.Y. Lawyer.

Children of Eldad Worcester

VIII-104 Sarah Brown, b Andover, Sept. 26, 1819, d Schenectady, N.Y., Oct. 19, 1859, m 1st May 20, 1839, Nicholas Bouck of Schoharie Court House, N.Y., b Apr. 10, 1810, d Oct. 2, 1841. At the time of his marriage he was of the firm of Bouck & Barnes, wholesale dry goods, N.Y. City; m 2d  June 17, 1847, John C. Wright (at one time Comptroller of the State of New York), who was b at Esperance, Schoharie Co., N.Y., 1801, d  Schenectady, Jan. 24, 1862.

Children of Sarah Brown Bouck (first m)

(a) James Barnes, b N.Y. City, Feb. 16, 1840, m Oct. 2, 1867, N.Y. City, Virginia, dau John Rodman and Eliza (Watson) Barker of Philadelphia, b July 29, 1843, Pittsburgh, Pa., d Brooklyn, N.Y., June 7, 1890. He was connected for some years, and until after 1862, with the produce commission house of David Dows & Co., and was thereafter in business for himself. He was for eleven years a member of the Board of Education of Brooklyn, and during part of that time was President of that Board   prior to incorporation of Greater New York; he has twice been Deputy Receiver of Taxes and Assessment of the City of  New York in 1904 and 1905. Residence Brooklyn, N.Y.

Children of James Barnes Bouck

(i) Rodman Barker, b July 9, 1868, d Dec. 21,   1903, Keene, Essex Co., N.Y.
(ii) Helen, b Jan. 22, 1870, d Aug. 9, 1871.
(iii) James Barnes, b May 29, 1874, m New Haven,   Conn., Apr. 28, 1899, Nettie Ellen, dau   George Christopher and Arabella Amelia   (Tuttle) Moore of New Haven. In 1914, he was   assistant manager of the business of Pratt and Lambert, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Children of James Barnes Bouck

a - George Rodman, b Apr. 19, 1900.
b - Virginia, b Mar. 25, 1903.
c - Helen, b Oct. 13, 1905.

(iv) Worcester, b Mar. 31, 1880, m Nov. 16, 1905,   Brooklyn, N.Y., Julia Louise, dau Clarence and Julia (Bridge) Moore. In 1914, he was in   the employ of the Equitable Trust Co., N.Y. City.

Children of Worcester Bouck

a - Clarence Worcester, b Dec. 10, 1906.

(v) Dudley, b Mar. 30, 1883, m Sept. 9, 1908,   Lillian Beatrice, dau Kenneth and Jane (Hammond) Chisolm. In 1914, he was in the   employ of the Bowery Savings Bank, N.Y. City.

VIII-105 George Washington, b Andover, Mar. 20, 1821, d Sept. 28, 1849, of ship-fever at Marine Hospital, Staten Island, N.Y. He became a sailor and left a journal of some of his voyages. He visited, among other places, Manila and China, returning from Hong Kong, via Cape of Good Hope, in the old tea-ship "Henry Pratt"; the voyage occupied a full six months.
VIII-106 Caroline Augusta, b Andover, Dec. 30,1822, d East Berne, Albany Co., N.Y., Oct. 18, 1897, m Albany, Dec. 2, 1846, Thomas Harbison, b Aug. 5, 1822, d East Berne, Apr. 30, 1906. At the time of his marriage Mr. Harbison was in the dry goods business, N.Y. City. Residence 1846-1895,  N.Y. City and Brooklyn, N.Y.; afterwards East Berne, N.Y. They are both buried in the Albany Rural Cemetery.

Children of Caroline Augusta Harbison

(a) Mary, b Albany, N.Y., Sept. 26, 1847, m Brooklyn, N.Y., May 5, 1870, Alfred Stokes, son of Abram and Sarah (Lee) Leggett, b  Oct. 25, 1845, d Mar. 16, 1876. Residence East Berne, N.Y., and Rock Hill, S.C.

Children of Mary Leggett

(i) Anna Lee, b Brooklyn, N.Y., July 25, 1871. Instructress in the Winthrop Industrial College. Residence East        Berne, N.Y., and, in winter, Rock Hill, S.C.

(b) Caroline, b N.Y., Mar 5, 1852, d Helena, Montana, July 31, 1897, m Brooklyn, Oct. 11, 1877. William Epps Cox, of Weston,       Missouri. Residence Brooklyn and Helena, Montana.

Children of Caroline Cox

(i) Allen Howard, b Brooklyn, Jan. 1, 1881.

(c) John Wright, b Brooklyn, May 25, 1854, m Brooklyn, Apr. 15, 1884, Carrie Anna, dau Amos T. Hull. They removed to Bellfield, N. Dakota, and afterwards to Duluth, Minn.

Children of John Wright Harbison

(i) Eugene Hull, b Bellfield, N. Dakota, Feb.   13, 1885, m May 15, 1912, Denmark, Iowa,   Agnes Lillian, dau Otis   Russell Lippitt.   Residence Duluth, Minn.
(ii)  George Palmer, b Bellfield, Dec. 17, 1886.
(iii) Helen, b Minneapolis, Minn., Nov. 3, 1888.

VIII-107 Mary Louisa, b Oct. 10, 1826, d Sept. 15, 1827.
VIII-108 Edwin Dean.
 Harriet Louisa, b Albany, Jan. 19, 1831, d at Lake Providence in childbirth, Dec. 3, 1868, m Brooklyn, N.Y., Oct. 12, 1864, William Morgan  Deeson of Lake Providence, La., d Lake Providence, Aug. 9, 1868, aged about 50. He owned a large plantation at Lake Providence where they lived until their deaths. Harriet was Deeson's third wife. Her body was brought North by her brother Edwin and is buried in the Albany Rural Cemetery.

Children of Harriet Louisa Deeson

(a) Emma Louisa, b Lake Providence, La., Dec. 1, 1866. She was brought North after her mother's death and lived with her uncle and aunt, Thomas and Caroline Harbison in Brooklyn; her guardian during minority was her uncle, Edwin D. Worcester. Residence Waterbury, Conn.
(b) Harriet Louisa, b Lake Providence, Dec. 3, 1868, d Goshen, Indiana, Apr., 17, 1869. She is buried with her mother in the Albany Rural Cemetery.

VIII-110 Mary Elizabeth, b July 29, 1834, Albany, N.Y., Schenectady, N.Y., Mar. 4, 1856, Charles Perkins, of Watertown, N.Y., d about 1875. Residence Goshen, Ind.

Children of Mary Elizabeth Perkins

(a) Harriet Louisa, b Jan. 11, 1859. Residence Goshen.
(b) Emma, b Dec. 13, 1860, m Goshen, Ind., Nov. 11, 1886,, John W. Egbert. Residence Goshen.
(c) Sarah Elizabeth, b Apr. 30, 1863, m June 1, 1887, Goshen, Charles W. Miller. Residence Goshen.

VIII-111 Franklin Eldad.
VIII-112 Maria Jane
, b Aug. 28, 1840, d June 20, 1841.

No. VII-50
(Eldad6, Eldad5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1)) b Tewksbury, Mass., Oct. 4, 1797, d ____; m 1st Jan. 2, 1820, Lydia Cate, Barrington, N.H., b Aug. 23, 1799, d Nov. 15, 1831; m 2d Dec. 31, 1836, Eliza Ann Warren, Charlestown, Mass., b Mar. 19, 1806, d June 17, 1889. Residence, Charlestown, Mass. Manufacturing business.

Children of Alfred Worcester by first m

VIII-113   Harriet A., d Sept. 6, 1820, m Jan. 6, 1841, James G. Fuller, Charlestown, Mass.

Children of Harriet A. Fuller

(a) Arthur G., b Dec. 21, 1841, d 1846.
(b) Mary C., b Mar. 25, 1845, d 1846.
(c) Arthur G., b Apr. 12, 1847.
(d) Alfred, b Dec. 23, 1849.
(e) Walter D., b Dec. 23, 1849, d 1851.
(f) Louis, b and d Jan. 6, 1852.
(g) James Walter, b July 26, 1854.

VIII-114  Henry Lewis, b Nov. 24, 1822, d Nov. 10, 1825.

Children of Alfred Worcester by second m

VIII-115  Julia Anna, b Charlestown, Mass., Oct. 21, 1838. Residence Newton, Mass.

No. VII-51
(Eldad6, Eldad5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Tewksbury, Mass., Aug. 28, 1799; d Albany, N.Y., July 17, 1847; m Dec. 24, 1835, Jemima C. dau Joseph Clement, N.Y., b Mar. 6, 1808. Residence, 1820-1830, Andover, Mass., 1830-1847, Albany, N.Y. Merchant.

Children of John Worcester

VIII-116   Susan P., b Feb. 3, 1838.
VIII-117   Joseph C., b June 23, 1840, d Jan. 16, 1841.
VIII-118   John Henry, b Aug. 29, 1841, d Dec. 27, 1851.
VIII-119   Elizabeth C., b Jan. 11, 1845.

No. VII-53
(Eldad6, Eldad5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Tewksbury, Mass., July 9, 1804, d N.Y. July 29, 1872; m Aug. 8, 1830, Susan Vincent, dau Thomas Pinkham, Woodstock, N.H., b Jan. 7, 1807, d N.Y. City, Mar. 5, 1870. Resided in Tewksbury and vicinity until 1830; in Albany, N.Y., a few years; after that in N.Y. City. Pianoforte manufacturer.

Children of Horatio Worcester

VIII-120   Margaret E., b Dec. 12, 1831, d Feb. 3, 1908, m Feb. 5, 1852, David Dows, New York City.

Children of Margaret E. Dows

(a) Annie Louise, b Nov. 6, 1852, N.Y. City, m Jan. 15, 1873, Richard March Hoe, N.Y. City.
(b) Linda, b Aug. 25, 1854, West Farms, N.Y., m Oct. 9, 1880, Charlton Hall, Irvington-on-Hudson, N.Y., George Borwick Cooks who d N.Y. City, Mar. 7, 1903.

Children of Linda Cooksey

(i) Eunice, b Aug. 27, 1881, N.Y. City, m Aug. 12, 1909, John Dane, M.D.

Children of Eunice Dane

a - John, b Nov. 3, 1910.

(ii) Charlton Dows, b Aug. 31, 1883, N.Y. City, m Elizabeth Vail, June 27, 1906, Toledo, Ohio.

Children of Charlton Dows Cooksey

a - Elizabeth, b June 5, 1907, New Haven, Conn.
b - Charlton Dows, b Mar. 15, 1910.
c - Anne Agneita, b June 13, 1912.

(iii) Margaret, b Apr. 28, 1886, N.Y. City, d Rome, Italy, Jan. 15, 1913, m Gaetano Cagiati, London, Eng., Nov. 4, 1911.

Children of Charlton Dows Cooksey

a - Margaret Agnese, b Rome, Jan. 15, 1913.

(iv) Dorothy, b Apr. 13, 1887, N.Y. City, m June 6, 1908, William E. Marcus, Jr.

Children of Dorothy Marcus

a - Linda, b June 4, 1909.
b - Jane, b Dec. 19, 1911.

(v)  Donald, b Irvington on the Hudson, NY, May 15, 1892, d Berkeley, Calif., Aug. 19, 1977. Yale University, BS 1915, PHD, Physics.

Children of Donald Cooksey

a-   Donald Dows, b Berkeley, Calif.
b-  Helen Sperry, b Berkeley, Calif., Oct. 1947. 

(c) David, b Staten Is., N.Y., Sept. 5, 1857, d N.Y. City, Jan. 13, 1899, m Jane Strahen, Apr. 26, 1883.

Children of David Dows

(i) David, b Irvington-on-Hudson, Aug. 12, 1885,   m Dec. 12, 1911, Mary Gwendolyn Burden.

Children of David Dows

a - Evelyn Byrd, b July, 1912.

(ii) Robert, b N.Y. City, Dec. 28, 1886, d   London, Eng., Sept. 25, 1906.
(iii) Kenneth, b Sept. 7, 1889, N.Y. City.

(d) Margaret Worcester, b Mar. 5, 1860, m Apr. 2, 1884, Carroll Dunham, M.D.

Children of Margaret Worcester Dunham

(i) Ethel, b Newport, R.I., Apr. 27, 1886, m   Feb. 13, 1909, Edward Kirkham.

Children of Ethel Kirkham

a - Edward Dunham, b Dec. 15, 1909.
b - Beatrice Dunham, b Oct. 30, 1911.

(ii) Carroll, b Dec. 21, 1887.
(iii) Dows, b June 1, 1890.
(iv) Arthur Louis, b Dec. 11, 1891.

(e) Harry, b Dec. 15, 1861, d Mar. 4, 1863.
(f) Susan, b Oct. 18, 1863, m Dec. 9, 1886, Christian Archibald Herter, M.D.

Children of Susan Herter

(i)   Forel, b June 30, 1889, d Oct. 26, 1890.
(ii) Christine, b Aug. 25, 1890.
(iii) Mary Dows, b Dec. 17, 1892.
(iv) Susan Dows, b Mar. 27, 1896.
(v) Albert, b May 6, 1900, d June 2, 1902.

(g) Mary, b June 15, 1865, m June 4, 1893, Edward Kellogg Dunham.

Children of Mary Dunham

(i) Theodora, b Aug. 15, 1895.
(ii) Edward Kellogg, b Feb. 9, 1901.

(h) Stephen Guion, b Apr. 12, 1868, d Sept. 3, 1868.
(i) Tracy, b Nov. 2, 1871, m Nov. 11, 1903, Alice T. Olin.

Children of Tracy Dows

(i) Stephen Olin, b Aug. 14, 1904.
(ii) Margaret, b Apr. 15, 1906.

VIII-121   Henry Edwin, b May 11, 1837, d Jan. 15, 1843.
VIII-122   Horation, b Oct. 23, 1838, d Nov. 22, 1838.
VIII-123   Henry Edwin.
VIII-124   Albert Augustus.

No. VII-55
(Eldad6, Eldad55, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Tewksbury, Mass., July 17, 1808, d Aug. 11, 1887; m Dec. 12, 1839, Mary Augusta, dau Joseph Blanchard, Billerica, Mass., b Oct. 23, 1816, d Tewksbury, Jan. 7,1903. Lived in Tewksbury on the estate purchased by his great-grandfather Moses of Samuel Hunt, 1748. Yeoman.

Children of Henry Elwynne Worcester

VIII-125   Mary Augusta, b Tewksbury, Mass., Sept. 9, 1840, m June 16, 1870, Richard William Baker, b Kidderminster, Eng., Dec. 5, 1837, d Apr. 11, 1878.

Children of Mary Augusta Baker

(a) Mary Worcester, b Lowell, Feb. 26, 1872.
(b) Annie Richards, b Lowell, July 14, 1874.
(c) Katharine Faulkner, b Tewksbury, Mar. 13, 1878.

VIII-126   Henry Adolphus.
VIII-127   Horatio Elwynne.
VIII-128   Sarah B.,
b June 5, 1853, d Mar. 29, 1857.

No. VII-63
(Osgood6, Eldad5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1)) b Chelmsford, Mass., Aug. 30, 1808; m Sept. 17, 1832, Margaret J., dau Richard Kimball, Goffstown, N.H.; b May 24, 1810. Residence, Chelmsford and Middlesex Village until May, 1854; afterward in Andover, Mass. Machinist.

Children of George Worcester

VIII-129   Phebe Jane, b Oct. 29, 1833.
VIII-130   George Francis, b Aug. 12, 1835.
VIII-131   Nancy Attilia, b Feb. 10, 1838.
VIII-132   Mary Caroline, b Sept. 7, 1841.
VIII-133   Emma Sophia, b Dec. 9, 1845, d Aug. 27, 1848.
VIII-134   Sophia Emma, b Dec. 30, 1847, d Sept. 7, 1848.

No. VII-64
(Osgood6, Eldad5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Andover, Mass., July 26, 1811; d Nov., 1851; m May 19, 1841, Rebecca, dau David Hartman, Longcoming, N.J.; b Mar. 15, 1821. Residence, Longcoming.

Children of Charles Worcester

VIII-135   Phebe Lucretia, b May 23, 1842.
VIII-136   Celia Jane, b Feb. 13, 1845, d Nov. 29, 1846.

No. VII-67
(Francis6, Francis5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Plymouth, N.H., Oct. 4, 1785; removed to Brownsville, Pa., in 1818, d Dec. 25, 1833; m June 16, 1805, Lucinda Wright of Dunstable, Mass., b Feb. 5, 1783. Yeoman.

Children of Francis Worcester

VIII-137   Francis, b Apr. 11, 1805, d May 2, 1805.
VIII-138   Lucinda, b Jan. 28, 1807, d Jan. 28, 1843.
VIII-139   Hannah P., b Sept. 1, 1809, m 1st, Nov. 23, 1837, Joshua Vernon; m 2d Aug. 7, 1843, John Hildchard.

Children of Hannah P. Vernon

(a) Mary M., b July 1, 1829.
(b) Lydia A., b Nov. 16, 1831.

Children of Hannah P. Hildchard

(c) Henry H., b May 20, 1844.
(d) John W., b Nov. 25, 1845.
(e) Louis F., b Feb. 29, 1848.
(f) Margaret E., b Aug. 22, 1850.

VIII-140   Samuel.
VIII-141   Noah.
VIII-142   Julia Anna
, b Apr. 27, 1815, d 1899, m Jan. 8, 1835, Henry H. Bulger.

Children of Julia Anna Bulger

(a) John W., b Apr. 14, 1837, m 1879, Sarah Doutt, Beaver Co., Pa., who d 1910, E. Akron, Ohio.

Children of John W. Bulger

(i) Lulu F.
(ii) James G. Blaine.
(iii) Frances, m 1908, Sidney Stein, Akron, Ohio.

Children of Frances Stein

a - Hester Josephine.

(b) Adaline O., b Aug. 1, 1839, m Wm. Drum, d ____.
(c) Mary F., b June 16, m R. P. Thistleworth.

Children of Mary F. Thistleworth

(i) Harry B.
(ii) Julia A.

(d) Augusta C., b Sept. 19, 1844.
(e) Lucius M., b Dec. 11, 1848, m ____. Residence Bellevue, Alleghany Co., Penna.

Children of Lucius M. Bulger

(i)   Virginia Brownfield, b Apr. 3, 1872, m Oct.   20, 1896, John B. Loeffler, b Jan. 6, 1869.   Residence Pittsburgh, Penn.

Children of Virginia Brownfield Loeffler

a - Elizabeth Bulger, b July 1, 1899.

(ii) Elizabeth Colvin, (Margaret's twin) b Aug.   21, 1881, d Nov. 6, 1893.
(iii) Margaret Allen, (Elizabeth's twin) b Aug.   21, 1881, m Jan. 14, 1908, William Harding   Moore, b Dec. 18, 1883. Residence   Pittsburgh, Penn.

Children of Margaret Moore

a - William Harding, Jr., b July 7, 1909.
b - Margaret Elizabeth, b Sept. 18, 1911, d 1911.
c - Edgar Allen, b May 28, 1912.

(iv) Josephine Colvin, b May 27, 1884, m Oct. 22,   1907, Harry W. Wood, b May 24, 1884. Ben   Avon, Penn.

Children of Josephine Colvin Wood

a - Eleanor Florine, b Feb. 23, 1909.
b - James Bulger, b June 14, 1913.

(f) Sabina H., b June 22, 1851.
(g) William F., b Brownsville, Fayette Co., Pa., July 25, 1855, m Pittsburgh, Pa., Oct. 19, 1880, Annie M. Edmunds. Residence Pittsburgh. Commercial Salesman.

Children of William F. Bulger

(i) Olive J., b Aug. 4, 1881.
(ii) Alvin E., b Feb. 12, 1884.

(h) Alvin Harry, b Brownsville, Pa., Dec. 12, 1860, d May 31, 1913, m Cleveland, Oh., Oct. 1, 1891, Allie Gaston Aten, b 1870. Residence E. Liverpool, Oh. Pharmacist, Ph.G.

Children of Alvin Harry Bulger

(i) Harold Aten, b July 9, 1892.
(ii) William Kenneth, b Feb. 15, 1895, d Aug. 6,   1904.
(iii) Walter Gaston, b Jan. 10, 1900.
(iv) Janet Ruth, b Mar. 10, 1910.

VIII-143   Eliza Jane, b May 16, 1817, d Aug. 3, 1817.
VIII-144   Eliza Jane, b Mar. 2, 1820, d Feb. 16, 1828.
VIII-145   Thomas L.
VIII-146   Francis
, b Mar. 15, 1824, d Sept. 2, 1824.
VIII-147  John Adams, b Oct. 24, 1828. Residence Brownsville, Pa.

No. VII-77
(Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Thornton, N.H., Mar. 4, 1781, d Millbury, Mass., Sept., 1862; m 1st, Jan. 1, 1798, Elizabeth, dau Moses Brown, Thornton, N.H., d Oct. 12, 1802; m 2d, Apr. 9, 1817; m 3d, Sept. 3, 1817, Nancy, dau Samuel Fogg, Holderness, d Aug. 11, 1870, Grafton, Mass. Residence, Acott, L.C., 1807-1816; Thornton, 1816-1850, afterwards West Boylston. Yeoman.

Children of Noah Worcester by first m

VIII-148   Hannah, b Oct. 1, 1798, m ____ Herriman, Wentworth, N.H.
VIII-149   Infant, b and d Oct. 12, 1802.

Children of Noah Worcester by second m

VIII-150   Elizabeth, b Feb. 2, 1806, d Jan., 1812.
VIII-151   Leonard.
VIII-152   Noah.
VIII-153   Samuel.
VIII-154   David Perkins

VIII-155   Shipley Wilson, b 1815, d Aug., 1816.
VIII-156   Lydia, b May 27, 1817, m Sewall Loker, Wayland, Mass.

Children of Lydia Loker

Eight - Four lived: (a) Lydia, (b) Josephine, (c) Mary E., (d) David P.W.

Children of Noah Worcester by third m

VIII-157   Charles.
VIII-158   Thomas Freeman.
VIII-159   Eliza Ann
, b June 24, 1821. Residence West Boylston, Mass.
VIII-160   George Sullivan.
VIII-161   Austin.
VIII-162   Franklin.
VIII-163   Kiah B.
, b Jan. 7, 1831, d Oct., 1834.
VIII-164   Martha A. B., b Dec. 11, 1833. Lived West Boylston.
VIII-165   Mary, b Nov. 4, 1835. Lived in West Boylston.
VIII-166   Daniel T., b Nov. 1, 1837. Lived in West Boylston.
VIII-167   Edward Payson, b June 13, 1839. Lived in West Boylston.

No. VII-80
(Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Thornton, N.H., Jan. 31, 1786, d Byfield, Mass., July 25, 1846; m 1st, Feb., 1807, Mary Huntington, b May 30, 1785, d Nov. 27, 1815; m 2d, May 6, 1824, Mrs. Judith Williams, b Apr. 13, 1795. He taught school in Thornton, N.H., Brookline, Mass., and other places until about 1823; then engaged in mercantile pursuits in Gloucester, Mass., and other places until about 1823; removed about 1828, to Philadelphia, Pa., afterwards to Fallston, and New Brighton, Pa.

Children of David Worcester by first m

VIII-168   Mary Huntington, b Sept. 21, 1808, d Aug. 1, 1834.
VIII-169  Sarah Elliot, d Sept. 21, 1810, d Brighton, Mass., June 20, 1839, m 1836, John Field, b Peterboro, N.H., Nov. 22, 1810, d Arlington, Mass., July 31, 1876. Residence Arlington. Merchant.

Children of Sarah Elliot Field

(a) Henry Martyn, b Brighton, Mass., Oct. 3, 1837, d Los Angeles, Cal., July 11, 1912, of bronchitis, m Lydia Margie Peck of Newton, Mass., b Boston, Nov. 17, 1835. Dr. Field graduated at Harvard Coll. 1859, A.B. and A.M.; grad. Coll. Physicians and Surgeons, N.Y., M.D., 1862. Received the honorary degree M.D. from Dartmouth, 1871-1892; afterward was professor  Emeritus at Dartmouth until his death. One who knew him well thus speaks of him: "Dr. Field was a Christian gentleman of  the old school, a type that is fast passing from the stage. He read and re-read his favorite authors, - loved to recite the 14th Chap. of St. John in Greek and was full of latin quotations. He never jumped at a diagnosis, but was always willing to say 'I don't know.' He believed that woman's sphere was her own atmosphere. He was deeply religious, broad and progressive. He believed that truth never changes but that the way to truth is changing all the time." Residence Hanover, N.H., Los Angeles, Cal. Physician.

Children of Henry Martyn Field

(i)   Daughter, b May, 1865, d at birth, N.Y. City.
(ii) Eliot Worcester, b Newton, Mass., June 29, 1867.
(iii) Gaylord Peck, b Newton, Mass., May 4, 1869, d Dec., 1874.

(b) John Worcester, b Brighton, Mass., June 11, 1839, m So. Weymouth, Mass., Mar. 28, 1867, Amelia Caswell Reed, b So. Weymouth, Mass., Mar. 15, 1846. Merchant in Boston, Mass. Residence Dorchester.

Children of John Worcester Field

(i) John Howard, b Boston, Aug. 6, 1868, m  Brockton, Mass., June 9, 1897, Lizzie Lee  Jones. Merchant.

Children of John Howard Field

a - Helen Eveleth, b Brockton, Mass., Mar. 19, 1900.
b - John Howard, Jr., b Brockton, Mass., May 17, 1903.
c - Elizabeth, b Brockton, Mass., Nov. 12, 1907.

(ii) Walter Reed, b Boston, Mass., Oct. 23, 1870,   m Dorchester, Mass., Nov. 5, 1895, Harriet Noyes Bolster. Merchant.

Children of Walter Reed Field

a - John Worcester, b So. Weymounth, Mass., Oct. 16, 1900.

(iii) Kenneth Worcester, b Boston, Oct. 15, 1873,   d Dorchester, May 31, 1884.
(iv) Henry Martyn, b Boston, Nov. 16, 1875. Grad.   A.B. Yale, 1900, M.D., Harvard Medical   School, 1904. Physician. Residence Norwood,   Mass.
(v) Gertrude Baldwin, b Boston, Oct. 3, 1877, d   Dorchester, Aug. 16, 1878.

VIII-170   Noah.
VIII-171   David Freeman.

Children of David Worcester by second m

VIII-172   Sydney, b Sept. 15, 1825, d Sept. 18, 1825.
VIII-173   Louis.
VIII-174   John Robinson.
VIII-175   Anna Sargent
, b Feb. 12, 1834, d Jan. 14, 1852, m Feb. 12, 1850, Martin Van Avery, Esq., Covington, Ky.
VIII-176   Horace, b Jan. 1, 1839, d Feb. 27, 1839.

No. VII-84
(Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Thornton, N.H., Aug. 31, 1793, d Bridgewater, Dec. 25, 1844, m Jan 2, 1817, Sarah, dau Fitzwilliam Sargent of Gloucester, Mass., b Sept. 24, 1793, d Waltham, Mass., Oct. 3, 1883. In 1813 he removed with his father to Brighton, Mass.; was licensed to preach in 1819; employed as a teacher of youth and in preaching, in Newton, and Boston, Mass., Natchez, Miss., Gloucester, and Cambridge, Mass., until 1834, in which year he was settled pastor of the New Jerusalem Church in Bridgewater, Mass. He published several valuable books for schools.

Children of Samuel Worcester, Rev.

VIII-177   Anna, b Nov. 5, 1817, d Mar. 21, 1835.
VIII-178   Fitzwilliam Sargent.
VIII-179   Sarah Parsons,
b Brighton, Mass., Dec. 22, 1821, d Brooklyn, July 8, 1884, m June 15, 1845, Charles John Doughty, b Brooklyn, N.Y., Feb. 25, 1820, d Suffern, N.Y., Dec. 4, 1896.

Children of Sarah Parsons Doughty

(a) Charles John, b Bridgewater, Mass., Apr. 23, 1847, d Waltham, Mass., July 27, 1906, m Oct. 12, 1871, Mary Ellen Richards.

Children of Charles John Doughty

(i) Josephine Parsons, b July 4, 1872, Waltham, m Apr. 10, 1900, Robert Crosbie. Residence Ocean Park, Cal.

Children of Josephine Parsons Crosbie

a - Kathleen, b Nov. 7, 1902.
b - Ian Cameron, b June 10, 1907.
c - Winthrop Sargent, b Oct. 2, 1875, d Mar. 6, 1877.

(b) Francis Worcester, b Brooklyn, N.Y., Nov. 5, 1850, m New York City, Feb. 24, 1885, Elizabeth Splint. Mr. Doughty has been a prolific writer of boys' stories. He was for many years editor of the Coin Collectors' Journal. Was a lecturer for 20 years on Numismatics, Archeology and Antiquities. His books along these lines are still in use in numismatic circles, - the principal one being entitled, "The Cents of the United States." He has also published a few works, - the most widely known perhaps being "Mirrikh," or a "Woman from Mars." Journalist. Residence Ramapo, N.Y., and Cresskill, N.J.

Children of Francis Worcester Doughty

(i)   Frederick Worcester, b Brooklyn, Mar. 30,   1886, d Ramapo, N.Y., Aug. 20, 1908, m Aug.   17, 1908, Gladys Katherine Burleigh.
(ii)  Charles Sargent, b Bridgewater, Mass., Aug.   4, 1910.
(iii) Winthrop Van Dam, b Brooklyn, Feb. 16, 1889,   d Delawana, N.J., July 4, 1889.
(iv) Thomas Splint, b Lancaster, Mass., Aug. 1,   1891.

(c) Winthrop S., b Nov. 15, 1852.

VIII-180   Samuel Howard.
VIII-181   Francis.

VIII-182   Ellen Gorham, b Jan. 20, 1828, d Dec. 11, 1832.
VIII-183   Edward.
VIII-184   Theodore Parsons
, b Aug. 7, 1832, d Aug. 30, 1840.
VIII-185   Emma, b Mar. 22, 1836, m 1st, Oct., 1853, John Turner, M.D., Brooklyn, N.Y.; m 2d Egbert Whittaker. Residence Saugerties, N.Y.

Children of Emma Turner

(a) John, b Sept. 15, 1854, d Mar. 28, 1858.
(b) Maurice Worcester, b Mar. 24, 1857, m June 30, 1878, Abby Rebecca Corliss, b Nov. 3, 1858. Medical School, Boston University, 1889. Afterwards Prof. of Pathology and Therapeutics in the same. Asst. Physician Mass. Homeopathic Hospital; Medical Director, N.E. Baptist Hospital, President in 1911 of International Hahnemannian Assn. Also connected with various local state and national homeopathic societies.

Children of Maurice Worcester Turner

(i)  Theodore, b Oct. 15, 1879, d Oct. 15, 1879.
(ii) Beatrice Constance, b Nov. 24, 1886.

(c) Anna Sargent, b Aug. 9, 1860. Residence Saugerities, N.Y.

No.451.jpg (564954 bytes)

No. VII-85
(Noah6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Thornton, N.H., Apr. 15, 1795; d Waltham, Aug. 14, 1878; m 1st, May 8, 1821, Alice, dau John Clark, Waltham, Mass., b Mar. 17, 1794, d Dec. 21 (24?), 1848; m 2d, Feb. 27, 1850, Mrs. Lydia Dean, dau Philip Rowell, Salisbury, Mass., b May 15, 1796, d 1882.  He removed with his father, Rev. Noah Worcester to Brighton in 1813; grad, Harvard College, 1818; studied theology, Divinity School, Cambridge, Mass., six months; settled May, 1821, as Pastor of the New Jerusalem Church, Boston, Mass. Editor of the New Jerusalem Magazine 1855-1860; President of General Convention of the New Church in America from 1839-1875; Presiding minister of Mass. Assn. of the New Church from 1838-1874. Overseer, Harvard College from 1854-1860; D.D. Harvard, 1856; Pres. N. Ch. Theological School, 1866-1878; Pastor of Boston Soc. of the New Church 1821-1867. After resigning his pastorate of the Boston Society in 1867, he removed to Waltham, where the sessions of the Theological School were afterward held.   Dr. Worcester was a marked character in his day and generation. There was need of all the decision and firmness for which his life was so remarkable in the early days of the establishment of the New Jerusalem Church in New England, and its growth and character depended very much upon the characteristic qualities of the mind of him who was its acknowledged head and leader. His stately, venerable form, his gracious dignified presence, his clear, forcible presentation of Divine Truth will never enjoyed his ministrations. Residence, Boston and Waltham.

Children of Thomas Worcester

VIII-186   Miriam, b Sept. 2, 1822, Boston, Mass., d Boston, Feb. 20, 1896, m Apr. 10, 1842, Samuel Fuller Dike, Bath, Me., b North Bridgewater, Mass.,  d Jan. 8, 1899, grad. Brown Univ., preached 50 years at Bath, Me., president New Church Theological School from 1878 to 1881, and  professor of Church History.

Children of Miriam Dike

(a) Elizabeth, b Mar. 22, 1843, m May 27, 1896, John Hazen Kimball, who d Sept. 25, 1901. Shipping Business.
(b) Alice L., b May 19, 1844, d 1845.
(c) Samuel Ernest, b Aug. 10, 1846, d July 6, 1861.
(d) James, b Bath, Me., June 27, 1848, d Greensboro, N.C., Nov. 23, 1886, m June 27, 1876. Ellen Jane Loring.

Children of James Dike

(i)  Margaret Loring, b Greensboro, N.C., June 21,  1878.
(ii) Frances Elizabeth, b Durhamn N.C., Aug. 11,  1882, m Oct. 25, 1907, Merton Leslie Emerson,  Braintree, Mass. Residence Braintree.

Children of Frances Elizabeth Emerson

a - Elizabeth Kingman, b Braintree, Mar. 31, 1909.
b - Merten Leslie, Jr., b Braintree, Feb. 16, 1913.

(e) Catherine, b Mar. 31, 1850, d 1850.
(f) Helen, b Bath, Me., Jan. 31, 1852, m Oct. 28, 1874, Bath, Albert Edward Hooper, Biddeford, Me.

Children of Helen Hooper

(i) Eleanor Tileson, b Aug. 16, 1875, Biddeford,   Me.
(ii) Catherine Reed, b Feb. 4, 1877, Chicopee,   Mass., m May 17, 1905, Walter Burgess   Warren.

Children of Catherine Reed Warren

a - Walter Burgess, Jr., b Aug. 17, 1906.
b - Eleanor, b Jan. 7, 1908.
c - Frederick John, Sept. 3, 1909.

(iii) Samuel Dike, b Nov. 10, 1885, Newtonville,   Mass., m Oct. 5, 1908, Adelaide Sargent,   Worcester, Mass.

Children of Samuel Dike Hooper

a - Mildred, b Aug. 31, 1909.

(g) Mary.
(h) Anna, b Bath, Me., Jan. 16, 1855, m Bath, June 13, 1883, Edward Hazen Kimball, b Bath, Aug. 24, 1854, d Bath, May 27, 1902. Grad. A.B. Bowdoin College Law School, Boston Univ.

Children of Anna Kimball

(i)   Anna, b Lewiston, Me., Apr. 16, 1884.
(ii) Phillip, b Lewiston, Me., Feb. 20, 1886.   Grain merchant. Residence Bath, Me.
(iii) Miriam Worcester, b Bath, July 8, 1890.

(i) John, M.D., b Bath, Me., Dec. 27, 1856, m Dec. 27, 1888, Mary Duganne White, b Grdiner, Me., Nov. 19, 1863. He grad. Bowdoin College A.B. 1881; Boston Univ. Medical School 1888. Editor Brunswick (Me.) Herald 4 yrs.   Has practiced medicine at Melrose since 1888; has served on Board of Health and School Committee.  Alderman (1914) for past seven years. Residence Melrose, Mass.

Children of John Dike, M.D.

(i)   James, b Dec. 8, 1889.
(ii) Donald, b Oct. 22, 1891.
(iii) Eben, b May 20, 1894.
(iv) Samuel Worcester, b June 19, 1895.
(v) John Kenneth, b Dec. 24, 1899.
(vi) Mary Kathleen, b Feb. 24, 1899.

(j) Mirriam Worcester, b Bath, Feb. 22, 1861, m Jan. 9, 1895, George Henry Dole, b Adrian, Mich., Mar. 16, 1857, grad. Ann Arbor, Mich. Pastor, New Jerusalem Church, Wilmington, Del.

Children of Mirriam W, Dole

(i) Thomas Hyde, b Bath, Me., Apr. 24, 1898.

(k) Thomas Worcester, b June 2, 1865, d Apr. 17, 1909.

VIII-187   Benjamin.
VIII-188   Elizabeth
, b Oct. 3, 1827, d Apr. 21, 1850.
VIII-189   Catherine, b Boston, Feb. 22, 1830, m Boston, Dec. 24, 1851, Thomas Thacher, b Yarmouth, Mass., June 19, 1819, d New York, May 15, 1897.  Merchant. Residence Boston and New York.

Children of Catherine Thacher

(a) Alice, b Boston, June 8, 1853, m Orange, N.J., Dec. 2, 1893, Louis Freeland Post. Mr. Post was editor and Mrs. Post managing   editor of a paper published in Chicago, called "The Public," a National Journal of Fundamental Democracy and a Weekly narrative of History in the Making." In May, 1913, Mr. Post was appointed Asst. Sec. of Labor by Pres. Wilson, and they removed to Washington, D.C., having handed "The Public" over to a new board of editors. Residence Chicago and Washington, D.C.
(b) Grace, b Apr. 1, 1855, d Oct. 2, 1900, m June 15, 1878, Bayard Taylor Putnam, N.Y., who d 1886. Mining engineer, Columbia Univ. Residence New York and Newport, R.I.

Children of Grace Putnam

(i) Ralph, b Mar. 28, 1880, d July 3, 1880.
(ii) Worcester, b Oct. 17, 1883.
(iii) Mary, b May 8, 1887.

(c) Arthur, b Newtonville, Mass., May 8, 1857, m June 19, 1890, St. Louis, Mo., Caroline Kimmel Greene, St. Louis; grad. School of Mines, Columbia University, 1877. Engineer of Mines and Civil Engineer. Residence St. Louis, Mo.

Children of Arthur Thacher

(i)   Theodora, b St. Louis, Apr. 18, 1891.
(ii)  Katherine Worcester, b St. Louis, Feb. 6,   1894, d St. Louis, Apr. 30, 1894.
(iii) Arthur Worcester, b Dec. 19, 1897.

(d) Anna Worcester, b Sept. 9, 1959, d Apr. 26, 1905.
(e) Amy Clark, b Nov. 11, 1862.
(f) Thomas Worcester, b N.Y., June 15, 1868, m Boston, May 31, 1894, Josephine dau Rec. James and Emily E. (Ripley) Reed, Boston. A.B. Columbia Univ. 1889. Shoe manufacturer. Residence Brookline, Mass.

Children of Thomas Worcester Thacher

(i) Catherine, b Roxbury, Mass., June 16, 1895.
(ii) Elizabeth, b Brookline, Feb. 13, 1899.

VIII-190   Anna, b July 16, 1832, d July 6, 1841.
VIII-191   John.
VIII-192   Joseph
, b Boston, Mass., May 20, 1836, d San Francisco, Cal., Aug 4, 1913. Studied Harvard Scientific School. Phi Beta Kappa, Stanford University, 1908. Minister of Second Society of the New Jerusalem Church in San Francisco for nearly 50 years, and was also actively interested in charitable work in that city; chaplain for 25 years to the Protestant Orphan Asylum for which he worked zealously; later he established a model Home for the older boys. He made the welfare of discharged prisoners one of his special objects. Although of most modest and retiring disposition, he was widely known and greatly beloved and esteemed as a tower of strength on the Pacific coast. His church building, with its adjacent garden, is unique in its homelike and attractive interior.
VIII-193   James, b Dec. 10, 1838, d Dec. 26, 1839.

No. VII-88
(Jesse6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1)  b Bedford, N.H., Aug. 24, 1784, d Cambridge, Mass., Oct. 27, 1865; m June 29, 1841, Amy Elizabeth, dau Joseph McKean, D.D., L.L.D., formerly Prof. of Rhetoric and Oratory, Harvard College; she was born Jan. 23, 1802, d Aug. 12, 1881.
Joseph Emerson Worcester 
Joseph Emerson Worcester

        In 1794 he removed with his father to Hollis, N.H. With the exception of about eight months, during which he studied at Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass., Boscawen, N.H., with Dr. Wood, and at the Academy Salisbury, N.H, and two years employed in teaching school, Salem, Mass., he resided in Hollis until March, 1809, when he entered the Sophomore Class of Yale College; grad. 1811; engaged in teaching in Salem, several years; passed two years in Andover, Mass. After 1820 resided for the most part in Cambridge, Mass, devoting himself to literary pursuits, and the preparation of numerous and valuable publications, LL.D. Brown University, 1847; was a Fellow of the American Academy; Historical Society and Corresponding member of the Royal Geographical Society of London.
        In 1828 he published the first of his long series of dictionaries, an edition of Johnson’s English Dictionary, … with Walker’s Pronouncing Dictionary, Combined. The following year he prepared an abridgement of Webster’s large dictionary of 1828, and in 1830 his own Comprehensive Pronouncing and Explanatory Dictionary of the English Language. His 1830 dictionary evoked from Noah Webster a rather ill-natured charge of plagiarism. This attack was the first move in a half century battle for supremacy between the two great rival series of dictionaries, a battle which degenerated later into the graceless and petty commercial strife, between the rival publishers known as the "War of the Dictionaries." Worcester, a more conservative, held more closely to British usage, especially that of Johnson and Walker, while Webster, in the words of H.E. Scudder, "walked about the Jericho of English lexicography, blowing his trumpet of destruction." The supremacy of Webster was not established until 1864, when Webter’s … Unabridged. The work of many competent hands, appeared.
      His most important publications are, A Universal Gazetteer; Sketches of the Earth and its Inhabitants; Elements of History: Remarks on Longevity; Johnson's English Dictionary as improved by Todd, etc.; A Comprehensive Pronouncing, and Explanatory Dictionary of the English Language; and A Pronouncing, Explanatory, and Synonymous Dictionary of the English Language. He also superintended and abridgment of Webster's Quarto Dictionary, and was, for several years, the literary editor of the American Almanac. His latest work was
Worcester's Quarto Dictionary Unabridged and Fully Illustrated.

No. VII-93
(Jesse6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Bedford, N.H., Mar. 22, 1794, d Oct. 1, 1876 (?), m June 1, 1823, Sarah Sternes, Worcester, b Nov. 14, 1801. Residence, Hollis, N.H., 1794-1814; Worcester, 1814-1825; Rochester, N.Y., 1825-1836; Hollis, 1836-1840; Worcester, 1840-1850; afterwards Shrewsbury, Mass. Machinist and yeoman.

Children of Leonard Worcester

VIII-194   Henry, b Nov. 9, 1824, d July 9, 1829.
VIII-195   Martha Eliza, b Nov. 26, 1826, d Sept. 12, 1827.
VIII-196   Sarah French, b June 6, 1828, d Feb. 4, 1904, m ____ Harrington.
VIII-197   Edward Joseph.

No. VII-96
Taylor Gilman Worcester

        TAYLOR GILMAN WORCESTER (Jesse6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Hollis, N.H., Apr. 6, 1799, d Sept. 7, 1879, m Feb. 13, 1837, Lucy S., dau James Bell, Esq., of Walden, Vt., b Apr. 6, 1804, d May 10, 1877. He graduated at Harvard College in 1823; taught school in Brookline, Mass., one year, graduated at the Theological Seminary at Andover, in 1827; engaged principally in teaching at Orleans, and Roxbury, Mass., until the latter part of 1830; employed in Cambridge, Boston, and Lancaster, Mass., in translating Swedenborg's "True Christian Religion,"  until 1833; then removed to Hollis, N.H., where he has since resided on the farm, which has been owned successively by his great-grandfather Francis, his grandfather Noah, and his father Jesse.

Children of Taylor Gilman Worcester

VIII-198   Mary Jane, b Dec. 20, 1837, d Feb. 10, 1911, at the Worcester Homestead, Hollis, N.H., m Sept. 20, 1865, Curtis Harvey Bill, M.D., son of Dr. Noadiah Bill and Ruth Putnam Coburn, b Albany, Vt., July 2, 1835, d St. Luke's Hospital, New York, July 24, 1905. Dr. Bill attended the medical schools of Burlington, Vt., Hanover, N.H., and New York City. He was assistant surgeon in the 15th Tenn. Infantry and surgeon in the 5th Tenn. Cavalry. For five years after the Civil War he lived on the plantation near Fayetteville, Tenn., and then removed to Bridgeport, Conn., where he became one of the leading physicians of that city, residing there till his decease. Mrs. Mary Jane Bill took an active part in the literary and social life of Bridgeport. "She was possessed of a rare mind, richly stored with the best in literature; she was a generous member of local benevolent societies, and one of the founders of the English Literary Club of Bridgeport." A few years after her husband's death she returned to Hollis, N.H., and identified herself with the larger interests of her native town. Both she and her husband died of cancer. Dr. Bill underwent an operation for this at St. Luke's Hospital, from which he did not recover.

Children of Mary J. Bill

(a) Mary Elizabeth, b Fayetteville, Tenn., Jan. 7, 1867, d Hollis, N.H., Nov. 20, 1908. Peritonitis following appendectomy.
(b) Harold Worcester, b Fayetteville, Tenn., Feb. 8, 1870, d Fayetteville, Jan. 20, 1871.
(c) Infant, b Fayetteville, Dec. 10, 1870, d Dec. 17, 1870.
(d) Phillip Worcester, b Bridgeport, Conn., Sept. 16, 1874, m Nov. 7, 1904, Edith Evelyn Selbie, b Aug. 24, 1873, dau Patrick Selbie,  b May 18, 1835, Aberdeen, Scotland, d Bridgeport, Conn., Apr. 20, 1895, and Elizabeth Harris, b Leeds, Eng., 1835, d  Bridgeport, 1891. Dr. Bill took his degree Ph.B. Yale, 1897, M.D. Columdia, 1901. He was on the house staff of Seney Hospital, Brooklyn, N.Y., 1901-1903. He succeeded to his father's practice in Bridgeport, making surgery his specialty.
(e) Harold Curtis, b Bridgeport, Sept. 18, 1875, d June 24, 1914, m Oct. 12, 1910, Edna Wigham, Danbury, Conn., b Feb. 20, 1880. Residence Bridgeport.

Children of Harold Curtis Bill

(i) Mary Worcester, b Bridgeport, Conn., Feb. 6, 1913.

VIII-199  Lucy Elizabeth, b Hollis, N.H., Feb. 22, 1839. She early showed great love for study and in 1856 entered Mt. Holyoke Seminary, So. Hadley,  Mass., but before one year had passed she was obliged on account of ill health to give up her hope of finishing the course. She taught school in Hollis and Milford, and had a successful career in the Nashua High School. She has passed most of her life on the old homestead and has always been a loyal and devoted citizen of her native town.
VIII-200   William.
VIII-201   Henry.

No.1039.jpg (665053 bytes)
Sarah Alice Worcester
VIII-202   Sarah Alice, b Hollis, N.H., Apr. 4, 1844. Graduated from the New London Literary and Scientific Inst., 1866. Was engaged for thirty five years in High School and Collegiate work. In Urbana, Ohio, she organized a chapter of the D.A.R. and represented the same for two successive years in the National Congress at Washington. She has spent several years in Europe in the study of modern languages.  In 1903-4, under the auspices of Pere Hyacinthe and wife, she went on a mission to Jerusalem to study conditions and report as to the apparent feasibility of establishing an international non-sectarian college for girls in Jerusalem. She takes an active interest in several philanthropic literary and patriotic societies in Boston and vicinity. She has been for several years engaged in various kinds of literary work. In 1909 she undertook the revision of the Worcester Genealogy, published in 1856. In the interest of genealogical  research, she went to London in 1910, representing at the same time the Cambridge New Church Society, as delegate to the International Swedenborg Congress. Residence Cambridge, Mass., and Hollis, N.H.

VIII-203   Harriet Ellen, b Hollis, N.H., July 14, 1845, m Jan. 6, 1870, Hollis, William Hight Jordan, b Rockport, Mass., Oct. 30, 1845. Residence Gloucester, Mass. Mr. Jordan has always been interested in the business interests of his city and was the organizer of several lines of industry in the fishing business. He was appointed Collector of Customs in 1900 and held that office for twelve years. He served as Chairman of the Board of Park Commissioners for the term of years, and has been a member of the School Board since 1880. He is now (1914) President of Gloucester National Bank and Gloucester Electric Co. Harriet E. Jordan graduated from the New London Literary and Scientific Institution in 1867. She taught school for several years in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. After her marriage she identified herself with the best interests of her adopted city, is a member of several social, patriotic and literary societies. Has been president of the Female Charitable Society since 1894, and is director on the Active Board of Associated Charities.

Children of Harriet Ellen Jordan

(a) Alice Cary, b Gloucester, Mass., Nov. 22, 1870, m Gloucester, June 14, 1900, Robert Tillingast Babson, b Gloucester, Feb. 3, 1862. Lawyer in Boston. A.B. Harvard University, 1882; LL.B. Boston University 1885. Residence Brookline, Mass., and Gloucester.   Alice C. Jordan graduated from Mrs. Hayes' Private School, Boston, 1891; instructor in Urbana University, Ohio, 1896-7; Life member Urbana Chapter D.A.R., 1897.

Children of Alice Cary Babson

(i) Harriet Worcester, b Brookline, Mass., Apr.  18, 1901.
(ii) William, b Brookline, July 24, 1903.

(b) Annie Mansfield, b Gloucester, Apr. 17, 1872, d St. Luke's Hospital, New York City, appendicitis, May 13, 1907. She was at  Smith College for two years, after that graduated at the Ogontz School, near Philadelphia, in 1891. Later studied stenography in Miss Pearce's School, Boston. In 1907 she accepted a position as a private secretary in the Singer Sewing Company, New York City.

VIII-204   Francis Jesse.

No. VII-97
pics463.gif (60214 bytes)
John Newton Worcester

(Jesse6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Hollis, N.H., Feb. 7, 1801, d Hollis, Mar. 5, 1884; m Dec. 26, 1826, Sarah, dau Phineas Holden, b Charlestown, Mass., July 19, 1801, d Hollis, Jan. 4, 1874, of consumption. He spent the first years of his married life on the old homestead, but after the coming to Hollis of Taylor G. Worcester, he founded in the western part of the town the John Newton Worcester homestead, where he reared his large family of children. He was much respected in his native town for his sound judgment and strict integrity. He was chosen State Councilor in the years 1858-59. Farmer and lumberman.

Children of John Newton Worcester

VIII-205   Sarah Caroline, b Hollis, N.H., Oct. 10, 1827, d Cambridge, Mass., Aug. 2, 1873, of consumption; m Sept. 13, 1855, Jabez Augustus Sawyer, b  Bradbury, N.H., June 1, 1824. Graduated at Dartmouth College, A.B., 1848. Lawyer in Boston. Residence Roxbury and Cambridge.

Children of Sarah Caroline Sawyer

(a) George Augustus, b Roxbury, Mass., May 25, 1857, m Cambridge, Mass., June 18, 1884, Florence Emeline Ellis. A successful  lawyer in Boston. Distinguished especially as a conveyancer.
(b) Rollin Worcester, b Cambridge, Jan. 12, 1861, d Cambridge, Oct. 6, 1868.
(c) John Howard, b Cambridge, Mass., Dec. 10, 1862, m Sept. 12, 1906, Theresa May Hardy, b Louisville, Ky., Nov. 26, 1880.  Manager in firm of Worcester Bros., Cambridge. Residence Arlington, Mass.

Children of John Howard Sawyer

(i) John Howard, Jr., b Arlington, Mass., Aug. 10, 1907.

(d) Caroline Aiken, b Cambridge, Mass., Apr. 6, 1864. Graduated Boston University, A.B., Radcliffe College, A.M. Teacher for many years in the English High School, Cambridge.
(e) Walter Dean, b Cambridge, Mass., July 5, 1866, m 1st Mar. 10, 1896, Anna Blair Coursen, b Scranton, Pa., Mar. 25, 1866, d Arlington, Mass., Apr. 22, 1897, m 2d Oct. 20, 1906, Lucie Adelia Learned, b Jersey City, N.J., Jan 13, 1871. Residence Arlington, Mass. Sales manager, Cushing & Bliss, Boston.

Children of Walter Dean Sawyer

(i) Child of first marriage, Belle Coursen, died   in infancy.
(ii) Child of second marriage, Geoffrey Augustus,   b Arlington, Mass., July 29, 1909.

(f) Lillian Whitney, b Cambridge, Apr. 26, 1869. Residence Cambridge, Mass.
(g) Edward Holden, b Cambridge, Mass., Nov. 16, 1870, d Pepperell, Mass., Apr. 30, 1871.

VIII-206   Frances Allen, b Hollis, N.H., July 4, 1830, d Elmira, N.Y., May 28, 1863, m Aug. 18, 1852, Charles Samuel Farra, b Pepperell, Mass., Aug. 7, 1826, d Evanston, Ill., Mar. 12, 1903. Graduate of Dartmouth College, A.M., Professor of Vassar College eleven years, then President of Milwaukee College, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Children of Frances Allen Farra

(a) Ellen Worcester, b Oct. 1, 1853. Principal of the Dwight School, Englewood, New Jersey.
(b) Frances, b Oct. 26, 1855. Artist. Manager Farrar Collections of Lantern Slides, Elmira, N.J.
(c) Clara Thurston, b Sept. 21, 1857. Residence Elmira, N.Y.
(d) Julia Beecher, b Feb. 3, 1861. Residence Elmira, N.J.

VIII-207   Martha, b Hollis, N.H., May 12, 1833, d Pepperell, Mass., June 13, 1882, m Dec. 1, 1868, Samuel William Fletcher, b Groton, Mass., Sept. 18, 1831, d Pepperell, Apr. 13, 1910. Physician and surgeon. M.D. Harvard Medical School. Member, Mass. Medical Society; Quechet Club, London. Two years Surgeon in the War of the Rebellion.

Children of Martha Fletcher

(a) Martha Elizabeth, b Pepperell, Nov. 20, 1869, m Mar. 27, 1895, at Stoke Pogis, England, James Walter Smith, b East Boston, Oct. 27, 1868, Harvard, B.A. Chief editor Cassell's Publishing House, London, and a successful literary critic. Mrs. Smith was a graduate of Wellesley College. Residence London, Eng.

Children of Martha Elizabeth Smith

(i) Hazel, b London, Jan. 9, 1896, d London,   Feb. 15, 1896.
(ii)  James Fletcher, b Feb. 21, 1897, London.
(iii) Walter Worcester, b Oct. 22, 1908, London.
(iv)  Janette, b July 23, 1912, London.

VIII-208   Abby Elizabeth, b Apr. 1, 1835, d Jan. 2, 1880. She was for many years a successful teacher in her native town, in Pepperell and Cambridge, Mass. Her last work was at Exeter, N.H., where she was for several years Preceptress of the Robinson Female Seminary.

VIII-209   Charles Henry.
VIII-210   John Howard.
VIII-211   Samuel Augustus.
VIII-212   Frederick.
VIII-213   Franklin.

No. VII-98
(Jesse6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Hollis, N.H., Sept. 22, 1812, d Portland, Me., May 24, 1841; m Aug. 26, 1838, Olive, dau of Rufus Gay, Esq., of Gardiner, Me., b Dec. 30, 1804, d Gardiner, Me., Apr. 29, 1881. He graduated at Yale College in 1828; studied theology at New Haven, Conn.; preached some time in Abington, Mass., subsequently in Bath, Gardiner, and Portland, Me., to Swedenborgian churches. A volume of sermons on doctrinal subjects was published in 1837, and a small work, "The Sabath," was reprinted after his death.
        An obituary notice says of him: "Mr. Worcester's amiable, frank and social qualities gained him many warm friends, and his character and acquirements were such as to ensure to him universal esteem."

Children of Henry Aiken Worcester

VIII-214   Henry Parker.
VIII-215   Mary Olivia
, b Gardiner, Me., Oct. 17, 1841, m Oct. 1, 1868, Walter Scott Swanton, b Bath, Me., Apr. 16, 1839, d St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 27, 1872.  Ship chandler and hardware dealer.

Children of Mary Olivia Swanton

(a) Walter Irving, b St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 6, 1869, m St. Louis, Oct. 20, 1904, Lucy Cerise Ross, b Jamaica, L.I. The following interesting item is given: She is grand-daughter of Emanuel Joseph Kibo de Bernales, oldest son and heir of the patriot banker who sacrificed his fortune to help Ferdinand and Christina of Spain establish a constitutional monarchy. Mr. Walter I. Swanton took his degree S.B. in Civil Engineering at Mass. Inst. of Technology, in 1893, civil engineer, U.S. Reclamation Service. Residence Washington, D.C.

Children of Walter I. Swanton

(i) Lucy Ada, b Washington, D.C., Mar. 15, 1906;   m Orange, N.J., Apr. 13, 1940, Sheldon DeForest Clark, b Cleveland, Oh., Apr. 5,   1911. He received A.B., 1929 and M.D., 1938   from George Washington University. Member of   the Society of Friends (Quaker). Chief   clinician with Planned Parenthood   Association of Cleveland, Oh. 1964-1967.   Residences Washington, D.C. 1906-1938,   Cleveland, Oh. 1938-1939, New York City   1939-1940, Columbus, Oh. 1940-1945,   Cleveland, Oh. 1945-1967, Houston, Tx. 1967-  1969, thereafter Cleveland.

Children of Lucy A. Swanton Clark

a - Sheldon Hallett, b Columbus, Oh., June 19, 1941. Teacher Newmarket, Ont. Hiram College, BA, 1964; University of Toronto, MA, 1970, BEd, 1971. Earlham School of Religion, M.Div., Anderson University, D. Min., Residence, Richmond, Ind.

Children of Sheldon W. Clark

1 - Amber Swanton, b Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, Nov. 6, 1976. Earlham College, BA. Photographer residing in Manhattan, N.Y.

b - Jared A. Swanton, b Columbus, Oh., Dec. 2, 1943. Town manager, Cumberland, Me. and Hebron, Conn.

(ii) Lily Edith, b Washington, D.C., Mar. 18,   1909; m Sept. 14, 1945, Reginald Lawrence   Capon, b Montreal, May 28, 1903, d Aug. 3,   1959. B.A. American University, 1933; M.A.   American University, 1934; B.L.S. McGill University Library School, 1942. Residences   Washington, D.C., Montreal, Cambridge,   Mass., and Auburndale, Mass.

Children of Lily Edith Capon

a - Ross Bertram, b May 31, 1947.

(iii) Walter Frederick, b Washington, D.C., Nov.   4, 1910; m Sept. 27, 1940, Irene Wray, b   Rochester, N.Y., Dec. 4, 1911. Attended   Urbana Jr. College, Urbana, Ohio; B.S. Mass.   Inst. of Tech., 1933; M.S. University of Rochester, 1947. Lt. USNR, 1943-1946.   Chemical Engineer, Product Manager, The   Pfandler Co., a div. of   Sybron Corp.   Chairman of the Liberal Party of Livingston   Co., N.Y. Residences Rochester, N.Y., Annapolis, Md., Lynchburg, Va., Avon, N.Y.

Children of Walter Frederick Swanton

a - Susan Irene, b Rochester, N.Y., Nov. 29, 1941.
b - Carolyn Lois Rowe, b Annapolis, Md., May 1, 1945.

(b) Henry Aiken, b St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 28, 1870. S.B. Mass. Inst. of Technology. Draftsman, Bath, Me.
(c) John Reed, b Feb. 19, 1873, at Gardiner, Me., m Dec. 16, 1903, Alice, dau of Hon. Job Barnard of Washington, D.C., b Dec. 10, 1877, in Porter Co., Indiana. Dr. Swanson graduated A.B., 1896; A.M., 1897; Ph.D., 1900, at Harvard University. In addition to his Harvard degreed he studied at the American Museum of Natural History and Columbia University. Under the auspices of the Smithsonian Institution he was sent to various points to study the Indian languages and peoples, among others, Alaska, Oklahoma, Louisiana and the Pacific Coast. He has collected valuable information in regard to the languages, myths and characteristics of the various tribes, most of which has been published in the Reports and Bulletins of the Bureau of American Ethnology, Smithsonian Institution. Ethnologist. Residence Friendship Heights, Bethesda, Md.

Children of John Reed Swanton

(i)   Mary Alice, b Washington, D.C., Sept. 21,   1906. Residence Washington, D.C. until 1944,   Newton, Mass. thereafter. Served as   secretary  with the 8th U.S. Army in Korea   between 1961  to 1967.

(ii)  John Jr., b Bethesda, Md., Nov. 12, 1909; m   June 9, 1934, Louise May Ruhl, b Bronx, New   York City, Mar. 19, 1934. S.B., Mass. Inst.   of Tech., 1931. Consulting Mechanical   Engineer with Polaroid Corp., 1938-1945; Aurthur D. Little, Inc., 1945-1973.   Residences Washington, D.C., West Medford,   Mass., and Newton,Mass.

Children of John Reed Swanton, Jr.

a - Virginia May, b July 4, 1935; m ____ Russell.            
b - Dorothy Louise, b Jan. 6, 1939; m ____ Brown.
c - John Barnard, b Apr., 1942.
d - Barbara Jean, b June 12, 1943; m ____ Duffy.
e - Kenneth Reed, b May 15, 1951.

(iii) Henry Allen, b Friendship Heights, Md., Mar.   11, 1915; m Sept. 2, 1949, Ethel May Dibb   (Brown), b San Diego, Calif., Dec. 28, 1912.   A.B. American University, 1937. Mechanical   Engineer. Residences Washington, D.C., 1915-  1947; thereafter, San Diego, Calif.

Stepchildren of Henry Allen Swanton

a - Walter Allen Brown, b Feb. 13, 1933.

b - Louise Marie Brown Martin, b Sept. 23, 1936.

Samuel Thomas Worcester

No. VII-99

      SAMUEL THOMAS WORCESTER (Jesse6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Hollis, N.H., Aug. 30, 1804, d Nashua, NH, Dec. 6, 1882; m May 13, 1835, Mary F.C., dau Samuel Wales, Stoughton, Mass., b Apr. 2, 1802, d Apr. 22, 1874. Mrs. Worcester contributed much to the social and literary life of Norwalk and Nashua. He graduated at Harvard, 1830; studied law Hollis, N.H., Cambridge, Mass., and Norwalk, Oh. admitted to the bar Aug. 1835; practiced his profession in Norwalk, Oh. He was two years (1849-50) senator in the Ohio legislature. While holding the office of distrcit judge for the 10th Ohio judicial district (northwest Ohio), he was elected a member of the U.S. Congress in 1861. In 1867, he removed to Nashua, N.H., where he resided until his decease. He published several spelling books and revised editions of Worcester's Dictionaries. His monumental work was History of Hollis, N.H., published in 1879. He also published: 1831, Sequel to the Spelling Book; 1833, American Primary Spelling Book; 1872, Old and New, or the School Systems of Ohio and New Hampshire Compared. Wikipedia.






No. VII-100

        FREDERICK AUGUSTUS WORCESTER (Jesse6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2,
pics466.gif (50381 bytes)
Frederick Augustus Worcester
1) b Hollis, N.H., Jan. 28, 1807, d Townsend, Mass., Mar. 3, 1888; m Jan. 21, 1854, Jane M., dau of Charles Kellogg, Amherst, Mass.; b in Amherst, Mass., Aug. 28, 1832; d Townsend, Mass., Sept. 23, 1904. He prepared for college in part at the Pinkerton Academy, in Derby, NH, and in part at the Phillips Academy in Andover. He graduated at Harvard College in 1831; studied law at Hollis, N.H., Groton and Cambridge, Mass.; admitted to the bar in 1835; commenced practice of law in Bangor, Me., afterwards practiced his profession in Townsend and Ayer, Mass. Member of the Mass. House of Representatives in 1856.

Children of Frederick Augustus Worcester

VIII-216   Charles Frederick.
VIII-217   Frances Jane
, b Townsend, Apr. 8, 1861, m Towndens, Apr. 19, 1900, Ranson Bixby Adams, b Townsend, May 28, 1862. Residence Townsend. Farmer.
VIII-218   Mary Elizabeth, b Townsend, Mar. 25, 1863. Clerk in the National Shawmut Bank, Boston, Mass.
VIII-219   Joseph Emerson, b Townsend, Aug. 19, 1867, m July 14, 1912, Margaret Louise Lillis of Natick, Mass. LL.B. Boston University Law School, 1901. Lawyer in Boston.

No. VII-101

wpe1E.jpg (17485 bytes)
David Worcester

        DAVID WORCESTER (Jesse6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Hollis, N.H., Apr. 13, 1808, d May 9, 1893; m June 6, 1832, Ellen, dau of Joseph Sewall, Esq., of Farmington, Me., b Mar. 5, 1813, d at Grand Junction, Col., Sept. 5, 1895. He entered Harvard College in 1828; left in the junior year. He spent a large part of his life in teaching. He was Preceptor of the Academy in Farmington, Me., until Mar., 1833; then the Preceptor of the Academy in China, Me., until Dec., 1834; soon after, Principal of the High School in Bangor, Me., which office he held for twenty years, when in 1859 he engaged in private instruction in that city. In the sixties he returned to his native town and lived a few years there. From Hollis he went to Minerva township in 1869 and lived on a farm for seven years. He the removed to Albion, Ia., where he died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. A. A. Garver. He was an accomplished scholar, and used to spend some time each day in the latter part of his life in reading his favorite Latin and Greek authors. "His character was exceptionally noble and pure and he had the respect of all who knew him."

Children of David Worcester

VIII-220   Son, born and died Mar. 13, 1833.
VIII-221   Joseph Sewall, b Sept. 16, 1834, d Dec. 24, 1852.
VIII-222   William, b Nov. 10, 1836, d Feb. 3, 1839.
VIII-223   Sarah Maria b Jan. 7, 1839, d Mar. 9, 1867, m Oct. 16, 1866, Rev. James J. Townsend, a Baptist minister.
VIII-224   Henry Albert, b Mar. 1, 1841, d Nov. 14, 1883. He was appointed by the Gov. of Maine, Military Agent of the State, with rank of Lieut.-Colonel. He had charge of the exchange of prisoners of Maine men. He was complimented by Sec. Stanton for his energy and success. He never married.
VIII-225   Francis D., b Apr. 6, 1843. Lived in Grand Junction, Col.
VIII-226   Edward Lewis.
VIII-227   George Walter.
VIII-228   Charles Shaw
, b Dec. 29, 1850, d Mar. 28, 1852.
VIII-229   John Sayward.
VIII-230   Jessie Hannah
, b June 27, 1856, m 1st Oct., 1891, Andrew A. Garver, who died Feb. 22, 1895, m 2d Aug. 18, 1900, Laurence Hynes, b in Cork, Ireland, 1848, died from an accident, Sept. 13, 1910. Journalist and fruit grower.

No. VII-104
(Leonard6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Worcester, M
Samuel Austin Worcester
Samuel Austin Worcester
ass., Jan. 19, 1798; d Park Hill, Okla., Apr. 20, 1858; m 1st July 19, 1825, Ann, dau of John Orr, Desford, N.H., b Sept. 21, 1799, d Park Hill, Indian Territory, Ok., May 23, 1840; m 2d Apr. 3, 1841, Erminia, dau of Rev. Daniel Nash, Lowville, N.Y., b Oct. 12, 1801; d Apr. 20, 1859. In 1799 he removed with his father to Peacham, Vt., grad. Univ. of Vermont, 1819; Andover Theological Seminary, 1823; was ordained Aug. 29, 1825, as a missionary under direction of the American Board.  Soon after his ordination he was sent as a missionary to the Cherokee Indian Nation in Brainard, Tenn. In 1825 he removed to New Echota (Calhoun, Georgia), the new national capital of the Cherokee Nation. There he helped establish the first printing press and Native American newspaper, The Cherokee Phoenix, edited by the yound Indian classical scholar, Elias Boudinot. It was Rev. Worcester he who vitalized Sequoyah's Cherokee syllabary by means of the printing press in the original home of the Cherokees in the south and later in Indian Territory West of the Mississippi.
        Rev. Worcester "cheerfully went to prison for the privilege of doing so" by Georgia state authorities. He sentenced to four years of hard labor for refusing to swear allegiance to the state while residing within the Cherokee Nation. His criminal conviction was successfully appealed to the United States Supreme Court. In that case, Worcester v Georgia, 31 U.S. (6 Peters) 515 (1832), Chief Justice Marshall, established the principal that Indian tribes are domestic dependent nations. As such, the jurisdiction of a state's authority cannot extend to Indian lands. The opinion so infuriated President Jackson that he reportedly stated, "Justice Marshall has issued his opinion, now let him enforce it." The decision and the subsequent refusal by the state of Georgia to release him from prison emboldened the state of South Carolina which promulgated an ordinance nullifying the United States revenue law within its borders. Eventually the Governor of Georgia was enjoined to grant clemency to the imprisoned missionary to avoid a major constitutional crisis.
        Soon after his release from prison, Rev. Worcester removed to Indian Territory located in present day Tahlequa, Oklahoma as part of the infamous removal of all Cherokees West of the Mississippi along the "Trail of Tears". He continued his life's work of translating and printing more than thirteen million "talking leaves" - newspapers, textbooks, almanacs, and tracts from the Bible in the Cherokee, Choctaw, and Creek languages. Before his death he could survey a literate nation of Native Americans, made so by his untiring efforts as a pioneer printer and publisher in a new land. In a cemetery at Park Hill, a marble shaft bears this inscription:

"Rev. S. A. Worcester, D. D.

"For 33 years a Missionary of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions among the Cherokees. To his work they owe their own Bible and Hymn Book."

        A Congregational Mission School at Vrinta, Indian Territory, intended to give the best educational advantages to Indian boys and girls, was named Worcester Academy in his honor. The State of Georgia maintains a state park just outside the city limits of Calhoun where, along with a museum of Cherokee artifacts, original and reconstructed buildings of the national capital of the Cherokee Nation, New Echota, can be viewed. Among these buildings is the original Worcester homestead.

Pictures of Cherokee Phoenix printing press building in New Echota.
Picture of Samuel's home in New Echota. 
Opinion of the Supreme Court in Worcester v Georgia
Family picture of children.
Video summary of Worcester v Georgia

Children of Samuel Austin Worcester

VIII-231   Ann Eliza, b Brainerd, Tenn., Nov. 7, 1826, d Muskogee, Okla., Nov. 19, 1905, m Park Hill, Ind. Ter. 16, 1850, Rev. William Schenk Robertson, of Tullahassee Mission Creek Nation, b Jan. 11, 1820, d June 26, 1881. By nature and inheritance this daughter seemed fitted to work among the Indians. After completing her education in Vermont under the careful guidance of her uncle, John H. Worcester, giving special attention to the study of language, she returned to aid her father in his mission work among the Cherokees. Her marriage simply transferred her to a wider field of missionary effort in the Creek Nation, where for more than half a century she worked with tireless zeal, aiding her devoted husband as teacher and translator. Through their joint efforts a literature was given the Creeks, which comprises in addition to a large part of the Bible, hymn books, readers and such religious and doctrinal instruction as was deemed best adapted to the needs of the Indian people. She also aided in the linguistic work of the U.S. Bureau of Ethnology by her studies of Muskogean dialects and languages. In recognition of her unusual accomplishments the University of Wooster conferred upon her the honorary degree of Ph.D. - the first time a woman was so honored. The Bible translation was most of it done after the death of her husband, and much of the time she was a semi-invalid, practically confined to her couch. Though physically unable to teach in the class room she was made a professor emeritus of Henry Kendall College, and her helpful influence touched almost the entire student body. Loved and revered by the hundreds of the Creeks people who had been her pupils, her interest followed them, and in times of joy, sorrow, trial and temptation, her tireless pen indicated messages fitted to the especial need. One prominent Indian who since his boyhood had looked to her for advice and sympathy, said at her death: "The Creek people have lost their mother."

Children of Ann Eliza Robertson

(a) Ann Augusta, b Tullahasee Mission, Oct. 9, 1851, m 1st John Craig, Apr., 1877, who d Aug., 1880; m 2d Napoleon B. Moore, Nov. 20, 1882, d Oct. 10, 1911; a man of sterling integrity who held many positions of public trust prior to statehood in Oklahoma. Graduated from Cooper Seminary, 1871. She spent many years in mission work among the Creeks as principal or superintendent of schools at Tullahassee and Nuyaka.

Children of Ann Augusta Craig

(i) Alice Galloway, b June 26, 1879, d Mar., 1880.

(b) Mary Alice, b Tullahassee Mission, Jan. 2, 1854. A. M. Elmira College, 1884. Mission work among the Creeks 1879-1900; Government Supervisor of Indian Schools, 1900-1905. Theodore Roosevelt while a member of the Civil Service Commission after hearing her speak at the Mohawk Indian Conference was so impressed with her earnestness and ability that he showed his appreciation years afterwards by appointing her Postmaster at Muskogee, which office she held 1905-1913. Raised funds to build two Indian schools and was especially active in the education of girls. Though not a professional stenographer she had so good a command of shorthand as to be often called from her mission duties to report important councils or meetings, and did the first court reporting in the State of Oklahoma. She is (1914) a prominent worker in the D.A.R., and has held many offices in missionary, educational, and patriotic organizations. First woman elected to the United States Congress from the State of Oklahoma.

(c) Grace Leeds, b Tullahassee Mission, Dec. 18, 1856, m June 12, 1889, Henry Payson Merriman, M.D., who died Oct. 18, 1911. He was a prominent physician and surgeon of Chicago, Ill., and professor in Lake Forest University and Rush Medical College. After retiring from practice he removed with his family to Santa Barbara, Cal. She was graduated from Wheaton Seminary in 1878 and was a missionary teacher among Creeks until her marriage. She is (1914) as a writer of pleasing verse which she has been urged to publish but has not prevailed upon to do

Children of Grace Leeds Merriman

(i) Mary Augusta, b Chicago, Aug. 5, 1890, m  Oct., 1913, James Roderick Thompson. Leland  Stanford University, 1913.
(ii) Faith, b Chicago, Aug. 5, 1892, undergraduate  Vassar, 1915.

(d) Samuel Worcester, b Tullahassee, Ind. Ter., Sept. 18, 1860, m 1883, Grace Elva Knight, b Franconia, N.H., June 26, 1861. Grad. Dartmouth, 1882; A.B. Dartmouth, 1883, A.M., 1886. Prominent in educational work in Woodsville and Rochester, N.H., and  later at Santa Barbara, Cal., where she is now (1914) a high school professor.

Children of Samuel Worcester Robertson

(i) Alfred Worcester, b June 29, 1889, Gilmanton, N.H., A.B., Stanford Univ., 1912; LL.B. Stanford, 1913; J.D., 1913. Studied, Dartmouth, Occidental and Stanford Universities. Attorney, Santa Barbara, Cal.

(e) Dora Platt, b Jan. 25, 1863, d Aug., 1884.
(f) John Orr, b Apr. 29, 1866, d Oct. 16, 1867.
(g) William Henry, b Apr. 29, 1866, d Oct. 9, 1867.

VIII-232   Sarah, b New Echota, Ga., Sept. 30, 1828, d June 30, 1857, m Park Hill, Ind. Ter., Feb. 15, 1853. Daniel Dwight Hitchcock, M.D., b Dec. 19, 1822, d July 17, 1867.

Children of Sarah Hitchcock

(a) Laura Hills, b Park Hill, Ind. Ter., Feb. 13, 1854, d Montreal, Jan. 3, 1911, m Tullahassee Mission, Ind. Ter., Aug. 26, 1879, Edmond Desire d'Albenas, b Toulouse, France, May 27, 1839, d Montreal, Mar. 26, 1905. M.A., University of Toulouse, France.

Children of Laura Hills d'Albenas

(i)   Irene, b Denison, Tex., June 3, 1880, d   Denison, Sept. 5, 1881.
(ii)  Edmond Worcester, b Denison, Tex., Jan. 6,   1882, d Hiawatha, Kansas, Mar. 28, 1883.
(iii) Prosper Lewis, b Muskogee, Ind. Ter., Oct.   21, 1883, m Montreal, June 30, 1910, Eva May Poyser, b Bath, Eng., May 7, 1889. Residence   Montreal. Bookkeeper.

Children of Prosper Lewis d'Albenas

a - Leonard Henry, b Montreal, Apr. 24, 1913; d Feb. 22, 1974. Technical institute and product manager.

b - Keneth Lawrence, b 1917, RCMP Corporal. Killed in action by a land mine in Italy during WWII.

c - Edmond Worcester, b 1921, RCAF pilot in WWII.

(iv) Dwight Mason, b Wichita, Kan., Dec. 30, 1885,  m Montreal, June 28, 1912, Florence Russell  Wright, b Hamilton, Ont., Canada, Dec. 18,  1887. Residence Montreal. Sales clerk.

Children of Dwight d'Albenas

a - Grace May, b Montreal, Sept. 9, 1913.

b - Donald Edmond, Bahamas minister of teh Out Islands and Energy.

c -  Paul Wright, 2nd Lt. in RAF in WWII, Killed in action over France.

(v) Paul Desire, b Montreal, Can., Sept. 8, 1891. Agricultural student, Montreal.

VIII-233   Jerusha, b Feb. 27, 1831, d Aug. 14, 1831.
VIII-234   Hannah, b Jan. 29, 1834, m 1st Jan. 30, 1852, Abijah Hicks, b Mar. 2, 1819, d July 4, 1862, m 2d Dec. 22, 1864, Daniel Dwight Hitchcock, M.D., b Dec. 19, 1822, d July 17, 1867. Grad. Amherst College and Bowdoin Medical College. Surgeon in Civil War in charge of Brigade Hospital, Fort Gibson, Ind. Ter.

Children of Hannah Hicks

(a) Percy Wilton, b Park Hill, Ind. Ter., Nov. 24, 1852. Residence Fort Gibson, Okla.
(b) Emma Isadore, b Park Hill, June 19, 1854. Residence Fort Gibson, Okla.
(c) Ann Edith, b Park Hill, Jan. 6, 1856, m Toledo, Ohio, Apr. 3, 1883, Charles W. Smith. Residence Fort Gibson, Okla.
(d) Clara Austin, b Park Hill, Nov. 23, 1858, m Aug. 3, 1883, George I. Hopson.
(e) Herbert Worcester, b Park Hill, May 18, 1861, m Dec. 23, 1886, Rachel Cardwell. Residence Blue Jacket.

Children of Herbert Worcester Hicks

(i)    Ethel Inez, b Dec. 24, 1889.
(ii)   Homer Wilton, b Oct. 22, 1891.
(iii) Clifton Abijah, b Nov. 16, 1894.
(iv) Vera Clare, b Oct. 14, 1896, d 1900.
(v) Ralph Conner, b Mar. 30, 1903.
(vi) Herbert Morris, b June 3, 1907.

(f) Sarah Daisy, b Ft. Gibson, Oct. 6, 1866, d Sept. 22, 1867.

VIII-235   Leonard.
VIII-236   John Orr
, b Mar. 13, 1838, d Jan. 15, 1861, m Oct. 15, 1860, Julia Snow.
VIII-237   Mary Eleanor, b May 23, 1840, Park Hill, m 1st Charles Yancey Nason of Norfolk, Va. Surgeon, U.S. Army, m 2d Mason Fitch Williams, M.D., b Louiseville, Ky., Feb. 18, 1851, d Muskogee, Okla., Aug. 15, 1909. A.B. Princeton, 1871; M.D., University of Louisville, 1879.

Children of Mary Eleanor Williams

(a) Henry Cummings, b Creek Agency, Okla., Oct. 4, 1873, d Muskogee, Okla., Mar. 17, 1903, m Minnie Mathews. A.B., Hanover College, Hanover, Indiana, 1895; B.D., Princeton Theological Seminary, Presbyterian minister.
(b) Leonard Worcester, b Creek Agency, Ind. Ter., July 8, 1875. Killed instantly on an elevator in Harvard Medical School, Boston, Sept. 26, 1912; m Mar. 9, 1904, Martha Reynolds, dau of Prof. Benj. Franklin Clarke of Brown University, b  Providence, R.I., May 20, 1872. A.B., Hanover College, Hanover, Ind., 1895; A.M., Princeton, 1899; Ph.D., Brown University, 1901. A useful career seemed suddenly brought to an end by the sad accident which caused Prof. William's death. He was appointed assistant professor of Biology in Brown Univ. in 1903, admitted to the faculty of the Harvard Medical School in 1908, in the department of comparative anatomy. He published several treatises in connection with his  study of vertebrate development, spending several months in research work at the anatomical institute in Freiburg, Switzerland. "By his death the department of anatomy lost a member incessantly active in developing its collections and in research, whose skills and industry are shown by the well-filled cabinets in the laboratory corridor."
                        From a biographical sketch from the Anatomical Record (Feb., 1913), his friend and associate for many years, says in part: "He was a most careful and accurate investigator and his knowledge of comparative anatomy was very broad and thorough. Had he lived he would doubtless have stood among the very first of American comparative anatomists."  Dr. Williams was a member of the Am. Assn. of Anatomists; the Soc. of Zoologists; the Soc. of Naturalists; Fellow of the Am. Assn. for the Advancement of Science, and a member of the Council Boston Soc. Natural History.

Children of Leonard Worcester Williams

(i) Mary Frances, b Providence, R.I., Apr. 26,   1905.
(ii) Henry Franklin, b Providence, R.I., Dec. 11,   1906.
(iii) Infant son, b and d Apr. 6, 1911.

(c) Infant dau, b and d Old Creek Agency, Sept. 30, 1877.
(d) Edward Fitch, b Muskogee, Okla., Nov. 16, 1880, d Muskogee, Apr. 24, 1884.

No. VII-105
(Leonard6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Peacham, Vt., Mar. 22, 1799, d Walpole, N.H., Aug. 24, 1835; m Aug. 18, 1828, Susan C., dau Thomas Seaver, Esq., Walpole, N.H., b June 5, 1808; d May, 1835. Graduated Dartmouth College, 1825; was engaged in teaching, Newark, N.J., and other places until his death in 1835.

Children of Leonard Worcester

VIII-238   Daughter, b Apr. 26, 1835, d May 3, 1835.

No. VII-110
(Leonard6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Peacham, Vt., Oct. 30, 1808; d Auburndale, Mass., Oct. 23, 1892; m Nov. 16, 1835, Mary Sophia, dau of Henry Sargent, Esq., Leicester, Mass., b Jan. 24, 1818; d Clifton Springs, N.Y., Nov. 22, 1902.  He received a medical degree at Dartmouth College, 1831; practiced medicine in Kingston, Mass., from Jan. to Aug., 1832; in Leicester, Mass., from Mar., 1833, to Oct., 1834; was eight months a student in Andover Theological Seminary; taught school in Newark, N.J., until Apr., 1837; was ordained pastor of the Congregational Church, Littleton, N.H., Sept. 27, 1837; dismissed Dec. 13, 1842; Sec. Vermont Dom. Miss. Soc. from Oct., 1842, until Sept., 1846; afterward an agent of the A.B.C.F.M. On of the Pioneers in founding the village and Congregational Church in Auburndale, Mass. "He was a man of strong intellectual power, and remarkably clear judgment, with the vigor of a man, and the gentleness of a child." Residence, Auburndale, Mass.

Children of Isaac Redington Worcester, M.D

VIII-239   Elizabeth Sargent, b Newark, N.J., Sept. 6, 1836, m May 8, 1861, Nathaniel George Clark, b Calais, Vt., Jan. 18, 1825, d West Roxbury, Mass., Jan. 3, 1896. He grad. Univ. of Vermont and Auburn Theological Sem., N.Y.; studied at University of Halle, Germany, and received the degrees D.D. and LL.D.; member of American Oriental Soc., and Victoria Inst., England; Prof. in Univ. of Vt., and in Union College until1865, then Foreign Sec. A.B.C.F.M. until 1895.

Children of Elizabeth Sargent Clark

(a) Mary Reed, b May 12, 1862, d So. Weymouth, Mass., Jan. 29, 1914, m Dec. 2, 1884, Henry Beecher Reed. Residence So.                  Weymouth, Mass.

Children of Mary Reed

(i) Helen Ainsworth, b Nov. 22, 1885, m Oct. 3, 1910, Chas. Edwin Bartlett, Philadelphia.

Children of Helen Ainsworth Bartlett

a - Josiah Reed, b Aug. 11, 1913.

(ii) Theodore Worcester, b June 25, 1887, m Katrina Macy Rodenbach, Jan. 19, 1911.

Children of Theodore Worcester Reed

a - Mary Rodenbach, b Oct. 11, 1912.

(iii) Josiah Fogg, b Mar. 2, 1889.
(iv) Nathaniel Clark, b May 14, 1891.
(v) Charles Sumner, b May 12, 1894.

(b) Charles Worcester, b Dec. 23, 1863, d West Roxbury, Mass., Mar. 31, 1891.
(c) Clara Boyden, b May 29, 1869, m June 17, 1891, James Wingate Rollins, Jr. Civil Engineer of the firm Holbrook, Cabot and Rollins. Residence West Roxbury, Mass.

Children of Clara Boyden Rollins

(i) Elizabeth Sargent, b June 14, 1892.
(ii) Wingate, b Sept. 17, 1894.

VIII-240   Sarah, b June 3, 1838, d Nov. 16, 1843.
VIII-241   Samuel Austin, b Oct. 31, 1842, d June 2, 1843.
VIII-242   Henry Leonard, b Nov. 11, 1846, d June 25, 1855.
VIII-243   Mary, b Leicester, Mass., Mar. 3, 1849, m Auburndale, Mass., July 31, 1873, Martin Luther Doge, b Zonnemaire, Holland, July 17, 1839; Prof. of Greek, Ann Arbor University; Ph.D. Leipsic; LL.D. Michigan Univ.; D. Lit. Rutgers. Came to America in 1848 and has lived most of  the time since in Michigan. Studied at Michigan, Leipsic and Berlin Universities and Union Theological Seminary.

No. VII-112
(Leonard6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Peacham, Vt., May 28, 1812, d Burlington, Vt., Jan. 15, 1897; m 1st Aug. 16, 1836, Sarah V., dau of William Wheeler, Esq., Peacham, Vt., b Apr. 18, 1812, d May 18, 1837; m 2d Nov. 30, 1840, Harriet E., dau Dea. Elnathan Strong, Hardwick, Vt., b Aug., 1821, d Feb. 17, 1842; m 3d Aug. 23, 1843, Martha P., dau Dea. Luther Clark, St. Johnsbury, Vt., b Aug. 21, 1822, d Aug. 23, 1848; m 4th Oct. 21, 1851, Catherine, dau Robert Fleming. She had established a school for girls in Burlington before her marriage. She and her husband conducted the school together until 1870 when it was discontinued. He grad. Dartmouth, 1835-36; was ordained as the second pastor of the Congregational Church, St. Johnsbury, Vt., Sept. 5, 1839; dismissed, Nov. 6, 1846; settled Burlington, Vt., Mar. 10, 1847; dismissed Oct. 11, 1854; resided afterward in Burlington.

Children of John Hopkins Worcester by first m.

VIII-244   Leonard, b May 8, 1837, d Mar. 22, 1838.
VIII-245   William, b May 8, 1837 (twin of Leonard), d June 2, 1837.

Children of John Hopkins Worcester by third m.

VIII-246   John Hopkins, Jr.
VIII-247   Infant son.

No. VII-114
(Leonard6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Peacham, Vt., Feb. 28, 1816, d Thetford, Vt., July 29, 1887; m Littleton, N.H., Aug. 23, 1843, Ellen Hunt, dau of Dean Conant, Charlestown, N.H.; b Sept. 20, 1826; d Thetford, June 20, 1902. He received a medical degree at Dartmouth in 1838; practiced medicine in St. Johnsbury, Vt., from Aug., 1841, to July, 1843, in Chelsea, Vt., from July 1843 to July, 1846; then removed to Thetford where continued his profession.

Children of Ezra Carter Worcester

VIII-248   William Leonard, b Chelsea, Vt., Apr. 21, 1845, d Danvers, Mass., June 9, 1901. A.B., Dartmouth College, 1869; M.D., Columbia Medical College, Washington, D.C., 1873. In 1875-6 he pursued his medical studies abroad. Returning to this country he engaged in general practice in Burlington, Vt., but decided to devote himself to mental disorders, he was appointed assistant physician in the Asylum for the Insane at Kalamazoo, Mich., where he remained for eleven years. After six years in the State Asylum for the insane in Little Rock, Arkansas, and several months' study in the hospitals of New York, he was appointed pathologist at the Danvers (Mass.) Insane Hospital; there he remained until his death in 1901. He was the author of many monographs which appeared in the American Journal of Insanity. To quote from a medical friend's estimate of him: "Dr. Worcester possessed intellectual powers of the highest order. He thought independently, and in an original fashion. He was an acute reasoned, a ready, forceful and convincing public speaker. He was also an excellent physician and a master of modern methods of diagnosis."
VIII-249   Catherine Ellen, b Thetford, Vt., Nov. 23, 1847. For many years a successful teacher in Northampton, Mass.
VIII-250   George Steele.
VIII-251  Alice Elizabeth, b Thetford, Vt., June 5, 1856, d Boston, Jan. 3, 1889. She studied with Dr. Graham Bell his methods of teaching the deaf by visible speech. In 1876 was appointed teacher of articulation in the Clarke School for deaf-mutes in Northampton, Mass., where she spent the rest of her life as a teacher of the deaf. In 1886 she was made associate principal of the School. Certain new methods of indicating pronunciation which she devised have been adopted by nearly all the oral schools of America. Dr. Bell said of her in 1888 that she seemed to be recognized everywhere as the leading articulation teacher in America. After her decease appreciative resolutions were passed by the Board of Clarke Institution.
VIII-252  Jane Shedd, b Thetford, Vt., Mar 15, Apr. 13, 1858. Graduate of the Normal School in Salem, Mass. Taught in the public schools of Concord, Mass., in Hampton Inst., Virginia, and in Mystic, Conn. For five years was associate principal of the Mystic Oral School for  the Deaf.
VIII-253   Henry Evarts, b Thetford, Vt., Mar. 15, 1861. Received his business training at the Riverside Press, Cambridge, Mass. He lived in Boston and Chicago previous to going to St. Louis in 1907. Superintendent of the Greeley Press in that city. He is now in business in New York.
VIII-254   Dean Conant.
VIII-255   Eleanor Bonney
, b Feb. 7, 1869. Educated as teacher of the deaf. Taught in Clarke School, Northampton, Mass., Elmira, N.Y., and was for five years associate principal of the Mystic Oral School for the Deaf, Mystic, Conn.

No. VII-118
(Samuel6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Fitchburg, Mass., Sept. 4, 1801, d Aug. 16,1866; m May 27, 1825, Susan, dau Benj. Dix, Salem, Mass., b Sept. 4, 1801, d ____. Grad. Harvard, 1822, D.D. Amherst Coll., 1847, was at Andover, Mass., one year, as a student in the Theological Seminary, and a few months as assistant teacher at Phillips Academy; at Amherst, Mass., as tutor, teacher of the Latin and Greek languages and professor of rhetoric and oratory, from the autumn of 1823, until Dec., 1834, when he was settled pastor of the Tabernacle Church, in Salem, Mass. Besides occasional sermons, controversial, and other essays, he published, The Life and Labors of Rev. Samuel Worcester, D.D.; and A Memorial of the Old and New Tabernacle. Residence, Salem, Mass.

Children of Samuel Melanchton Worcester

VIII-255  Samuel Melanchton, b May 23, 1826, d Mar. 7, 1831.

No. VII-120

            JONATHAN FOX WORCESTER, M.D. (Samuel6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Salem, Mass., Aug. 1869, m 1st Mary Heard dau William Punchard, Francestown, NH, b 1805, d May 1, 1836, m 2d Nov. 1, 1837, Hannah, dau John Derby, Salem, Mass., b Jan. 25, 1808, d Jun. 1, 1840, m 3rd Sept. 9, 1841, Mary, dau John Barton, Salem, b June 12, 1809; she had four children. He published in 1856 the first edition of the "Worcester Family," a work which formed the basis for the Sarah Alice Worcester edition and the currrent edition of the Worcester family in America. Grad, Dartmouth, 1827, taught at a public school in Salem until Aug. 1829, studied medicine with A.L. Pierson, M.D., of Salem, three years; receiving a medical degree at Harvard in 1832; practiced medicine in Salem and then erngaged in private instrutiton in that city.

Children of Jonathan Fox Worcester, M.D., by first m

VIII-256  Mary Helen, b July 28, 1834, d Grand Rapids, Mich., of dropsy, Nov. 27, 1905, m Oct. 31, 1855, Rev. George Adams Pollard, b Hallowell, Me., Aug. 18, 1830, d Grand Rapids, Jan. 27, 1914. Grad. Bowdoin Coll., 1851, A.M., Bowdoin, 1854, Bangor Theological Seminary, 1854. Minister and missionary to Turkey.

Children of Mary Helen Pollard

(a) Samuel Worcester, b Arabkir, Turkey, Sept. 21, 1856, m Tompkins, Mich., May 27, 1885, Bertha Louise Townley, b Tompkins, Apr. 4, 1865. Graduated Chicago Theological Seminary, 1885; B.A. and M.A., Olivet College, 1882. Preached in Indianapolis, Ind., in Wisconsin and Iowa. Residence Highmore, So. Dakota. Minister.

Children of Samuel Worcester Pollard

(i)   Walter Townley, b Union Grove, Wis., July 7,   1886.
(ii)  Stella Inez, b Union Grove, Sept. 26, 1887,   m Highmore, So. Dakota, July 18, 1911,   Francis Waldron Cobb; degree B.S.   Instructor. Mrs. Cobb has the degree B.L.
(iii) Lawrence Victor, b Fairmount, Ind., May 16,   1891, d Fairmount, Aug. 13, 1892, of catarrh   of bowels.
(iv) Agnes Janet, b Fairmount, Jan. 20, 1893.
(v) Bertha Christine, b Indianapolis, June 26,   1895.
(vi) Clarence Herbert, b Postville, Ia., Mar. 29,   1898.

(b) Mary Helen, b Arabkir, Turkey, Sept. 29, 1859, m Apr. 2, 1885, Grand Rapids, Mich., Ira King Henshaw, b Eckford, Mich., Dec. 10, 1856. Residence Grandville, Mich.

Children of Mary Helen Henshaw

(i)       Helen Louise, b Grand Rapids, Feb. 25, 1886.
(ii)      Minerva Charlotte, b Nemaygo, Mich., Sept.   19, 1887.
(iii)     Alice Cornelia, b Nemaygo, Mich., Apr. 28,   1889.
(iv)     Bertha Annette, b Nemaygo, Mich., Feb. 29,   1892.
(v)      George Joshua, b Nemaygo, Mich., Mar. 18,   1894.
(vi)     Fred Worcester, (twin of Annie Ruth), b   Nemaygo, Mich., Oct. 3, 1898.
(VIII) Annie Ruth, (twin) b Oct. 3, 1898, d Feb. 6,   1899.

(c) Susie Adams, b Arabkir, Turkey, Nov. 21, 1861, d Erzroom, Turkey, Dec. 27, 1862.
(d) Harry Howard, b Erzroom, Turkey, Sept. 2, 1865, m Grand Rapids, Mich., Oct. 5, 1897, Kate June Kirkbride, b Coopersville, Mich., Mar. 29, 1875. For some years Asst. Sec. of the Y.M.C.A. of Chicago, Ill.; afterwards was employed in Revell's Pub. House, Chicago; commissioned in 1909 as a Home Missionary by the Congregational Home Missionary Society and ordained to the ministry July 20, 1910. He preached in Lignite, No. Dakota, and other places. Minister of the Congregational Church. Residence (since Apr., 1913), Shoshoni, Wyoming.

Children of Harry Howard Pollard

(i) Ellen Grace, b New Underwood, So. Dakota, Sept. 30, 1912.

(e) Anne Archer, b Erzroom, Turkey, July 1, 1867, Asst. Librarian, Grand Rapids Public Library.

Children of Jonatha Fox Worcester by second m

VIII-257  Anna Derby, b Mar. 25, 1839.

Children by third marriage

VIII-258  Samuel, b Sept. 10, 1843, d Feb. 27, 1844.
VIII-259  Lydia Barton, b Dec. 22, 1845, d Aug. 16, 1846.

No. VII-128.
(Ebenezer6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Salem, Mass., Nov. 29, 1807; d Aug. 30, 1830; m Aug. 8, 1828, Hannah Chadwick Thompson, Montpelier, Vt. Residence, Concord, N.H., 1825-1828; Montpelier, Vt., 1828-1830. Draper and tailor.

Children of William Worcester

VIII-260  William Henry.

No. VII-130
(Ebenezer6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Salem, Mass., Mar. 14, 1811; d Tabor, Ia., Jan. 19, 1904; m Jan. 26, 1854, Parthena McCoskric; b Clay Co., Mo., Aug. 31, 1832; d Knox, Ia., Aug. 22, 1903. Served three years in the Civil War, Co. E, 29th Iowa Infantry, and was appointed a chaplain of the regiment. When he went west the country was a wilderness. He grew up with the country, and did much to evangelize the people. His children followed in his footsteps.  Residence, 1837, Buffalo, N.Y., afterward Missouri and Iowa. Farmer, colporteur and preacher.

Children of David Worcester

VIII-261  Benjamin Punchard.
VIII-262  Isaac Newton.
VIII-263  Samuel David
, b Sidney, Ia., Feb. 22, 1861, d near Sidney, Mar. 13, 1862.
VIII-264  Leonard Beecher.
VIII-265  Harriet Whittier
, b Sept. 9, 1866, near Sidney, Ia., d June 17, 1913, m Nov. 26, 1896, Tabor, Ia., Charles Marvin Kelly, b Nodaway Co., Mo., Aug. 15, 1866. Minister and evangelist. Mrs. Kelly was an active Chritian worker for over twenty years. She visited many prisons west and south, wrote several books and was Associate Editor of a semi-monthly paper entitled "Sent of God" for many years. She was engaged in school teaching before taking up evangelistic work. Persons from a number of states attended her funeral. Residence Tabor, Ia.

Children of Harriet Whittier Kelly

(a) Infant son, b and d Sept. 8, 1889.
(b) David Peter, b Sidney, Ia., June 20, 1903.

VIII-266  Edward Cuyler.
VIII-267  Thomas William. b Humboldt, Neb., Feb. 8, 1871, m Tabor, Ia., May 17, 1893, Ida K. Hicks. He went to So. Africa in 1896. His work is among the 200,000 natives who work the gold and diamond mines. He makes journeys on foot through swamps and malarial districts, having narrow escapes from poisonous reptiles and wild beasts. He has been instrumental in establishing a number of schools and mission stations for the native miners. Missionary, Johannesburg, S. Africa.

No. VII-131
(Ebenezer6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Salem, Mass., Nov. 5, 1813, d ____; m June 7, 1835, Minerva Amelia, dau Ebenezer Carpenter, Sharon, Vt.; b Nov. 3, 1809. He removed to Bedford, N.H., 1826; Concord, N.H., 1827; Montpelier, Vt., 1828; Hanover, N.H., 1834; Concord, N.H., 1843; Lowell, Mass., 1846, where he resided the remainder of his life. Draper and tailor.

Children of Leonard Worcester

VIII-268  William Henry, b Hanover, N.H., Mar. 21, 1836, d Jan. 11, 1909. Residence Lowell, Mass.
VIII-269  Mary Punchard, b Jan. 22, 1838, d Feb. 1862. Residence Lowell, Mass. Milliner.
VIII-270  Ebenezer Carpenter.
VIII-271  Leonard Augustus.
VIII-272  Harriet Maria
, b July 6, 1846, d July 23, 1877, m Edward Fenton Pierce. Residence Lowell. Bookkeeper.

Children of Harriet Maria Pierce

(a) Harry Fenton, b Feb., 1874. Draughtsman.

VIII-273  Martha Punchard, b June 12, 1851. Residence Lowell, Mass. Treasurer D. L. Page Co.
VIII-274  Samuel A., b Dec. 15, 1854, d Aug. 22, 1872. Residence Lowell, Mass.

No. VII-136
(Ebenezer6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Salem, Mass., Dec. 10, 1826, d Watertown, Mass., May 2, 1910; m Sept. 16, 1860, Susan Cook Burchstead; b Salem, Mass., May 13, 1839; d Watertown, June 6, 1887. Carpenter. Residence, Stoneham and Watertown, Mass.

Children of Francis Worcester

VIII-275  Ida Frances, b July 16, 1861, Watertown; m Watertown, Sept. 11, 1884, George Levi Wilson, b Chelsea, Mass., Sept. 4, 1858. Druggist in Boston, Mass.

Children of Ida Frances Wilson

(a) Madge, b Watertown, Sept. 28, 1885, d Oct. 14, 1885.
(b) Chester Worcester, b Watertown, Aug. 27, 1887, m Oct. 18, 1913, Helen Wentzel Day, Kensington, Conn. Grad. Mass. Inst. Tech., 1910.
(c) Daughter, b and d Oct. 21, 1894.
(d) Theodore Conant, b Nov. 11, 1897.
(e) Marion, b Jan. 11, 1865, d Watertown, Aug. 10, 1905.

VIII-276  William Henry, b Jan. 11, 1865, d Watertown, Aug. 11, 1888

No. VII-139
(Ebenezer6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Salem, Mass. (?) June 8, 1829, d Stonehamn Mass., Mar. 26, 1863; m Sept. 22, 1852, Ellen R., dau Ephraim Pierce, Stoneham; b June 17, 1831; d Jan. 2, 1909. Residence after 1838, Stoneham. Carpenter.

Children of Noah A. Worcester

VIII-277  Joseph Fabens, b Aug. 4, 1853, d Stoneham, Aug., 1875.
VIII-278  Charles N., b 1859, d Sept. 11, 1876.
VIII-279  Sarah Elizabeth, b 1856, d Oct. 20, 1900, m Will. O. Cook.

No. VII-142
(James6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Hollis, N.H., Mar. 3, 1814, d Apr., 1883, m May 2, 1844, Esther Stone, dau of Benjamin Brintnall, Charlestown, Mass., b July 13, 1823, d June, 1872.  Lived in Tynsboro and Fitchburg, Mass., Damariscotta, Me., and Hollis, N.H., until 1829 when he removed to Charlestown., Mass. Dealer in paper hangings.

Children of James Alonzo D. Worcester

VIII-280  Alonzo, b June 23, 1845, d Aug., 1896.
VIII-281  Sarah Josephine, b Oct. 31, 1851.
VIII-282  Charles Hayden, b July 5, 1854, d Apr., 1887.
VIII-283  Florence Adelaide, b Jan. 11, 18566, d June, 1872.
VIII-284  William Ezra, b May 12, 1857, m Apr. 24, 1883, Josephine Arvilla Bucknam. Residence Brookline, Mass. Treasurer and Director of Walker-Stetson Co., Boston, Mass.
VIII-285  Francis, b Feb. 12, 1859, d Jan., 1903.
VIII-286  Esther, b Feb. 2, 1862, d Feb., 1889.

No. VII-149
wpe1D.jpg (34116 bytes)
William E. C. Worcester

(James6, Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Damariscotta, Me., Feb. 24, 1826, d Hudson, Mass., Nov. 4, 1895; m Charlestown, Mass., June 17, 1847, Harriette Low Scott, dau of Gershom Teel, Chalestown, Mass., b June 10, 1827, d Hudson, Mass., Mar. 28, 1907. He was Lieut. Colonel in the Civil War, 5th Mass. Vol. Postmaster, 1895, in Hudson (formerly Feltonville), Mass. Residence, Hudson.

Children of William Edward Cartright Worcester

VIII-287  Harriette Augusta, b Charlestown, Mass., Sept. 16, 1849, Feltonville (now Hudson), Mass., Aug. 11, 1853.
VIII-288  William Frost.
VIII-289  Frances Edwina
, b Feltonville, Mass., July 14, 1857, d Feltonville, Oct. 16, 1863.
VIII-290  Edward Franklin, b Marlborough, Mass., Apr. 1, 1867, m Sept. 20, 1893, Annie Luette Fairbanks, b Hudson, Mass., Nov. 25, 1870. Residence Hudson, Mass. Master Printer in Boston. Picture.

No. VII-150
(John6, John5, John4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b May 26, 1824, d Apr. 2, 1902; m Oct. 12, 1852, Caroline Cooper, b Inogne, L.I., July 3, 1826, d Mar., 1911.

Children of Arad Worcester

VIII-290a Ira.

No. VII-160
(Eli6, John5, John4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Boston, Mass., Aug. 14, 1805; m July 14, 1831, Nancy, dau Josiah Copeland, Boston, b July 11, 1808. Residence, Boston. Mercantile business in the firm of Worster & Dupee.

Children of John Worster

VIII-296  Mary Elizabeth, b Feb. 26, 1832, m June 22, 1854, Cyrus Dupee, Brighton, Mass. Merchant, (Worster & Dupee).
VIII-297  Eli, b July 24, 1834, d Oct. 28, 1834.
VIII-298  John Eli, b May 1, 1839.

No. VII-163
(Eli6, John5, John4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Boston, Nov. 16, 1811; m Oct. 17, 1831, Ann, dau Josiah Wood, Littleton, Mass., b Dec. 13, 1812 (?). Residence, Boston. Merchant in the firm of Worster & Co., Broad St., cor. India Wharf.

Children of Elbridge Gerry Worster

VIII-299  Eli, b Sept. 10, 1834.
VIII-300  Priscilla, b Feb. 7, 1838.
VIII-301  Elbridge Gerry, b Mar. 25, 1841, Boston, m July 20, 1861, Myra A. Hines, b Apr. 29, 1838, New Brunswick. Residence, Boston. Watchman.
VIII-302  Emma, b June 6, 1848.
VIII-303  Harriet, b Mar. 15, 1850.
VIII-304  Ida Maria, b Sept. 22, 1854, d Sept. 21, 1855.

No. VII-164
(Eli6, John5, John4,, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Boston, Mass., Nov. 27, 1813, d Chicago, Feb., 1899; m Nov. 7, 1839, Susan, dau Josiah Copeland, b June 6, 1813, d Chicago, Apr., 1887. Residence, Boston. Merchant. Firm of A. Worster & Co.

Children of Asa Worster

VIII-305  Louisa Payne, b Boston, Apr. 22, 1841, m Chicago, 1869, David H. Gile, who d 1898. Mrs. Gale is a member of the D.A.R. through her  great-grandfather, John Worster who served in the battles of Lexington and Bunker Hill. Residence Chicago.
VIII-306  Frances Laura, b Boston, Nov. 6, 1843, m Chicago, 1880, James Warren Faxon, b Quincy, Mass., 1836. Member of the D.A.R. through her  great-grandfather John. Residence Chicago. Occupation of Mr. Faxon, Real estate.

Children of Frances Laura Faxon

(a) Bertha, b Chicago, Ill., 1889.

No. VII-166
(Alpheus6, John5, John4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Boston, July 1, 1812; m Sept. 24, 1839, Betsey, dau Abijah Tarbell, Pepperell, Mass. Residence, Pepperell, 1842-1854; afterwards Lawrence, Mass. Paper manufacturer.

Children of Christopher Gore Worcester

VIII-307  Claribel, b Pepperell, Mass., July 19, 1843, m Pepperell, Sept. 24, 1867, Elijah Augustus Reed, b June 26, 1844. Mrs. Reed is a member of the D.A.R. through her great-grandfather, John, who served in the battles of Lexington and Bunker Hill. Residence Pepperell, Mass.

Children of Claribel Reed

(a) Harry Winslow, b Pepperell, Mass., Sept. 21, 1868, d Aug. 13, 1879.

No. VII-171
(Alpheus6, John5, John4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Boston, June 14, 1826, m Mar. 26, 1848, Frances W., dau Rev. Talmon Stuart, Edgartown, Mass., b Feb. 15, 1827, d 1856; m 2d, Frances M. Bentley, b Stonington, Conn., Oct. 13, 1830. He studied, preparatory to the ministry at the Wesleyan Seminary, Wilbraham, Mass., from Mar., 1841, to Aug., 1845; was licensed to preach Apr., 1847; ordained deacon, Apr. 7, 1850, and elder, Apr. 18, 1852; stationed from Apr., 1848, one year at Barnstable, Mass., E. Greenwich, R.I., Taunton, E. Bridgewater, and Scituate, Mass., respectively; two years at West Bridgewater, Mass.; after Apr., 1855, at South Yarmouth, Mass.

Children of James Madison Worcester

VIII-308  Annie Louise, b Norwich, Conn., Mar. 23, 1858.
VIII-309  Minnie Hattie, b Manchester, Conn., Mar. 12, 1860, d Norwich, Aug. 17, 1883.
VIII-310  Nellie, b Mystic, Conn., Feb. 17, 1864, m Norwich, May 4, 1886, John Calvin Morgan, b Norwich, Conn., Sept. 18, 1846. Mrs. Morgan is a member of the D.A.R. through her great-grandfather, John.

Children of Nellie Morgan

(a) Frances Sybil, b Norwich, Jan. 6, 1891.

VIII-311  Charles Bentley, b Dec. 25, 1868, d Sept., 1871.
VIII-312  Lucia Stanton, b Aug. 26, 1872, m Sept., ____, Ernest A. Rice.

No. VII-176
(William6, John5, John4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Hancock, Me., Jan. 16, 1790, d Mar., 1829 at sea, m Dec. 3, 1812, Sally Moore, Mt. Desert, Me.; d June 15, 1848. He sailed from home, Mar., 1829, and was not heard from afterwards. Mariner.

Children of William Wooster

VIII-313  William, b Hancock, Me., Mar. 3, 1812. Lived in Boston, Mass., m Mar. 23, 1837, Sarah Roberts.
VIII-314  Adaline, b Mar. 5, 1812, d ____, m Melatiah J. Ball, Hancock, Me.

Children of Adaline Ball

(a) George H.; (b) Horace; (c) William H.; (d) Elizabeth P.

VIII-315  Freeman.
VIII-316  Sarah,
b Jan. 7, 1816, d May, 1849, m Jan. 15, 1835, John Kelly, Hancock, Me.

Children of Sarah Kelly

(a) Montgomery H.; (b) Tryphena A.

VIII-317  Jeremiah.
VIII-318  Abigail,
b Aug. 10, 1821, m 1849.
VIII-319  Henry Luin.
VIII-320  Betsey S
., b Nov. 6, 1826, m 1847, James Blake, Nashua, N.H.

Children of Betsey S. Blake

(a) James

No. VII-180
(William6, Oliver5, Daniel4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Hancock, Me., Mar. 21, 1799, d ____; m 1st, Nov. 16, 1825, Prudence, dau Jeremiah Bragdon, Franklin, Me., who d Mar. 7, 1834; m 2d, Sept. 9, 1844, Catharine, dau Christopher Bennett, Hancock, Me. Residence, Franklin, Me.

Children of Russell Wooster by first m

VIII-321  Infant, b and d June 25, 1827.
VIII-322  Infant, b and d Oct. 18, 1828.

Children of Russell Wooster by second m

VIII-323  Warren White, b Nov. 5, 1845.

No. VII-182
(David6, Oliver5, Daniel4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Hancock, Me., July 21, 1803, d Sullivan, Me., Feb. 8, 1849; m Mar. 11, 1844, Sally, dau Joseph Blaisdell, Sullivan, Me., b July 17, 1808. Residence, Sullivan, Me., 1838-1849.

Children of Lewis Wooster

VIII-324  James Russell, b Mar. 2, 1835.
VIII-325  Mary Elizabeth, b Apr. 8, 1838.

No. VII-187
(David6, Oliver5, Daniel4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Hancock, Me., Aug. 22, 1794, d Apr. 29, 1852; m Nov. 27, 1819, Mary, dau Amos Bragdon, Sullivan, Me., b Sept. 29, 1796. Residence, Belfast, Me. Master mariner.

Children of Joseph Wooster

VIII-326  Daniel C., b May 22, 1821. Residence Belfast, Me. Master mariner.
VIII-327  Mary Ann, b Mar. 1, 1824, m Feb. 6, 1846, A. F. Carll.

Children of Mary Ann Carll

(a) Ellen Frances, b Jan. 17, 1850.

VIII-328  Joseph Bragdon, b Nov. 9, 1826. Residence Belfast, Me. Master mariner.
VIII-329  Orient M., b July 15, 1828.
VIII-330  Nancy Jane, b May 25, 1831, m Apr. 6, 1853. Wm. Patten.
VIII-331  Amos Bragdon, b Feb. 10, 1834. Residence Belfast, Me. Ship carver.
VIII-332  William Miller, b Jan. 17, 1836. Residence Belfast, Me.

No. VII-192
(David6, Oliver5, Daniel4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Hancock, Me., Nov. 20, 1808; m Nov. 26, 1837, Matilda B., dau John Bragdon. Residence, Hancock, Me.

Children of John Bragdon Wooster

VIII-333  George Warren, b Hancock, Me., Sept. 24, 1838, d Boston, Dec. 2, 1874. Residence Boston. Drummer for men's clothing store.
VIII-334  Gustavus Augustus, b Hancock, Me., Aug. 21, 1840, d San Diego, Cal., Jan. 25, 1903. Bowdoin College. Lawyer.
VIII-335  Maria Bragdon, b Dec. 3, 1843, m Ellsworth, Me., Nov. 10, 1866, W. Y. Coggins of Lamoine, Me. 6 children.
VIII-336  Prudence Eudora, b Hancock, Me., Nov. 16, 1845, d Belfast, Me., Feb. 17, 1912, m Ellsworth, Me., May 5, 1875, F. M. Staples of Belfast.  Deaf-mute. Educated Hartford, Conn.
VIII-337  Philander Garrison, b So. Hancock, Me., Nov. 3, 1847, m Los Angeles, Cal., Jan. 19, 1881, Mary Abbie Kidder, b Edgartown, Martha's  Vineyard, Mass., Nov., 184_. Residence Pasadena, Cal. Retired Real Estate Dealer. Eastman's Com. College., M.A., Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
VIII-338  Ella Estella, b Hancock, Me., Apr. 7, 1850, d Ellsworth, July 15, 1870, m Ellsworth, Me., Aug. 25, 1867, Cyrus Cook of Ellsworth, Me.
VIII-339  Ophelia Eva, b Hancock, Me., Nov. 1, 1852. Residence So. Hancock, Me.
VIII-340  Ernest Winfield, b Hancock, Apr. 11, 1855, m July 17, 1883, Emma A. Chapman of Holyoke, Mass., 2 children. Teacher and small fruit grower  and farmer.
VIII-341  Ada Isora, b Hancock, Me., Dec. 17, 1857, d Hancock, July 8, 1879.

No. VII-198
(Oliver6, Oliver5, Daniel4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Grand Manan, New Brunswick, July 11, 1809; m Dec. 10, 1834, Jane Scott. Yeoman and mariner.

Children of Warren Wooster

VIII-342  Nancy, b July 17, 1837.
VIII-343  William O., b May 20, 1839.
VIII-344  John A., b Dec. 16, 1840.
VIII-345  Sarah P., b June 22, 1843.
VIII-346  Preble, b Sept. 18, 1846, d June 4, 1849.
VIII-347  James W., b Mar. 19, 1848.
VIII-348  Howard P., b Mar. 27, 1850.

No. VII-202
(Oliver6 Oliver5, Daniel4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Grand Manan, N.B., Oct. 8, 1819; m Apr. 28, 1847, Margaret Cuptill, Grand Manan, b Oct. 9, 1827, d Mar. 3, 1848. Residence, Grand Manan. Mariner.

Children of Turner Wooster

VIII-349  Emma, b Dec. 17, 1847, d Jan. 27, 1848.

No. VII-207
(Summers6, Oliver5, Daniel4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Hancock, Me., Aug. 10, 1805; m Dec. 31, 1829, Eunice, dau Samuel Hodgins, Hancock, b Dec. 25, 1805. Master mariner.

Children of Isaiah Wooster

VIII-350  Martha Perley, b Apr. 5, 1831, m Feb. 15, 1853, Samuel Stratton, Hancock, Me.
VIII-351  Phebe Young, b Oct. 11, 1832, m Sept. 11, 1853, Elliot Stratton, Hancock, Me.
VIII-352  Caroline Hatch, b Sept. 26, 1834. Residence, Salem, Mass.
VIII-353  Benjamin Herbert, b Oct. 28, 1836, d Mar. 18, 1854.
VIII-354  Susan Abiah, b Aug. 19, 1838.
VIII-355  Ebenezer Pinkham, b Sept. 16, 1840.
VIII-356  Jerrod Lincoln, b Oct. 19, 1843.
VIII-357  Sarah Elizabeth, b June 19, 1845.
VIII-358  Abby Florence, b June 26, 1848.

No. VII-210
(Summers6, Oliver5, Daniel4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Hancock, Me., Apr. 7, 1814; m Mar. 30, 1843, Louisa C., dau Nahum Norris, West Trenton, Me., b June 27, 1821. Residence, Ellsworth, Me. Millwright.

Children of Daniel Wooster

VIII-359  Helen Augusta, b Sept. 6, 1844, d Aug. 25, 1846.
VIII-360  Oscar Melvin, b Feb. 2, 1848, d Apr. 10, 1849.
VIII-361  Watson W., b May 28, 1850, d Oct. 23, 1851.
VIII-362  George Summers, b Dec. 8, 1851, d Nov. 17, 1854.
VIII-363  Mary Ella, b Aug. 7, 1854.

No. VII-211
(Summers6, Oliver5, Daniel4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Hancock, Me., July 22, 1816; m Nov. 10, 1839, Phebe, dau Joseph Crabtree, Hancock. Residence, Hancock, Me. Shipwright.

Children of Leonard Wooster

VIII-364  Isaac Richmond.
VIII-365  Mary Louisa
, b Feb. 16, 1842.
VIII-366  Roxanna Wood, b Oct. 3, 1843.
VIII-367  Joseph Eugene, b Oct. 15, 1847.
VIII-368  Charles Holden, b Nov. 9, 1853.

No. VII-213
(William6, Luke5, William4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Columbia, Me., May 27, 1810; m July 6, 1835, Sarah S., dau Asa Waterhouse, Cornish, Me., b Mar. 9, 1814. Residence, Bangor, Me.

Children of Galen H. Worcester

VIII-369  Hannah, b Sept. 4, 1836.
VIII-370  Galen, b Aug. 6, 1838.
VIII-371  Mary, b Florida, Feb. 4, 1840; m Bangor, Me., Jun. 21, 1862, John A. Smith; d Essex  Co., Oct. 1922.

Children of Mary Smith

(a)   Bessie E., b Bangor, Me., Jan 14, 1862; m Lynn, Ct., Dec. 31, 1879, James M. Miller, b 1843, d 1911; d Waterford, Ct., Jan. 29, 1938.

Children of Bessie E. Miller

(i)   James H., b Oct. 1880; d DEc. 30, 1949.

(ii)   Clarissa, b 1883; d 1889.

(iii)  Lee M., b 1884(or 1888), d 1964.

(iv)   Gilbert LAfayette, b 1886, d 1914.

(v)   Bessie, b 1892, d 1897.

(vi)  Sarah W., b Mar. 15, 1895, d Mar. 29, 1981.

(vii)  George Dewey, b Apr. 2, 1898, d Apr. 29, 1971.

(viii) Charles E., b 1900, d 1968.

(ix)   John Valentine, b 1903, d 1938.

(x)   Dorothy M., b Mar.. 6, 1907, d 1988.

VIII-372  Infant, b Jan. 12, 1842, d Feb. 15, 1842.
VIII-373  John W., b Dec. 9, 1842.
VIII-374  Adrian, b Mar. 20, 1845, d Oct. 17, 1849.
VIII-375  Emma, b Aug. 20, 1847.
VIII-376  Ella, b Aug. 31, 1849.
VIII-377  Horace, b June 15, 1852.
VIII-378  Infant, b Sept. 14, 1854.

No. VII-219
(James6, Luke5, William4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Minot, Me., Nov. 7, 1818, d Denver, Colo.; m 1st, July 10, 1842, Eliza H., dau of ____ Nevins, d Carmel, Me., 1848; m 2d, Sarah Matilda ____. Residence, Carmel, Me. Saddle and harness maker.

Children of Isaac Allen Worcester

VIII-379  Edward Payson.
VIII-380  William Cecil
, b Sept. 25, 1847. Has changed his name. Residence Pasadena, Cal.

No. VII-229
(Asa6, Asa5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Windsor, Vt., Dec. 2, 1800. Killed in the Indian and Florida war, Dec. 28, 1835, m Feb. 13, 1825, Dency, dau of Jonah Williams, Pepperell, Mass., b Jan. 12, 1800, d July, 1850 (?).

Children of Orville Hurd Worcester

VIII-381  Orville Hurd, Jr., b July 13, 1825, d Jan. 20, 1828.
VIII-382  Mary Delano, b Dec. 10, 1826, d Cambridge, Mass., Aug. 1, 1905, m Mar. 31, 1850, Wm. Presby Marshall of Nashua, N.Y., b Jan. 11, 1826, d Cambridge, Mass., Oct. 11, 1901.

Children of Mary Delano Marshall

(a) Emma, b Sept. 11, 1853, m in Campbridge, Mass., Nov. 13, 1872, Erastus Harry Bartlett Winnett, b Gardiner, Me., May 4, 1846, d Waverley, Mass., Mar. 23, 1911.

VIII-383  Caroline Dency, b Jan. 30, 1828, m Lowell, Mass., Jan. 1, 1855, Samuel Waldron, b Woodstock, Vt., Dec. 12, 1823, d Malden, Mass., Mar. 8, 1913. Builder and contractor.

Children of Caroline Dency

(a) Elizabeth, b St. Paul, Minn., Aug. 8, 1959, A.B., Smith College, 1883, m Malden, Dec. 24, 1885, Alfred Hathaway Jones, b Boston, Nov. 17, 1848. Merchant in Boston

Children of Elizabeth Jones

(i) Hazen Worcester, b Malden, May 11, 1887, A.B., Dartmouth College, 1910. Manager Schrafft's Stores, Malden.
(ii) Dana Weeman, b Malden, May 22, 1889, A.B., Dartmouth, 1912. Real Estate, Malden.

VIII-384  Julia M., b Mar. 3, 1830, m Capt. John Q. A. Warren, Nashua, N.H.

Children of Julia M. Warren

(a) William Mason, b ____.
(b) Adaline Maria, b ____.

VIII-385  Eveline, b July 6, 1831, d Oct. 22, 1850, m ____ Shedd.
VIII-386  William Worcester, b 1833, d in infancy.
VIII-387  Adaline A., b Nov. 1, 1835, d Oct. 16, 1899, m Jan. 26, 1857, John Francis Currier, Boston, d Cleveland, Oh., 1888.

No. VII-232
(Asa6, Asa5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Windsor, Vt., May 23, 1806; m 1st, Aug. 26, 1833, Silvia Ann, dau Ashbel Hand, Peacham, Vt., b 1809, d Jan. 24, 1838, m 2d, Oct. 13, 1838, Ann Jane, dau Jacob Tewksbury, Calais, Vt. Residence, Woodstock, Vt. Yeoman.

Children of Marshall Worcester by first m

VIII-388  Solon, b Brownsville, Vt., June, 1834, d Sheddsville, Vt., Sept. 16, 1836.
VIII-389  George Elliot.

Children of Marshall Worcester by second m

VIII-390  Carlos Tewksbury.
VIII-391  Imogene
, b Woodstock, Vt., Sept. 18, 1842, d Windsorville, Conn., Feb. 27, 1899, m John Henry Smart, b Oct., 1849, d Nov. 10, 1923, Windsorville, Conn. He was a house painter, served in the Civil War, Co. G, 11th Conn. Vol. Residence East Hartford, Conn.

Children of Imogene Smart

(a) Janey E., b Sept. 2, 1889, d age 19.
(b) Ella, b Broad Brook, Conn, March 12, 1876, d Windsorville, Conn., Feb. 13, 1966, m June 27, 1900, Henry Sidney Tallard.

Children of Ella Tallard

(1) Virginia Hope, b Torrington, Conn., Mar. 16, 1905. Wisconsin Univ., Trinity College (Harford, Conn.)
(2) Elizabeth Imogene, b Torrington, Conn., July 30, 1910, d July 4, 1967, m Mar. 27, 1939, William Capewell Greene.

Children of Elizabeth Imogene Greene

a- Arthur Franklin.
b- W. Capewell.
c- Marshall Tallard

VIII-392  Ira, b July 25, 1846.

No. VII-233
(Asa6, Asa5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Windsor, Vt., Sept. 24, 1809; m Dec. 8, 1850, Eliza, dau John Jewett of Windsor, b Jan. 30, 1820. Residence, Windsor, Vt. Yeoman.

Children of John Worcester

VIII-393  Mary Josephine, b Nov. 27, 1851, m 1st, Jan. 23, 1871, George Bond Farrington, Claremont, N.H., who d Apr. 18, 1901; m 2d John Henry Smart, Oct. 2, 1902.

Children of Mary Josephine Farrington

(a) Katherine Fisher, b Dec. 6, 1872.
(b) William Wesley Jewett, b Jan. 4, 1874.
(c) George Henry, b Sept. 23, 1882.

VIII-394 Winchell Marshall, b May 21, 1853.

No. VII-234
(Asa6, Asa5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Windsor, Vt., May 18, 1812, d Windsor, Vt., Aug. 13, 1884; m Dec. 15, 1850, Adaline, dau Samuel Waldron, Windsor, Vt., d Newburyport, Mass., Jan., 1903. He inherited and continued to live in the family homestead in W. Windsor, Conn.

Children of Chauncey Worcester

VIII-395  Frank Delano.
VIII-396  Inez Maria
, b Sept., 1854, or Aug. 14, 1853, W. Windsor, Vt., d in childbirth, Sept. 23, 1876, m W. Windsor, 1872, Chauncey S. Hulbert, b E. Sheldon, Vt., 1851. Middlebury College. Residence Cambridge, Vt. Methodist minister.

Children of Inez Maria Hulbert

(a ) Inez Gertrude, b Sheldon, Vt., Mar. 8, 1874, m Apr. 15, 1892, Newburyport, Mass., Phillips Payson Bournee, b Foxboro, Mass. June 29, 1871. L.B., Mass. Inst. Tech., 1892. Residence Pittsburgh, Pa. Mechanical engineer.

Children of Inez Gertrude Bourne

(i) Barbara, b Newburyport, Mass., Mar. 23, 1909.
(ii) Phyllis, b Winchester, Mass., Aug. 3, 1912.

VIII-397  Mary Louise, b May 18, 1858, d 1877.
VIII-398  George Waldron.
VIII-399  Susie Dutton,
b May 5, 1863, m Sept. 10, 1901, Orville C. Stockwell, b Mar. 20, 1855. Residence Marlboro, N.H. Tinsmith.

Children of Susie Dutton Stockwell

(a) Ira Worcester, b Dec. 16, 1904.
(b) Frank Whitten, Dec. 8, 1906.

No. VII-239
(Elijah6, Asa5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Windsor, Vt., Oct. 17, 1804, d White Hall, Greene Co., Ill., July 4, 1885, (White Hall Cemetery); m Jan. 12, 1832, Mary C., dau Joseph Farwell, Windsor, Vt., b June 23, 1807, d White Hall, Greene Co., Ill., July 14, 1879. Residence W. Windsor, Vt. Carpenter.

Children of Alfred Worcester

VIII-400  Frederic Augustus.
VIII-401  Fulton Farwell.

No. VII-240
(Elijah6, Asa5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Windsor, Vt., Oct. 18, 1809, d ____; m Mar. 25, 1833, Eliza, dau Cyprian Savage, Windsor, Vt., b June 9, 1811. Residence W. Windsor, Vt. Yeoman.

Children of Lucius Tullus Worcester

VIII-402  George Ely, b Dec. 26, 1833. Residence Plymouth, Vt. Tanner.
VIII-403  Angeline, b July 4, 1835, m June 1, 1854, Joseph Hill, Cavendish, Vt.
VIII-404  Mary Ann, b Nov. 28, 1837.
VIII-405  Cyprian Savage, b July 17, 1842.

No. VII-241
LinusEWorcester.jpg (11994 bytes)
Linus Ely Worcester

(Elijah6, Asa5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Windsor, Vt., Dec. 5, 1811, d White Hall, Greene Co., Ill., Oct. 19, 1891; m 1st, White Hall, Greene Co., Ill., Feb. 17, 1841, Martha A. dau of Aaron and Abigail Jackson of Apple Creek, Ill., b Vermont, Feb. 17, 1819, d White Hall, Ill., Nov. 12, 1845, m 2d St. Clair, Ill., Nov. 21, 1847, Sarah Mariah, dau Theophilius Hull, b 1820, d 1854; m3d White Hall, Ill., Feb. 14, 1856, Luthera dau of Timothy and Deidamia (Swallow) Ladd, b White Hall, Ill., Nov. 25, 1825, d White Hall, May 9, 1901 (Obituary). Educated in the public schools of Vermont and Chester Academy. Immigrated to Illinois in 1836. Became a clerk in the dry goods store owned by Chester Swallow and later became a partner in the firm. Following the death of Mr. Swallow, he formed a co-partnership with Simeon Bros, who engaged in the sale of general merchandise for about 10 years. He then was engaged in the retail of drugs, groceries and hardware, and for five years following in the manufacture of agricultural implements. In 1983 he was elected justice of the peace, which he held for six years. He was commissioned as postmaster in 1845, which office he held for 12 years. He was elected county judge in Nov. 1983, continuing in that capacity for six years. He was elected and served as a member of the constitutional convention of the state, in 1847, and was appointed as one of the state trustees of the deaf and dumb asylum, in 1859, being re-appointed in 1863 and 1867, holding the office 12 years.  He was elected to the state senate in 1856. In 1860 he was again elected to that office, and was one of the five democrats in the senate who dared vote to ratify President Lincoln's proclamation of emancipation. He was elected county judge in 1863, and re-elected in 1867, with but one opposing vote, serving nine years. In 1852, he was appointed township school trustee. He was a member of the national democratic convention at St. Louis, in 1876, which nominated Samuel J. Tilden for the presidency. The History of Greene & Jersey Counties, Illinois - 1885, described Mr. Worcester as follows: "The judge has always been identified with the democratic party, is a member of no secret organization or church, being a free thinker. His religion consists of humanitarian principles, honor and integrity, fidelity to friends and good will to all."  See Biography.

Children of Linus Ely Worcester by first m

VIII-406  Alfred Jackson.
VIII-407  William Penn.

Children of Linus Ely Worcester by second m

VIII-408  Maurice Hull, b June 11, 1849, d 1883, (White Hall, Ill., Cemetery). Residence at the insane asylum in 1880.
VIII-409  Wentworth, b Sept., 1851.

Children of Linus Ely Worcester by third m

VIII-410  Lucy Emily, b White Hall, Ill., Dec. 21, 1856, d June 26, 1927; m Greene Co., Il., Apr. 20, 1882, Michael John son of Thomas and Bridget (McFarland) Galhuly, b Akron, Oh., Sept. 25, 1856.

Children of Lucy Emily Galhuly

(a) Hal Worcester, White Hall, Ill., July 12, 1883; m White Hall, Ill., Oct. 10, 1906, Grace Frances dau of Henry and Annette (White) Avery, b White Hall, Jan. 14, 1884.

Children of Hal Worcester Galhuly

(1)  Dorothy Jean, b Sept. 3, 1912.
(2)  Hallie, b Dec. 8, 1917.

(b) Stanley Worcester, b Sept. 5, 1884.
(c) Marguerite Worcester, b Sept. 16, 1887.

Children of Linus Ely Worcester by fourth m

VIII-411  Henry Clay.
VIII-412  Richard Storey.
VIII-413  Irene, b Jan. 20, 1863, d Mar. 18, 1863.
VIII-414  Ward, b Nov. 9, 1864, d Sept. 22, 1866.

No. VII-242
(Elijah6, Asa5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Windsor, Vt., June 22, 1815, d White Hall, Greene Co., Ill., Aug. 23, 1871 (White Hall Cemetery);  m Windsor, Vt., Mar. 12, 1840, Susan, dau Lemuel Savage, Windsor, b Sept. 18, 1829, d White Hall, Ill., May 29, 1910 (White Hall Cemetery). Removed to White Hall, Ill., in 1854. Merchant.

Children of Marcus Worcester

VIII-415  Lora Anna, b Sept. 6, 1841.
VIII-416  Alma Kate, b Feb. 27, 1853.
VIII-417  Nella Elizabeth, b Apr. 12, 1854, d White Hall, Ill., Jan. 26, 1865.

No. VII-243
Almond Worcester
Almond Worcester

(Parker6, Asaa5, Benjaminn4, Franciss3, Samuell2, Williamm1) b Windsor, Vt., Dec. 23, 1805, d East Montpelier, Vermont, Mar. 20, 1891, bur East Warren Cemetery, m Warren, Vt., Nov. 17, 1826, Emmaline E., dau off Daniel Steel, Warren, Vt., b Oct. 19, 1810, d Warren, Vermont, Sept. 8, 1879, bur East Warren Cemetery. He was living in 1880 when an application for a pension was completed. She was living in 1866 when she completed an application for a pension through her son Herbert's military service in the Civil War.  Shoemaker in Warren, Vtt. Burial: East Warren Cemetary, East Warren, Vermont.  Almond & Emmeline Photo.

Children of Almond Worcester

VIII-418  Hiram Jackson. , b Warren, Vt., Jan. 6, 1828, d Warren, Vermont, Aug. 21, 1878; m Mar. 29, 1851, Ann Burbank, dau. of Nancy (Pic) Burbank. Lived in Warren, Vt. The couple had two daughters, Mary and Maybell, both dying young of diptheria in November 1860. Farmer and teacher in Warren, Vt.
VIII-419  Parker, b Oct. 4, 1829, d June 19, 1832.
VIII-420  Albert, b Sept. 11, 1831. m. Dec. 13, 1858. ____. Residence Warren, Vt.
VIII-421  Daniel , b Warren, Vt., Aug. 24, 1833; d Benningtob, Vt., bur Roxbury Cemetery, Vt.; m New York City, Oct. 9, 1868, Susan E. Blinn, b 1841, d 1910.   At the start of the Civil War he was an actor acting in Uncle Tom's Cabin. He was a friend of the Booth family of actors. He was playing in Uncle Tom's Cabin in the South when he was captured by the rebels, but later escaped and made his way north to Washington, DC. He enlisted from New Haven, Conn. and served as a 2nd Lt. in Co. F of the 27th Rgt. of Conn. Vol. Inf. under the command of Captain Joseph Bradley. Discharged New Haven, Conn., Jul. 25, 1863. He may have had a son, Will, out of wedlock as this person came to this Daniel's house in Somerville, Mass., looking for his father. Will died at Somerville Hospital of a ruptured appendix soon after meeting with Daniel. Daniel spent his last days in old soldiers' home in Vermont. On his pension application he was asked if he had any children. His response was, "none living" which suggests that he accepted Will as his son. Residence Lowell, Mass, Warren, Vt., Roxbury, Vt. Listed painter as his occupation in his pension application. Obituary

VIII-422  Hartwell P.
VIII-423  Almond.
VIII-424  George B.
VIII-425  Earl C., b Warren, Vt., June 4, 1842, d Warren, Vt., Dec. 4, 1869. Enlisted on May 20, 1861, and mustered in on June 20, 1861, in Co. F, 2nd Rgt., Vt. Vol. Mustered out June 29, 1864. He suffered many wounds. Pension records indicate he also suffered from typhoid fever and probably tuberculosis. Served with his brother Hartwell as an ambulance driver at Fort Stevens Hospital in Washington, D.C. He applied for a military pension on Feb. 11, 1868, from Montpelier, Vt. There is a stone marker in family grave site in East Warren, Vt., but he is believed to have been buried elsewhere. 
VIII-426  James B.
VIII-427  Hubert a/k/a Herbert
, b Warren, Vt., Sept. 9, 1847, d Andersonville, Sumter, County, Georgia, Sept. 13, 1864. He served in the Civil War as a private with Comp. I of the 56th Regiment of the Mass. Infantry. He enlisted on Jan. 22, 1864 at Brookline, Mass. for a three year enlistment. Captured at Petersburg, Va. and died on Sept. 13, 1864 at Andersonville Prison in Georgia of wounds received in battle. He was buried in a common grave. Stone marker in family grave in East Warren, Vt. See Military Pension Records.
Philomena Worcester
VIII-428  Philomena J. (or Philura J. ?)., b Warren, Vt. Oct. 4, 1849, d Northfield, Vt., May 4, 1945; m George A. Huntington, b Orange, Vt., d Montpelier, Vt., May 29, 1934.

Children of Philomena Huntington

        (a)    Una Caroline,  b East Montpelier, Vt., June 9, 1877, d Montpelier, Vt., Apr. 11, 1927; m Harry Clifton Jones, b Berlin, Vt., May 22, 1878, d Montpelier, Vt., Dec. 20, 1963.

VIII-429  Emeline E., b Warren, Vt., Mar. 6, 1852,  d Warren, Vt., Nov. 21, 1866.

No. VII-245
(Parker6, Asa5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Waitsfield, Vt., Sept. 6, 1810, d Stockton, Calif., Jan. 23, 1870; m 1st, Mar. 25, 1834, Asenith Austin, b June 22, 1818, d June 18, 1845; m 2d, May 18, 1847, Roxana Douglass, b Apr. 2, 1816. Residence Walworth, Wis. Physician. The following is reprinted from the California State Hospital Records, Register, Vol. 4, 1862-1870, page 476, Stockton State Hospital, Commitment Registers:

A. G. Worcester. Committed by A. C. Niles Judge of Nevada Co. August 31st 1869. Age about 60 years; native of Vermont; widower; has two children, the youngest, nine years - was last from Wisconsin; has been in California about 2 years; occupation, physician. He has several times threatened to kill his son-in-law, one Charles Pollard. This attack has been coming on and growing worse for a year past; disease increasing - has some rational intervals; not periodical. He has a desire to travel - frequently starts off in the night with only his night dress and wonders about; is disposed to injure his son-in-law only; is not suicidal; is not filthy except that sometimes he seems unable to wait upon himself at stool - this is rarely; has no insane relations so far as known - no peculiarities; uses tobacco - not intemperately; has not suffered from disease or injury; no change in health; cause of insanity unknown; class, dementia; no treatment.
Condition of patient when received about the same as represented above.
Admitted September 4th 1869. Has no property. Died January 23rd 1870 of Paralysis.

Children of Albert Worcester by first m

VIII-430  Mary, b Oct. 4, 1838.
VIII-431  Caroline, b Nov. 26, 1841, d Mar. 12, 1848.

Children of Albert Worcester by second m

VIII-432  Ellen, b June 7, 1848.

No. VII-256
(Jonathan6, Samuel5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Groton, Mass., Oct. 23, 1803, d ____, m 1831, Susan, dau Lazarus Bannister, Windsor, Vt. Residence Windsor, Vt., and Virgil, Ill.

Children of Samuel Worcester

VIII-433  Mary Ann, b Aug., 1832.

No. VII-258
(Jonathan6, Samuel5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Windsor, Vt., Aug. 8, 1807; m Oct. 19, 1834, Mary Ann, dau John Whittaker, Hartland, Vt. Residence, W. Windsor, Vt.

Children of Charles Worcester

VIII-434  Ellen, b Nov. 5, 1839.
VIII-435  Milo, b Oct. 20, 1842.

No. VII-259
(Jonathan6, Samue55, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Windsor, Vt., Dec. 1, 1809, d Wood County, Tx., Apr. 27, 1865; m Aug. 2, 1838, Elizabeth Adeline Crim, b Henry Co., Ga., May 23, 1824, d Straws Mills, Tx, ca. 1897. Residence, Alton, Texas. Farmer

Children of Marsina Bannister Worcester

VIII-436  Marietta Emeline, b Heard Co., Ga., June 11, 1839
VIII-437  Martha S.A., b Ga., July 18, 1841.
VIII-438  Mary Adeline, b Ga., Aug. 17, 1846.
VIII-439  Louisa Bethany, b Ga., Mar. 12, 1844.
VIII-440  William David.
VIII-441  Charles Wesley.

No. VII-268
(Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b June 5, 1815, d Feb. 25, 1904; m 1st Lois Harris; b Feb. 18, 1820; d Harlem, Ill., Dec. 7, 1862.

Children of Seneca Winslow Worcester

VIII-442  Emma, d at 4 years.
VIII-443  Herman Byron.
VIII-444  Loretta
, b May 30, 1844, d Harlem, Ill., July, 1862.
VIII-445  David Brainerd.
VIII-446  Fannie Amelia
, b Nov. 15, 1850, m Dec. 25, 1875, Sycamore, Ill., Amos Elliott Tuttle.

Children of Fannie A. Tuttle

(a) Fred E., b Feb. 28, 1879. Residence San Jose, Cal.
(b) Harold S., b Mar. 19, 1882. Cong'l. minister. San Francisco, Cal.
(c) Hattie A., b June 20, 1884, m Byyard T. Elmore, b Dec. 3, 1881.

VIII-447  Elmer Ernest.

No. VII-269
(Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Ticonderoga, N.Y., July 22, 1817, d July 22, 1903; m Crown Point, N.Y., Sept. 6, 1848, Mary Jane Bradford; b Crown Point, N.Y., Apr. 15, 1831;d Conant, Fla., May 17, 1898. Attended school for 3 years, Brandon, Vt., but was mostly self-educated. He was a fine Bible scholar. Resided Ticonderoga, N.Y., Cedar Rapids, Ia., Sycamore, Ill., and Conant, Fla.

Children of Horace Wesley Worcester

VIII-448  Olive Estelle, b Cedar Rapids, Ia., June 15, 1858, m Conant, Fla., Sept. 3, 1903, Chester M. Swan. Mrs Swan is a physician and surgeon; grad. Women's Medical College, Chicago, 1881. She has presided over the births and deaths in the backwoods of Florida for more than a quarter of a century.
VIII-449  Orpha Inez, b Cedar Rapids, Ia., Oct. 20, 1862. Artist and teacher. Studied at Oberlin College, Ohio, and Arts Institute, Chicago. Spent a year painting the native birds of Ill. for the state Audubon Soc. and for different soc. publications under the direction of the Ill. State Entomologist; has also painted in water colors most of the flowers and many of the mushrooms of Fla. She is now (1913) an officer in the N.Y. Training School for Girls.

No. VII-270
(Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Ticonderoga, N.Y.,  Feb 17, 1820; m 1844, Mary Ann Grant, b Tcinderoga, NY, Sep 8, 1822, d Cedar Falls, Iowa, Feb. 4, 1908.He served as Justice of the Peace in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Children of Levi B. Worcester

VIII-449a Albert, b Ticinderoga, NY, Jun 24, 1845.
VIII-449b Myron S.,  b Ticinderoga, NY, Fedb, 16, 1848.
VIII-449c Louisa Isidra b Ticonderoga, NY, Oct. 26, 1850.
VIII-449d John W., b Ticonderoga, NY, Oct. 19, 1853.

No. VII-271
(Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Ticonderoga, N.Y., Nov. 25, 1822, d Roscoe, Ill., Jan. 10, 1898; m Dec. 24, 1846, Editha Irene Carr, b Ticonderoga, Feb. 18, 1827, d Rockford, Ill., Oct. 22, 1906.

Children of Dennis Warner Worcester

VIII-450  Theron Vernon, b Ticonderoga, Nov. 6, 1847, d Roscoe, Ill., July 10, 1874. Served in the Civil War; was a member of the 12th Ill. Cavalry.
VIII-451  May Evelyn, b Cherry Valley, Ill., Sept. 16, 1849, d Roscoe, Ill., Sept. 9, 1862 (?).
VIII-452  Edward Darius.
VIII-453  Emily Elizabeth
, b Roscoe, Ill., Aug. 27, 1859, m Aug. 10, 1887, David A. Alden, b Leaf River, Ill., May 24, 1858, Ph.D., B.D. Minister, Dover, Kansas. Mrs. Alden graduate of Chautauqua, 1887. C.L.S.C.

Children of Emily Elizabeth Alden

(a) Dennis Wells, b Roscoe, Ill., Sept. 10, 1888, m Aug. 7, 1911, Mrs. Emma Bair, Topeka, Kansas.
(b) Harold Lee, b Chicago, Jan. 10, 1890, grad. Wheaton College, Ill., June, 1912; M.S., Chicago Univ., 1913.
(c) Kenneth Worcester, b Prophetstown, Ill., July 11, 1897, d Topeka, Kansas, Aug. 15, 1912. Educated Wheaton College, Ill.

VIII-454  Ernest Illsley.

No. VII-274
(Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Essex Co., N.Y., Sept. 2, 1830, d Hill City, Kansas, Feb. 29, 10908; m Mt. Elgin, Ontario, Jan., 1854, Rosannah Minerva Woodward, b Nov. 14, 1835. Lived in Canada; Brodhead, Wis.; Hill City, Kansas.

Children of Leverett Downs Worcester

VIII-455  Mary Adella, b Brodhead, Wis., Jan. 11, 1857, m 1878, Thomas Dezell, Hill City, Kansas.
VIII-456  Martha Johanna, b Brodhead, Apr. 12, 1859. Teacher. Grad. Kansas State Normal School.
VIII-457  Eugene Pierpont, b Jan. 5, 1861. Residence Des Moines, Ia. Printer.
VIII-458  Jessie Elizabeth, b Brodhead, Jan. 3, 1871, d July 22, 1873.
VIII-459  Lester Ray.
VIII-460  Esther May, b Brodhead, Jan. 20, 1874, m 1893, Frank Blackburn. Residence Hill City, Kansas.
VIII-461  Susan Grace, b Brodhead, Aug. 31, 1877, m 1894, Edward Clark.

No. VII-275
(Samuel6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Weathersfield, Vt., Mar. 1, 1812, d 1896; m 1st, Sept. 25, 1834, Maria Clark, b 1817, d 1874; m 2nd, 1875, Mrs. Jennie S. Burdick (a widow). Operated a brick factory in Pittsfield Twp. east of Oberlin, Oh.

Children of Joseph W. Worcester

VIII-462  Malvina S., b Aug. 8, 1835, d 1916; m 1857, Edward A. West, b 1835, d 1874.

Children of Malvina West

(a) Fred C.
(b) Joseph W.
(c) Lois.

VIII-463  Julia, b Apr. 17, 1838, d Dec. 17, 1841.
VIII-464  Eliza, b Oct. 22, 1840, 1907; m 1858, John Probert.

Children of Eliza Probert

(a) Ida Probert Stone.

VIII-465 William W., b Nov. 17, 1843, d 1864 in the Civil War.
VIII-466  James Frank.
VIII-467  Joseph M
., b Oct. 22, 1848, d Sept. 11, 1849.
VIII-468  Minerva Christina, b Sept. 27, 1850, d 1909; m Albert B. Probert (John's brother). They resided in Wood Co., Oh. where Albert operated a hardware store in Bloomdale.

No. VII-277
(Samuel6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Feb. 25, 1815, d Oberlin, Oh., 1905; m Jan. 21, 1838, Mary L. Wilder, b about 1819. Residence in Oberlin, Oh.

Children of Benjamin Franklin Worcester

VIII-469  Orlando, b 1837, d 1862 in the Civil War.
VIII-470  Marian Ann, b Aug. 27, 1840, d 1906; m about 1870, George D. Matcham, b 1843, d 1923. They had no children.
VIII-471  Catherine Annette ("Nettie"), b Sept. 30, 1846.
VIII-472  Julia E., b Oct. 6, 1848, d 1878.
VIII-473  William W. (Wilder?).
VIII-474  Leonard A.

No. VII-279
(Samuel6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Feb. 7, 1819, d Pittsfield, Oh., 1854; m June 23, 1840, Angelina Graves, b 1824, d 1859. Residence in Pittsfield Twp., Oh.

Children of John Worcester

VIII-475  Horace Henry.
VIII-476  George F. b Oct. 12, 1843, d Oct. 16, 1843.
VIII-477  Mary, b May 16, 1845, d May 20, 1845.
VIII-478  Adaline, b Aug. 24, 1846, d Aug. 27, 1846.
VIII-479  Eveline, b Nov. 27, 1848, d 1848.
VIII-480  Lemira, b Nov. 29, 1849; m 1870, Jerome W. Cushing. Residence Bellevue, Mich.
VIII-481  Lorette, b about 1852; m Fred L. Hemenway (or Hemingway). Residence Decatur, Mich.

Children of Loretta Hemenway

(a) Harry.

No. VII-281
(Samuel6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Sudbury, Vt., Feb. 22, 1823, d Oberlin, Oh., May 6, 1892; m Apr. 3, 1849, Mary A. Douglass. Residence Pittsfield Twp. and Oberlin, Oh.

Children of David Monroe Worcester

VIII-482  Charles Douglass.
VIII-483  Albert Stanley, b Nov. 30, 1851, d Sept., 1854.
VIII-484  Edward Jerome.
VIII-485  Gerry Monroe
, b 1856, d 1936; m 1st, Harriet Ann "Hattie" Wolcott, who d 1894; m 2d, 1894, Maria Almira ____, b 1858.
VIII-486  Harriet Louisa ("Hattie"), b Jan. 6, 1859, d 1944; m June 28, 1882, Charles A. Day.

Children of Harriet Louisa Day

(a) Clarence A., b Apr. 24, 1883.
(b) Estella M., b July 4, 1885; m J.A. Newton, Apr. 20, 1904.
(c) Almond M., b July 19, 1887; m Viola Hathaway, Mar. 24, 1908.
(d) Mary A., b Sept. 16, 1889; m Ross O. Woodward, Jan. 21, 1909.
(e) Paul A., b Sept. 11, 1891.
(f) Darlene A., b Mar. 5, 1894.
(g) Leota E., b Apr. 20, 1896.
(h) Viola M., b Nov. 3, 1898.
(i) Infant, b Oct. 28, 1900, d Oct. 29, 1900.

VIII-487  Mary Elizabeth "Libbie", b Mar. 23, 1861, d 1940; m 1st, William Shropshire; m 2d, Grant Richards; m 3d, Elmer Wheeler; m 4th, George Hale; m 5th, George Haywood; m 6th, ____ Booth.

Children of Mary Shropshire

(a) Maude, m ____ Parker.
(b) Walter.

Children of Mary Richards

(c) Lodemar D., m ____ Wessell.

VIII-488  Frederick David.
VIII-489  Catherine Lodell
("Kittie"), b Aug. 30, 1866; m Frank McKinnon.

Children of Catherine Lodell McKinnon

(a) Pearl.
(b) Frances.

VIII-490  George Roscoe.

No. VII-283
James Worcester

(Samuel6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Ticonderoga, N.Y., Aug. 1, 1826, d Oberlin, Oh., Aug. 29, 1907; m July 6, 1847, Sarah Adaline Hill, b Feb. 10, 1831, Wallingford, Vt., d Oberlin, Oh., June 27, 1895. James was a well known farmer in the Pittsfield Twp., Oh. area. Before the Civil War he was an active abolitionist, helping with the underground railroad in the Oberlin area. He was a republican in politics, served as a member of the city council at Oberlin, as town trustee for a number of years and also as assessor. He was a member of the Masonic order. Although blinded by the tail of a horse in 1901, James was able to attend the first three family reunions in Oberlin (1904-06). Picture of James McRoberts and sons.

Children of James McRoberts Worcester

VIII-491  Norton Townsend, b Oct. 10, 1848, d Cairo, Ill., Mar. 31, 1865 in the Civil War (Co. H, 41st Ohio Volunteer Infantry.)
VIII-492  Sarah Augusta, b June 15, 1850; m 1876, William Post. Residence Los Gatos, Calif.

Children of Sarah Augusta Post

(a) Vernon.
(b) Emma Jones.

VIII-493  Edna Eva, b Aug. 31, 1852, d Oberlin, Oh., May 30, 1882; m Franklin Martin

Children of Edna Eva Jones

(a) Oliver.
(b) Clara A. m Martin (Squire) Crocker.

VIII-494  Clara May, b July 15, 1854, d 1928; m Robert S. Squire, b 1855, d 1927. They had no children but raised their niece, Clara Martin, after her mother's death.
VIII-495  John Fremont.
VIII-496  Nellie Mary,
b FEb. 12, 1858, d 1948; m 1884, Clarence A. Baxter, d 1929.

Children of Nellie Mary Baxter

(a) Helen A.
(b) Harley M.
(c) Philip C.

VIII-497  James Raymond.
VIII-498  Samuel Parker ("Park").
VIII-499  Perry Guy.
VIII-500  Harley Otis.
VIII-501  Infant
, b and d about 1867.
VIII-502  Lola A., b Dec. 14, 1868, d 1958; m Harold Hurlburt. Residence Philadelphia and Coatesville, Pa.

Children of Lola A. Hurlburt

(a) Bernice.
(b) Marie.

VIII-503  Erwin McRoberts.
VIII-504  Homer Morris.

No. VII-284
(Samuel6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Feb. 2, 1829, d Berea, Oh., 1882; m Laura A. Wyatt, b 1837, d 1899. Residence Berea, Oh.

Children of Emerson Gerry Worcester

VIII-505  Leona, m W. W. Kerr. Residence Mentor, Oh.

Children of Leona Kerr

(a) Luella.

VIII-506  Daughter.

No. VII-288
(Samuel6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Nov. 2, 1837, d Pittsfield, Oh., 1884; m 1st, 1874, Margaret Ann "Mary" or "Polly" Hanstock, b 1853, d 1931; m 2d, ____ Fisk. Residence Pittsfield Twp.

Children of Henry Edwin Worcester

VIII-507  Ernest.
VIII-508  Lawrence S
., b 1877, d 1880.
VIII-509  Lillian ("Lilly"), b 1884; m 1907, George R. Hecock, b 1880.

Children of Lillian Hecock

(a) George, Jr.
(b) Marion Harry.

No. VII-305
        ASA WORCESTER, Jr.
(Asa6, Francis5, Benjamin54, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Groton, Mass., d Cambridge, Mass., Mar. 11, 1897; m June 17, 1852, Eleanor Greenwood Wickens; b Port Motoon, N.S., July 30, 1831; d Cambridge, Mar., 1911. He served in the Civil War, 1862-1865.

Children of Asa Worcester. Jr.

VIII-510  George Henry.
VIII-511  William Thomas.

No. VII-312
(Levi6, Joseph5, Joseph4, Ebenezer3, Samuel2, William1) b Littleton, Mass., May 6, 1761; d ____; m Jan. 7, 1814, Sally, adopted dau of Abel Stearns, Ashby, Mass., b June 27, 1792, d Mar. 10, 1849. Lived in Littleton, Acton, and Fitchburg, afterward Ashburnham, Mass. Yeoman.

Children of Ai Brown Worster

VIII-512  John Stearns.
VIII-513  Betsey
, b Feb. 24, 1819, m Mar. 16, 1843, Nathan Walker.

Children of Betsey Walker

(a) Edward H., b Mar. 31, 1843.
(b) Sarah E., b Dec. 22, 1845.
(c) Ellen E., b Apr. 6, 1847.
(d) Charlotte M., b May 28, 1849, d 1850.

VIII-514  James Lewis.
VIII-515  Andrew Edwards.
VIII-516  Levi L
., b Aug. 29, 1827, d Dec. 6, 1848.
VIII-517  Elvire, b Feb. 11, 1830, m Oct. 6, 1849, Job Shattuck.

Children of Elvira Shattuck

(a) Imogene, b Oct. 27, 1850.

VIII-518  Charles Dean.
VIII-519  Mary J
., b Nov. 14, 1834, m Charles Howard.

No. VII-315
(Levi6, Joseph5, Joseph4, Ebenezer3, Samuel2, William1) b Acton, Mass., Jan. 18, 1797, d ____; m Oct. 11, 1820, Lucy Prescott, dau of Jesse Hosmer of Concord, Mass., b Mar. 20, 1794, d ____; lived in Littleton and Ashby, afterward in Fitchburg, Mass. Yeoman.

Children of Warren Worster

VIII-520  Levi, b Feb. 10, 1822, d Feb. 11, 1822.
VIII-521  Candisa A., b Nov. 17, 1823, m Nov., 1844, Alonzo Andrews.

Children of Candisa Andrews

(a) Frederic, b Jan. 3, 1845.
(b) Clara, b June 15, 1846.
(c) Sarah, b Dec. 20, 1848.
(d) Henry, b Nov. 24, 1850, d 1852.

VIII-522  Sarah Whitney, b Grafton, Vt., Nov. 15, 1824, m Leominster, Mass., Nov. 13, 1853, Charles Bingham.

Children of Sarah Whitney Bingham

(a) Charles Henry, b Aug. 18, 1854, m North Adams, Mass., June 26, 1883, Lizzie A. Meadd. Residence Boston. Conductor on Fitchburg R.R.

Children of Charles Henry Bingham

(i) Charles William, d Sept. 24, 1908.

(b) Sarah Maria, b Feb. 28, 1863. Residence Clinton, Mass.

VIII-523  Lucy Prescott, b Aug. 18, 1826.
VIII-524  Joseph Warren, b Sept. 13, 1828.
VIII-525  Oliver Wright, b June 23, 1830.
VIII-526  Ann Sophronia, b Jan. 6, 1833.
VIII-527  Daniel Kimball, b Feb. 27, 1835.

No. VII-324
(Bridges6, Benjamin5, Joseph4, Ebenezer3, Samuel2, William1) b Littleton, Mass., Jan. 26, 1804, d Mar., 1839; m Mary Fletcher of Acton, Mass., b Dec. 19, 1806. Residence Boston.

Children of Stillman Worcester

VIII-528  Mary, b Nov. 10, 1827, d Apr. 9, 1831.
VIII-529  William W., b Sept. 11, 1829.
VIII-530  Mary E., b July 4, 1831, d Nov. 10, 1832.
VIII-531  Helen M., b Sept. 17, 1834.
VIII-532  Lucy E., b Apr. 2, 1838.

No. VII-332
        DAVID SAYLES WORSTER (Ebenezer6, Moses5, Jonathan4, Ebenezer3, Samuel2, William1) b Pennsylvania, Feb. 27, 1822; m Julia Ann Hooper, dau of Helon Hooper and Julia Ann, d Ripley, NY,1891.

Children of David Sayless

VIII-532a TheresaVII-332-1 Theresa, b Feb. 23, 1847, d Ripley, NY, Aug. 31, 1902; m Alonzo Carris, 1889.
VIII-532b  Katherine Elizabeth, b May 22, 1848, d Jun 20, 1883.
VIII-532c  Almira, b Sep. 9, 1849, d Sep. 23, 1884.
VIII-532d Eugene Henry.
VIII-532e  William Penn, b Jun 13, 1856, d Jun 28, 1928.
VIII-532f  Josephina, b Jun. 13, 1861, d Oct. 4,1929.
VIII-532g  Frederick Agustus, Aug. 25, 1862, d Sep. 14 1934.
VIII-532h  Jennie Amanda, b Nov. 1, Jan. 28, 1938.
VIII-532i  Anna, b Nov. 29, 1858, d 1911

No. VII-337
        ANSON WORSTER (Ebenezerl6, Moses5, Jonathan4, Ebenezer3, Samuel2, William1) b Chautauqua, NY, July 8, 1818, d North Liberty, Ind., Aug. 27, 1900; m brf. 1844, Elizabeth, dau of Barney VanBuren, b New York City, Nov. 16, 1826, d North Liberty, St. Joseph Co., Ind., Sept. 30, 1901. Wagon maker. Buried in Eastlawn Cemetery, North Liberty, Ind.

Children of Anson Worster

VIII-533    Henry Brown.
VIII-534    Pharcellus Churchill.
VIII-535    Nora L., b Sept. 6, 1849, d aft Oct. 1929; m St. Joseph, Ind, Dec. 15, 1867, Joseph Liggett. Residences: Iowa.

Children of Nora L. and Joseph Liggett

(a) James D.
(b) Vance Ray.
(c) Clarence.
(d) John.
(e) John H.

VIII-536     Gertrude, b June 22, 1853, d prob. St.Joseph, Ind., May 17, 1868. Buried in Eastlawn Cmetery, Noth Libgerty, Ind.

(a)  Charles Sidney.

(i)  Derwin Wordsworth.

(A)  Byron Lee, b Cleveland, Oh.

No. VII-344
(Samuel6, Samuel5, Ebenezer4, Ebenezer3, Samuel2, William1) b Lancaster, Mass., Oct. 21, 1850; m Chester, Conn., Jan. 4, 1872, Harriet H. Ware, b Oct. 19, 1847, d Chester, Conn., Apr. 11, 1913. The old homestead in Lancaster was burned in 1857. Mr. Worcester built a new house on the old site and spends most of the summer with his family in Lancaster (1914). Residence Chester. Mechanic and farmer.

Children of Charles Reed Worcester

VIII-537  Clara Harriet, b Chester, Conn., Oct. 22, 1872.
VIII-538  Franklin Benjamin.
VIII-539  Grace Ida
, b Sept. 21, 1877, d Dec. 5, 1885.
VIII-540  Sarah Anna, b Aug. 15, 1879, d Feb. 12, 1888.
VIII-541 William Ware, b Dec. 7, 1880.
VIII-542 Ruth Anabel, b Apr. 5, 1887.

No. VII-357
(Ezekiel6, George5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Lebanon, Me., June 7, 1800; m June 5, 1825, Mary Bourne, Scituate, Mass., b Sept. 16, 1804. Residence, Weymouth, Mass. Merchant.

Children of Ezekiel Worster

VIII-543  Edwin P.
VIII-544  Mary Ann, b May 30, 1828; m Winslow Newcomb, Braintree, Mass.
VIII-545  Elizabeth, b Aug. 20, 1830, d June 13, 1832.
VIII-546  Henry E., b Aug. 20, 1834.
VIII-547  John P., b Mar. 21, 1838.
VIII-548  Thomas D., b May 21, 1843.
VIII-549  William B., b May 23, 1845.

No. VII-366
(Mark6, George5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Berwick, Me., June 7, 1799, d ____; m Berwick, Me., Aug. 1, 1828, Abigail Lord, Berwick, Me., b Mar. 1, 1803, d Dec. 13, 1899. Residence Berwick. Merchant. Served as Town Clerk of Berwick, Me.

Children of Oliver Worster

VIII-550  William Allen, b Mar. 1, 1829, d Sept. 2, 1834.
VIII-551  George.
VIII-552  Ebenezer G.,
b Dec. 30, 1832, d Feb. 2, 1834.
VIII-553  William Allen, b Aug. 1, 1835.
VIII-554  Abby D., b Aug. 4, 1837.
VIII-555  Harriet Augusta, b Aug. 4, 1837, d May 18, 1847 (Lord's Cemetery, Berwick, Me.)

No. VII-368
(Mark6, George5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Berwick, Me., July 1, 1808, d Berwick, Me., Nov. 22, 1883; m Sept. 2, 1852, Mary Wentworth, b Sept. 6, 1822, d Dec. 27, 1896. Residence Berwick.

Children of Moses Worcester

VIII-556  Harriet W., b Dec. 5, 1853, d Jan. 17, 1910, m John A Tebbetts.
VIII-557  Georgiana, b June 22, 1855, m Chas. A. Morrell.
VIII-558  Dora F., b Aug. 5, 1857, m Chas. W. Fall.
VIII-559  Olive, b 1858, d Aug., 1862.
VIII-560  Olin Jefferson.

No. VII-370
(Mark6, George5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Berwick, Me., Jan. 10, 1817; m 1st Berwick, Me., Jan. 4, 1904, Mary Jane Drew, b Aug. 11, 1822, d Dec., 1862; m 2d, Esther Doe, 1864, b Newfield, Me., Mar. 29, 1836, d Apr. 7, 1909. Residence Berwick.

Children of Mark Worcester

VIII-561  Lydia A., b Sept. 26, 1865, d Nov. 7, 1899.
VIII-562  Mark.
VIII-563  Fannie E., b Nov. 2, 1875, m Oct. 17, 1906, Harry Mathews of Berwick.

Children of Fannie E. Mathews

(a) Louise, b Jan. 31, 1911.

No. VII-372
(Thomas6, George5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Gorham, Me., Oct. 30, 1802, d bef. Mar. 23, 1886; m Nov. 15, 1826, Patience Penfield, b Nov. 20, 1807, d Portland, Me., Mar. 23, 1886. Residence Portland, Me. Carpenter.

Children of George Worcester

VIII-564  George H., b Portland, Me., Apr. 4, 1834, d Oct. 13, 1873; m Dec. 20, 1863, Anne A. Moore, d May 7, 1879.

No. VII-375
(Thomas6, George5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Gorham, Me., Oct. 22, 1809, d ____; m Almira Gould, b May 11, 1812.

Children of Thomas Worcester

VIII-565  Russell W., b Oct. 6, 1834.
VIII-566  Horace L., b Apr. 13, 1837.
VIII-567  Mary F., b Oct. 28, 1839, d young.
VIII-568  Charlotte Ann, b Apr. 30, 1844.
VIII-569  Mary E., b Mar. 23, 1847.
VIII-570  Charles H.

No. VII-378
(Alexander6, George5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Lebanon, Me., Oct. 15, 1797, d Lebanon, Feb. 9, 1870, m Rachel Stackpole, b Lebanon, Me., 1800, d Mar. 18, 1879. Residence Lebanon, Me. Farmer.

Children of Ebenezer Worcester

VIII-571  Sarah, b Lebanon, Mar. 4, 1822, d Middleboro, Mass., Sept. 30, 1907, m May 17, 1843, at Manchester, N.H., Edward Gustine, d Keene, N.H., July 4, 1898. Contractor. Residence Keene.

Children of Sarah Gustine

(a) Harriet M., b Manchester, N.H., Mar. 28, 1844, m Keene, N.H., Aug. 30, 1877, Samuel Bouvies.

(b) Edward W., b Manchester, Aug. 23, 1845, m Waltham, Mass., Mar. 24, 1866, Ellen S. Stone. Residence Whitman, Mass.

VIII-572  Isetta Jane, b Dec. 16, 1824.
VIII-573 Isaac, b Dec. 24, 1826, d Nov. 1, 1832.
VIII-574  Julia Ann, b Lebanon, Me., Sept. 25, 1823, d Lebanon, Nov. 2, 1910, m Lebanon, May 28, 1849, Blaisdell Goodwin.

Children of Julia Goodwin

(a) Melvin, b Lebanon, May 11, 1850, d May 3, 1878.
(b) Orren B., b Lebanon, Apr. 9, 1852, m Dec. 15, 1883, Rose Shapleigh.
(c) Charles J., b Lebanon, Oct. 22, 1854, d Feb. 28, 1879.
(d) Etta J., b Lebanon, Dec. 16, 1856.

VIII-575  Jane, b Lebanon, Sept. 25, 1824, d Lebanon, May 23, 1896.
VIII-576  Alexander.
VIII-577  Mary A., b Lebanon, Feb. 27, 1830, d Lebanon, Feb. 4, 1864, m 1st, Oct. 15, 1868, Isaiah Grant, m 2d, Nov. 29, 1887, Thomas Goodwin, Lebanon.
VIII-578  Alice, b Lebanon, June 21, 1832, d Nov. 9, 1863.

Children of Alice ____

(a) Fred.

VIII-579  Ebenenezer.
VIII-580  Charlotte
, b Sept. 13, 1836, d Lebanon, Apr. 21, 1862. Residence Lebanon.
VIII-581  Nancy, b Lebanon, d Lebanon.
VIII-582  Washington A., b Lebanon, Oct. 28, 1839. Killed on Feb. 4, 1864, in War of the Rebellion by explosion of torpedo in Richmond, Va. Member of  Co J, 7th Regiment, NH Volunteers. Taken prisoner at Fort Wagner, July 18, 1863. Residence Lebanon.
VIII-583 William H., b 1843, d July 22, 1846.

No. VII-382
(Alexander6, George5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Lebanon, Me., Sept. 22, 1802, d N. Berwick, Me., Jan. 5, 1891; m Lebanon, Aug. 1, 1840, Margaret dau of Clairbourne Pray, b c1803, d Lebanon, Me., June 3, 1874. While still a boy, he served with his father in Capt’ Thompson’s Company in the War of 1812, and was disabled for which he received a pension. Residence N. Berwick. Farmer.

Children of Lemuel Worcester

VIII-584  Infant.
VIII-585  Mary A., b Lebanon, Mar. 1, 1844, m Lebanon, Me., Sept. 25, 1868, Isaiah Grant, b Acton, Me.
VIII-586  Horace L.
VIII-587  Infant.

No. VII-384
(Alexander6, George5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Lebanon, Me., Nov. 12, 1810, d Lebanon, Aug. 10, 1894; m Mar. 6, 1836, Louisa Hanscom, who d Oct. 25, 1876. Residence Lebanon.

Children of George Worcester

VIII-588  Allen Francis.
VIII-589  Charles Henry.
VIII-590  Isaac Hanscom,
b May 22, 1842, d Feb. 23, 1890; m June 20, 1867, Lizzie H. Francis.
VIII-591  George Albert.
VIII-592  Hiram Clifford.
VIII-593  Louise Isadora,
b Lebanon, Me., Dec. 11, 1848, d Merrimac, Mass., May 15, 1891, m James W. Chase. Residence Merrimac.

Children of Louise Chase

(a) Harry
(b) Herbert W.
(c) Etta.

No. VII-386
(John6, George5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Berwick, Me., Sept. 7, 1814, d Boston, Mass., m Oct. 2, 1847, Mary J. Drew, b Aug. 11, 1822. Residence Berwick.

Children of Hiram Worster

VIII-594  John, b Nov. 27, 1849.
VIII-595  Harriet, b May 16, 1852.
VIII-596  Hiram E., b Jan. 23, 1855.

No. VII-387
(John6, George5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Berwick, Me., Mar. 27, 1817, d Boston, Mass., 1857; m Feb. 2, 1849, Bethina Warner, b Aug. 11, 1820, d Berwick, Me., 1871. Residence, Boston, Mass.

Children of George Worster

VIII-597  Mary E., b Berwick, Me., Oct. 5, 1849, d Nov. 29, 1881.
VIII-598  George, b Berwick, Me., Mar. 2, 1851, d Aug. 5, 1851.

No. VII-389
(John6, George5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Berwick, Me., Nov. 15, 1822, d Berwick, Me., Mar. 15, 1910; m Sept. 19, 1850, M.A. Keay, b June 21, 1827, d Berwick, Me., Dec. 22, 1895. Residence Somersworth, N.H.

Children of Ebenezer Worster

VIII-599  George Henry, b Berwick, Me., June 27, 1851.
VIII-600  John Daniel, b Berwick, Me.,Dec. 20, 1852, d Jan. 8, 1934; m Ella G. Johnson, d Berwick, Oct. 15, 1904.
VIII-601  Charles N., b Berwick, Me., Oct. 28, 1854, d 1929.
VIII-602 Martha Elizabeth, b Mar. 19, 1867.

No. VII-390
(John6, George5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Berwick, Me., Jan. 31, 1824; m Dec. 15, 1853, Mary M. Woodbury, b Acton, Mass., Jan. 1828.

Children of John Worster

VIII-603  Harriet, b July 31, 1854; m Horace Hart.

No. VII-395
(Isaac6, Lemuel5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Milton, N.H., Aug. 8, 1801, d ____; m Berwick, Me., Jan. 11, 1827, Julia Hilliard, b Berwick, Me. Residence Rochester, N.H. Machinist.

Children of Isaac Worster

VIII-604  Sarah E., b Oct. 26, 1827.
VIII-605  Joseph H., b Dec. 31, 1829.
VIII-606  Henry Kirk White, b Mar. 23, 1842.

No. VII-3966
(Isaac6, Lemuel5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Milton, N.H., Jan. 8, 1804, d ____; m Mar. 1, 1828, Sarah Fernald, b May 21, 1803.

Children of James Worster

VIII-607  Susan Maria, b Nov. 6, 1830.
VIII-608  George O., b Sept. 20, 1833.
VIII-609  Sarah Jane, b Nov. 29, 1837.

No. VII-397
(Isaac6, Lemuel5 ,John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Milton, N.H., June 20, 1806, d ____; m Rachel Donnell who d Feb. 3, 1849.

Children of Mark Worster

VIII-610  Lewis, b Mar. 30, 1828, m Jenny Smith, Antrim, N.H.
VIII-611  Hannah, b Dec. 25, 1833.
VIII-612  Charles H., b Sept. 25, 1837.
VIII-613  Aurelia U., b Jan. 23, 1842.
VIII-614  Philbric, b Feb. 13, 1848.

No. VII-399
(Isaac6, Lemuel5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Milton, N.H., Mar. 3, 1811, d Nov. 10, 1886; m Mary Rowell, b June 18, 1814.

Children of George Worster

VIII-615  Amanda Taueson, b May 26, 1836, d May 3, 1893.
VIII-616  Mary Elizabeth, b Nov. 22, 1839.
VIII-617  Isaac W., b May 11, 1841.
VIII-618  George Albert.
VIII-619  Ida, b Sept. 15, 1852.

No. VII-403
        TEMRI WORSTER (Lemuel6, Lemuel5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Belgrade, Me., Nov. 9, 1816.

Children of Temri Worster

VIII-620 William, b c1846.
VIII-621 Hiram, b c 1848.

No. VII-406
        LEMUEL WORSTER (Lemuel6, Lemuel5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Belgrade, Me., Mar. 25, 1822, d Mercer, Me., Feb. 1, 1902; m Mary S. ___.

Children of Lemuel Worster

VIII-622 Mary W., b c1845.
VIII-623 George M., b c 1847.
VIII-624 Roxanna, b c1849.
VIII-625 Rosanna, b c1850.
VIII-626 Rosetta, b c1852.
VIII-627 Samuel, b c1855.
VIII-628 Livule, b c1858.

No. VII-410
        JOSHUA WORSTER (George6, Lemuel5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b c1799, d Glenburn, Me., Aug. 10, 1883 (Birch Grove Cemetery, Glenburn, Me.); m Hannah ___, c1825.

Children of Joahua Worster

VIII-629 Issac R.
VIII-630 George, b c1826, d Marysville, Calif. Served in B Co., E 14th Maine Infantry.
VIII-631 William S.

No. VII-411No. VII-411
        DANIEL WORSTER (George6, Lemuel5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Maine, c1802, d Glenburn, Me., aft 1880; m Glenburn, Me., Dec. 15, 1829, Jane H. Tibbetts, b Kenduskeag, Me., Aug. 18, 1801, d July 2, 1882 (Village Cemetery, Kenduskeag, Me.).

Children of Daniel Worster

VIII-632 George A. , b c1883; m June 27, 1855, Adeline F. Russell.
VIII-633 Martha, b c1834.
VIII-634 Nancy Jane, b Aug. 10, 1837, d Hartland, Me., Feb. 26, 1906; m Kenduskeag, Me., July 20, 1856, Alonzo Stuart Withee.
VIII-635 Sarah E., b Mar. 16, d Nov. 1900; m Luther R. Drew, b Sept. 1, 1844, d Glenburn, Me., Feb. 22, 1926.

Children of Sarah E. and Luther R. Drew

(a) Charles Melvin, b Glenburn, Me., Mar. 12, 1865, d Bangor, Me., June 26, 1947; m Natalia Edan Leavitt, b Bangor, Me., d Glenburn, Me., Jan. 16, 1952.

Children of Charles Melvin and Natalia Edan Leavitt

(1) Charles Earle, b Apr. 24, 1897, d Oct. 27, 1975; m July 31, 1918, Eva Florence Fenderson, b Clais, Me., Aug. 31, 1897.

VIII-636 Dorcas E., b c1849.

No. VII--412
        LEMUEL WORSTER (George6, Lemuel5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Kenduskeag, Me., Aug. 14, 1805, d Glenburn, Me., May 12, 1892; m1st Abiah Bryant Mason, b Unity., Me., Apr. 27, 1811, d Glenburn, Me., Nov. 4, 1864; m2d Lucy H. Stilkey dau. of Philemon PAge of Freeport, Me., also of Bangor. Served as selctman of Glenburn, Me. and farmed 68 acres in the western part of Glenburn. Farmer and lumberman.

Children of Lemuel Worster

VIII-637 Mary E., b bef 1833.
VIII-638 George Washington.

VIII-639 Jonas M., b Jan. 26, 1836, d Calif., June 18, 1863.
VIII-640 Lemuel N., b Jan. 2, 1838; m Bangor, Me., Mar. 5, 1864, Hattoe Bither.
VIII-641 Henry T., b Oct. 21, 1839.
VIII-642 Abiah A., b Aug. 29, 1841, d Apr. 3, 1842.
VIII-643 David Stewart, b Jan. 17, 1843, d Sept. 11, 1931; m July 3, 1878, Sarah Higley.
VIII-644 Clara A., b Sept. 22, 1844.
VIII-645 Harriet N., b Jan. 12, 1847, d Nov. 22, 1848.
VIII-646 Franklin Pethuel, b Jan. 22, 1849, d Nov. 8, 1865.

No. VII--414414
        GEORGE W. WORSTER (George6, Lemuel5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Glenburn, Me., c1808, d bef. 1862; m1st bef. 1840, Elizabeth Glidden; m2d 1857, Sarah McPhetres.

Children of George W. Worster by first marriage

VIII-647 George Greenleaf, b c1840.
VIII-648 Marion Elizabeth, b c 1842.
VIII-649 Mary Jane, b c 1844.
VIII-650 Hannah Augusta, b c 1846.
VIII-651 Wealthy, b c1852.

Children of George W. Worster by second marriage

VIII-652 Issac Gilman, b Dec. 4, 1857.
VIII-653 Harriet Ella, b Feb. 20, 1860.

No. VII--416416
       ISAAC GILMAN WORSTER (George6, Lemuel5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Levant, Me., Apr. 4, 1810, d Glenburn, Me., July 27, 1857 (Birch Grove Cemetery, Glenburn); m Oct. 8, 1832, Loria Hannah Mason, b Thomaston, Me., June 19, 1813, d Glenburn, Me., Sept. 21, 1864.

Children of Isaac Gilman Worster

VIII-654 Louisa J., b Glenburn, Me., 1835, d 1853.
VIII-655 Daniel M., b Glenburn, Me., 1837, d May 19, 1864.
VIII-656 Sultina, b Glenburn, Me., 1838, d 1865.
VIII-657 Isaac, b Glenburn, Me., 1841, d Sept. 13, 1862.
VIII-658 Betsy M., b Glenburn, Me., Mar. 17, 1843, d 1851.
VIII-659 Susan E., b Glenburn, Me., 1844, d Jan. 21, 1865.
VIII-660 Sarah F., b Glenburn, Me., July 6, 1848, d 1865.
VIII-661 Mary Ellah, b Glenburn, Me., June 14, 1850, d 1865.
VIII-662 Georgiana, b Glenburn, Me., Dec. 10, 1852, d June 17, 1853.
VIII-663 Clara J., b Glenburn, Me., 1854, d 1855.

No. VII--417
       THOMAS HILLIARD WORSTER (George6, Lemuel5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b 1813, d Richmond, Va., July 11, 1862; m c1837, Rebecca McLellan, b c1818.

Children of Thomas Hilliard Worster

VIII-664 Abigail N., b Nov. 30, 1837.
VIII-665 Galen.
VIII-666 Rebecca E.,
, b Jan 19, 1839; m Levant, Me., Feb. 2, 1863, John F. Clark, b Herman, Me.
VIII-667 Abiah A., b Glenburn, Me., Apr. 7, 1842.
VIII-668 John W., b c1843.
VIII-669 Ruel D. 
VIII-670 Eulalia
, b Mar. 12, 1848.
VIII-671 Catherine, b JUly 28, 1850.
VIII-672 George H., b c1860.
VIII-673 Flora E., b c1860.

No. VII--418
       SOLOMAN WORSTER (George6, Lemuel5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Glenburn, Me., May 1818, d Glenburn, Me., Mar. 16, 1901; m Oct. 3, 1841, Sophronia Holt, b Hermon, Me., c1821, d Mar. 17, 1893.

Children of Soloman Worster

VIII-674 Charles S., b Glenburn, Me., June 11, 1838, d BAngor, Me., Feb. 14, 1925.
VIII-675 Maecy L., b June 10, 1840.
VIII-676 Martha Eatta, b Mar. 29, 1848.
VIII-677 Alceda E., b c1850.
VIII-678 Salina Almeda, b July 18, 1850.
VIII-679 William F. 
VIII-680 Frances, b bef. 1856, d Jan. 6, 1933; m David F. Watson.

No. VII-430
        GEORGE WORSTER (John6, Lemuel5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Belgrade, Me., July 9, 1835, d Jan. 5, 1912; m Angelina B. Yeaton, b 1843, d July 6, 1911.

Children of George Worster

VIII-681 Carrie E. b 1870, d Sept. 29, 1870.
VIII-682 Sadie M., b 1870, d 1900.

No. VII-434
(Moses6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Columbia, Me., Feb. 13, 1796, d 1876; m 1st Columbia, Jan. 2, 1819, Sarah dau of John and Rebecca (Lovett) Ward, b Cherryfield, Me., 1798, d Nov. 16, 1865; m 2d Apr. 4, 1866, Mrs. Judith (Nash) Allen, widow of Isaac Allen, b Columbia, Dec. 27, 1798, d Columbia Falls, Apr. 7, 1880. Laborer and farmer in Columbia, Me.

Children of Amos Worcester by first m

VIII-683  Mary Ann, b c7 Nov., 1820, d Columbia, Feb. 6, 1890; m 1st May 2, 1838, John A. Young, b ca. 1811, Scotland, d Columbia Falls, Me., b May 10, 1869; m 2d, July 10, 1873, Samuel H. Crossman, b Prince Edwards Island, Canada, 1817, d 1880+, farmer at Columbia.

Children of Mary Ann Young

(a) George A. Young, b Columbia Falls, Me., ca. 1849

VIII-684  Daughter, b c1822, d 1830+.
VIII-685  James.
VIII-686  John Palmer.
VIII-687  Moses.
VIII-688  Permelia, b Dec. 24, 1831, d Dec. 23, 1912; m Aug. 7, 1848, Justus Smith Tucker, Jr, b 1824, d Sept. 14, 1869, sailor.

Children of Permeilia and Justis Smith Tucker

(a)    Almeda.

VIII-689  Amy, b Feb. 28, 1834, d   June 29, 1902; m 1st, Aug. 20, 1850, Benjamin N. Tucker (her cousin), b 1827, d June 18, 1864 in Civil War; m 2d, June 5, 1868, Levi B. Dorr, b Sept. 1844, d Oct. 31, 1912.

Children of Amy and Benjamin Tucker

(a)    Jefferson, b Dec. 20, 1850, d Dec. 20, 1885.
(b)    Electa Ann, b Aug. 15, 1853, d Dec. 1908; m Henry Augustus Brown, b Milbridge, Me., May 1850, d Dec. 23, 1935.
(c)    Emma Augusta, b June 27, 1856, d Mar. 9, 1911.
(d)    Sarah Jane, b cFeb. 1860, d c1861.
(e)    George McClellan, b Columbia, Me., Apr., 18, 1861, d Nov. 13, 1926; m Mar. 9, 1889, Alice D. Morris, b Columbia Falls, Me., Aug. 1868, d Bangor, Me., June 3, 1908.
(f)    Jethro, b c1864, d c 1864.

Children of Emma and Levi B. Dorr

(a)    Howard A.
(b)    William Edwin.
(c)    Blanche H.

VIII-690  Mariette, b 1837, d c1850.

No. VII-435
(Moses6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Columbia, Me., Feb. 28, 1798, d Addison, Me., July 30, 1883; m Columbia, Me., m Jonesboro, Dec. 23, 1819, int. Nov. 12, 1819, Love dau Kinsman and Lucy (Hall) Corthell, b Columbia, Feb. 8, 1802, d Sept. 28, 1882. Farmer and ship carpenter at Columbia.

Children of Leonard Worcester

VIII-691  Lucy Corthel., b Columbia, Me., Aug. 26, 1820, d Addison, Jan. 17, 1904; m Aug. 8, 1841, Alphone "Fonze" Green Hill, son of William and Susanna Shaw (Wass) Ingersoll.

Children of Lucy Cothrel and Alphonse Green Hill Ingersol

(a)    Ada Susanna.
(b)    Malachi Fisher.
(c)    Irena Frances,
(d)    Electa Brown.
(e)    Charlotte Radley.
(f)    Charles Green.
(g)    Almeda Longfellow.
(h)    Bradford Newcombe
(i)    Alfred Worcester.

VIII-692  Daniel Corthell.
VIII-693  Cordelia Wilson, b Columbia, Me., Aug. 16, 1828, d Addison, Me. Aug. 8, 1915; m 1st Addison, Me., July 25, 1842, Capt. Moses Wellington son of Abraham and Eunice (Look) Norton; m 2nd Addison, Me., June 20, 1849, int. June 7, 1849, Luther Ingersoll son of Thomas and Catherine (Crowley) Tabbutt (aka Tibbetts); m 3rd Columbia, Me., Mar. 1891, David Longfellow, b Jonesboro, Feb. 23, 1825, d Beddington, Mar. 22, 1915. He was a lumberman at Beddington.

Children of Cordelia and Capt. Moses Wellington Norton

(a)    Wellington Moses, b May 10, 1843.
(b)    Mary Ann, b Nov. 7, 1847.

Children of Cordelia and Luther Ingersoll Tibbetts

(c)    Elmira Josephine, b Apr. 7, 1850.
(d)    Leonardo Alphonso, b Apr. 18, 1853, d Feb. 26, 1903; m Oct. 2, 1880, Myrtie E. McDonald.

Children of Leonardo Alphonso and Myrtie E. McDonald

(1)    Susan M.
(2)    Bernice L.
(3)    Byron Sumner.
(4)    Doris M.

(e)    Edyanna B., b Jan. 18, 1855.
(f)    Violette Morton, b June 20, 1858.
(g)    Leslie Artell. b Aug. 8, 1860.
(h)    Burton Luther, b Dec. 30, 1863.
(i)    Lena Rivers, b Feb. 11, 1867

VIII-694  Lorenzo Dow, b Columbia, Me., Feb. 4, 1826, d Addison, Me., Apr. 18, 1883 (Wescaugus Cemetery); m 1st Apr. 28, 1850, Mary Coffin dau of Joel and Mary (Coffin)  Hall, d Aug. 25, 1877; m 2nd int. Mar. 17, 1879, Juliette S. dau of John and Miriam V. (Norton) Thompson, b Addison, Oct. 1840, d Oct. 18, 1918. Occupation: gold minner at Pikes Peak in Colorado, shipbuilder at Addison.
VIII-695  Caroline Small, b Columbia, Me., Apr. 22, 1829, Addison, Me., d Apr. 20, 1891; m Columbia, Me., int. Apr. 8, 1848, John Billings son of Joel and Mary (Coffin) Hall.

Children of Caroline Small

(a)    Julia Bernice.
(b)    Andrew B., b Nov. 13, 1848, d Jan. 3, 1912; m Jennie Foss, b Addison, Me., Nov. 13, 1848, d Addison, Me., Jan. 3, 1912.

VIII-696  Eliza Ann, b Columbia, Me., Sept. 4, 1831, d 1916; m Columbia, Me., July 10, 1850, int. June 25, 1850, Isaac P. son of Stephen and Cynthia (Parritt) Smith, b Columbia, Me., June 14, 1828, d Apr. 29, 1907.

Children of Eliza Ann and Isaac P. Smith

(a)    Aroline.
(b)    Eveline P.
(c)    Sarah H.
(d)    Wellington N., b Oct. 1859, d c1910.

VIII-697 Alfred Small.
VIII-698 Josiah Moore.
VIII-699 June Whitney, b Columbia, Me., Jan. 14, 1840, d Harrington, Me., Apr. 3, 1911; m 1st Columbia, Me., Dec. 19, 1857, Jason Clapp son of Moses and Prudence (Allen) Leighton; m 2nd Milbridge, Me., Feb. 14, 1883, Christopher Wass son of Stephen Jones and Louisa Hillman (Knowles) McCasline, b Aug. 8, 1845, d Milbridge, Me., Apr. 11, 1922.

Children of Jane Whitney and Christopher Wass McCaslin

(a)    Bertha L.

Children of Jane Whitney and Jason Clapp Leighton

(b)    Lorenzo Dow.
(c)    Albert B.
(d)    George H.
(e)    Jane Atwood.

VIII-700  Harrison Leighton, b Columbia, Me., 1844, d 1886+. Laborer.

No. VII-441
(Moses6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Columbia, Me., Aug. 10, 1810, d Columbia, Me., Feb. 10, 1879; m Columbia, Oct. 31, 1838, Diadema dau Ebenezer and Deborah Farnsworth (descendants of Thomas Rogers of the Mayflower) Smith, b Jonesboro, Me., Apr. 15, 1814, d Oct. 10, 1889. Residence Columbia, Me. Corporal in Aroostock War (Feb. - May, 1839). Served as private in CO D 22nd Maine Inf. Volunteers during Civil War. Discharged in Bangor for disease. Lumberman at Columbia.

Children of Moses Worcester

VIII-701  Algernon.
VIII-702  Algernaid
, b Columbia, Me., Dec. 14, 1841, d Jonesboro, May 30, 1883; m1st Sept. 12, 1867, Samuel Bowden, son of S. Norton Cummings of Jonesport, b Jonesport, Dec. 12, 1844, d Jonesport, Oct. 8, 1916. He married 2d 1889, Rosannah S. (Dorr) Cotton Chesterton.
VIII-703  Agatha, b Columbia, Me., June 12, 1843, d Dec. 16, 1914; m1st 1860, Henry R. Low of Columbia, Me; m2d Columbia, Me., Sept. 8, 1860, Henry R, son of Daniel Low II and Sophona W. Dorr, b 1839, d aft 1890.

Children of Agatha and Henry R. Low

(a)    Waldren Elton.
(b)    Gilbert J.
(c)    Cora.
(d)    Bertie.

VIII-704  Theodore Freelandhuysen.
VIII-705  Eathiel.
VIII-706  Genetta
, b Columbia, Me., Jan. 27, 1848,d Columbia, Me., 1913; m June 26, 1869, Alphonse "Fonze" Green Hill Leighton, b Columbia, Me., Sept. 1834, d Oct. 3, 1899..

Children of Genetta and Fonze Leighton

(a)    Wentworth Alfonzo, b Columbia, Me., Mar. 14, 1870, d Machias, Me., July 23, 1942; m1st Jonesport, Me., May 12, 1900, Edith M. Richardson, b Jonesport, Me., Oct. 21, 1871, d Feb. 24, 1901; m2d Columbia, Me., Marcia A. Coffin, b Columbia, Me., 1877, d Columbia, Oct. 26, 1904; m3d Sept. 24, 1925, Edith I. Folsom. b Rosindale, Mass., Nov. 26, 1892, d Greeley, Me., Jan. 1, 1951. He was a blueberyy farmer at Columbia, Me..
(b)    Etta Clyde, b Mar. 27, 1872, d Dec. 8, 1922; m Feb. 1, 1899, Orin Elijah Day, b Feb. 19, 1869, d 1925.
(c)    Roy C., b Nov. 20, 1874, d Jan. 11, 1944.
(d)    Eathiel Diadem, b Feb. 23, 1877, d Feb. 17, 1917; m Columbia, Me., Sept. 29, 1907, Susan Edith Wass, b Addison, Me., Dec. 30, 1886, d Millbridge, Me., Apr. 17, 1984..
(e)    Ronie Diadem, b Nov. 24, 1878, d Feb. 24, 1934.
(f)    Alton C., b Apr. 3, 1885, d Aug. 10, 1959; m May 17, 1920, Blanche Robbins.
(g)    Bessie Rena, b Dec. 31, 1887, d Jan. 23, 1990; m Columbia, Me., Sept. 21, 1910, Charles C. Drisko, b Columbia Falls, Me., <ay 6, 1881, d Nov. 22, 1968.

VIII-707  Moses Alden.
VIII-708  Hervey Houghton, b Oct. 10, 1853, d Apr. 20, 1874 at Connecticut Lake, NH.
VIII-709  Geneva, b Columbia, Me., Mar. 4, 1855 d Milbridge, July 8, 1922; m 1st, Emery A. Dorr; m 2d 1903, at Milbridge, Lewis Pinkham of Milbridge.
VIII-710  Syvella D., b Jan. 22, 1858, d Haverhill, Mass., Jan. 14, 1949; m Nov. 25, 1880, James Gray of East kingston, NH. Lived at Columbia and Haverhill, Mass.
VIII-711  William Jasper "Jap", b Columbia, Me., Jan. 7, 1861, d at Harrington, Mar. 22, 1939; m Columbia, Jan. 20 1883, Julia E. Dorr, b Columbia, Mar. 6, 1863, d 1939. Blacksmith and mechanic at Columbia. No children.

No. VII-444
(John6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b 1799, d Apr. 15, 1873, "while walking to Epping"; m Jonesboro, Me., May 18, 1823, Tamson Willey, dau Samuel and Elizabeth (White) Cummings, b Jonesboro, Me., Jan. 28, 1806, d Columbia Falls, May 18, 1875. They lived for a time at Jonesport in the vicinity of Snare Creek; removed to Columbia. Both were living in 1870.

Children of Clement Fernald Worcester

VIII-712  Samuel Cummings.
VIII-713  Francis Cummings.
VIII-714  William Augustus.
VIII-715  Asa Tucker.
VIII-716  Hannah
, b Columbia Falls, Me., Sept. 4, 1832, d 1890; m 1849, James D. Grant.

Children of Hannah Worcester and James D. Grant

(a)    Elmira, b Mar. 1851, d 1914.
(b)   George, b Columbia Falls, Me., Feb. 1851, d Columbia Falls, Me., 1936; m Emma H. Magee, b Columbia Falls, Me., May 30, 1857, d Sept. 5, 1924. Farmer and store keeper in Columbia Falls, Me. between 1880 and 1920.
(c)   Lena Roxanna, b May 10, 1857, d 1920; m Columbia Falls, Me., June 22, 1876, Walter W. Ingersoll, b Columbia Falls, Me., May 30, 1850, d Aug. 24, 1913.
(d)   Joseph Clementine, b Columbia Falls, Me., Oct. 21, 1959, d Columbia Falls, Me., Nov. 20, 1925; m Columbia Falls, Me., Sept. 30, 1882, Sarah Elizabeth Donovan, b Jonesport, Me., Dec. 18, 1864, d Columbia Falls, Me., Nov. 1, 1931. Farmer and laborer.
(e)   Herman Elwell, b Columbia Falls, Me., Sept. 1861, d Oct. 1938; m1st Columbia Falls, Me., Sept. 23, 1882, Nancy Ann Alley, b Beals, Me., 1863, d Jan. 19, 1895; m2d Columbia Falls, Me., June 18, 1899, Susie A. Johnson, b Oct. 1874, d 1910; m3d July 9, 1910, Mabel Hannah Garnett, b Marion, Me., Sept. 12, 1886, d Farmington, Me., Nov. 1, 1971.

Children of Herman Elwell and Nancy Ann Alley

(1)    Joel Leeman, d Feb. 11, 1974, d Feb. 11, 1974; m Angie L. Reynolds.
(2)    Josie.
(3)    Rhoda May, b Feb. 22, 1887, d May 1981; m Oscar Ellis Dobbins.
(4)    Leland W., b Sept 1889; m Eliza Fish.
(5)    Herman Owen, b Aug. 16, 1892, d Mar. 5, 1948.

Children of Herman Elwell and Susie A. Johnson

(6)    Virgil.
(7)    Eathiel.
(8)    Agnes.
(9)    Maynard Winfield.

Children of Herman Elwell and Mabel Hannah Garnett

(10)   Susie May.
(11)    Herman Ellwell, Jr.

(f)   Tamson Summings, b Columbia Falls, Me., May 1865, d Addison, Me., Nov. 28, 1933; m Feb. 2, 1889, Franklin Herbert Wood, b Centerville, Me., Oct. 1851, d Addison, Me., June 9, 1927.
(g)  James William, b Cherryfield, Me., Apr. 18, 1867, d Aug. 26, 1948; m Margaret E. Rockwell, b Columbia Falls, Me., July 10, 1879, d Mar. 18, 1942.

VIII-717  Mary Elizabeth, b say 1838, d 1840.
VIII-718  James, b say 1838, d 1840s.
VIII-719  Joseph W.
VIII-720  Abijah White, b 1842?, reportedly dies young.
VIII-721  Elizabeth Ann, b Nov. 4, 1843, d Lancaster, Mass., Apr. 21, 1925;  m 1st Feb. 4, 1865, William Forrester McKenzie, m 2nd Watson Leland of Salisbury Cove.

Children of Elizabeth Anne Worcester and Wm. F. McKenzie

(a)    Fred L.

VIII-722  Aaron Look, b Nov. 6, 1844, d at Washington, D.C., of disease at Gen Grant U.S. Army Hospital, Oct. 16, 1864. Served in Civil War.
VIII-723  Rosilla D, b July 29, 1846, d Lancaster, NH, Sept. 13, 1922; m  Beddington, Apr. 14, 1868, Philander Gray, son of Adrian and Fannie Watson (Schoppe) Abbott of Jonesboro and Beddington, b Jonesport, Sept. 11, 1847, d Lancaster, NH, Jan. 22, 1933.
VIII-724  Clement Uriah.

No. VII-451
(John6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b 1817, d Columbia Falls, Oct. 5, 1891; m June 15, 1844, Louisa dau Moses and Mary (Crowley) Tibbetts, b Sept. 17, 1825, d Columbia Falls, Me., Apr. 11, 1889.

Children of Isaac Case Worcesterr

VIII-725  Celia A.., b May 26, 1846, d Oct. 21, 1885; m Aug. 31, 1867, Ira G. Thompson..
VIII-726  Mary Ann.., b 1847, d 1880; m Sept. 1, 1866, Herrick E. Nash..
VIII-727  Julia Tabbuttt, b Jan. 1851, d 1933; m2d  May 24, 1875, Philander F. White..
VIII-728  Arnold Williamm, b 1857, d at sea at age 21 when Schooner Evelyn foundered off Handkerchief Schoal (Cape Cod) ..
VIII-729  Susan Edithh, b Aug. 12, 1861, d Feb. 11, 1887; m2d Jan. 2, 1886, John Billings Wass. She died early..

Children of Susan Edith Wasss

(a)) Susann, Brought up by her aunt Julia..

VIII-730  Lillian BelleVIII-730  Lillian Belle, b 1867, m Nov. 10, 1888, Charles Pineo.

No. VII-456
(Joseph6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Columbia, Me., June 13, 1816, d Columbia, Oct. 20, 1891 (age 75); m Nov. 1, 1840, Francis C., dau Wm. and Susanna (Wass) Ingersoll, b Columbia, Me., Jan. 29, 1821, d Columbia, Me., Mar. 24, 1912. Civil War veteran, ship carpenter and stone mason at Columbia.

Children of William B. Worcester

VIII-731  Infant, b say 1842, d 1840s.
VIII-732  William Howard

No. VII-458
(Joseph6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b about 1823, d 1880+; m Apr. 27, 1850, Melissa dau Daniel and Abigail (Ingersoll) Leighton (his cousin), b Columbia, Apr. 1830, d May 19, 1870. Ship carpenter, farmer, and stone mason at Columbia.

Children of Joseph Worcester

VIII-733  Amanda Malvina, b 1855, d 1890, m June 5, 1880, George M. Dorr, son of Leonard W. and Cynthia (Magee), b about 1856, d 1890. Married two more times.

No. VII-460
(Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Eastport, Mar. 9, 1811, d 1850; m Steuben, May 5, 1832, Rachel, dau of Willey, Downs. They were living at Twp. #7, R-2, Washington Co., in 1850. They were residing in Tunk, Hancock Co., Me., in 1839.

Children of Seward Buchanan Worcester

VIII-734  Freeman, b Mar. 1835, d Apr. 9, 1839.
VIII-735  Allen, b 1836, m Emeline ____, b 1842, d 1860s; m2d Alice Mae ___, b 1844, d 1870s.. Living at Twp. #7, R-2 in 1860.
VIII-736  Sarah Gray, b 1838, d 1860+; m Sringfield, Sept. 16, 1857, Appleton Collins, b 1832, d 1869+, farmer at Springfield.
VIII-737  Alfred L.
VIII-738  Margaret Lorinda, b 1850. Living with Allen & wife in 1860.

No. VII-462
(Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Columbia, cJune 1, 1815, d Springfield, Jan. 11, 1861; m Abigail, dau of Joseph and Betsy (Downs) Leighton, b Steuben, Sept. 7, 1823, d Springfield, Mar. 4, 1901. She married 2d Mar. 16, 1867, Daniel Gould.

Children of Isaac Worcester

VIII-739 Mary, b 1842, d young.
VIII-740 Freeman, b Webster Point, 1843, d Springfield, July 2, 1895; m Jan. 24, 1867 Mary Ann (Downs) Tucker (his cousin), b Steuben, Oct. 18, 1833, d Springfield, Mar. 6, 1908. She married 1st Seward Worcester Tucker, Oct. 23, 1832.
VIII-741 Roxy, b 1844, d July 22, 1883; m Springfield, July 4, 1860, George, son of Isaac and Betsy (Smith) Tucker, b 1838, d 1865.
VIII-742 Ann M., b Sept. 17, 1845, d Springfield, Aug. 25, 1872.
VIII-743 Eli Leighton.
VIII-744 Isacc, b Aug. 25, 1850, d Springfield, Jan. 4, 1861.
VIII-745 Albert B.
VIII-746 Sewell, b 1854, d c1873; m Apr. 15, 1872, Roxanna F. Worcester (his cousin), b Cherryfield, 1857, d 1870.
VIII-747 Benjamin Franklin.
VIII-748 Abigail Ellen
, b Springfield, Aug. 7, 1856, d Springfield, Apr. 12, 1943; m Springfield, June 23, 1874, John C. Lyons, b Medway, Me., Oct. 3, 1854, d Springfield, Me., Nov. 1, 1946.

Children of Abigail Ellen and John C. Lyons

(a)    Melvin, b Jan. 18, 1875, d 1936; m Jessie Moore, b Topsfield, Me., d 1919. He was a teacher in Springfield.

Children of Melvin and Jessie Moore

(1) Ethelin; m John Dugan.
(2) Hazel.
(3) Emery O.
(4) Voigt; m Clifford Osgood.
(5) Freda, d 1989; m Edward O'Neil.

(b)    Annie.
(c)    Pitt., b Jan. 24, 1887, d Mar. 5, 1966; m Dec. 3, 1911, Alice Mabel Martin.

VIII-749     Franklin, b 1859, d 1860.

 No. VII-463
(Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Columbia, Mar. 17, 1816, d Springfield, Oct. 1902; m Springfield, Nov. 14, 1837, Susan, dau of Joseph and Betsy (Downs) Leighton, b Steuben, d Springfield, Oct. 1902. Served in Aroostock War (Feb. - May 1839). Merchant at Cherryfield and Springfield.

Children of Mark Worcester

VIII-750 Juliette, b Cherryfield, 1838, d 1850+.
VIII-751 Thomas B.
VIII-752 Mark.
VIII-753 Elizabeth, b Webster Point, 1845, d Springfield, Mar. 13, 199; m Aug 6, 1865 Charles, son of Ichabod and Susanna Joy (Worcester) Downs (her cousin), b 1843, d Mar. 13, 1919.

Children of Elizabeth and Ichabod Downs

(a)    Daisy.
(b)    Melvin.
(c)    Ada.
(d)    Joseph.

VIII-754 Robert S.
VIII-755 Lydia, b 1849, d 1850+; m Oct. 27, 1870, James P. Hall.

Children of Lydia and James P. Hall

(a)    John Willard, b c1877, d Oct. 9, 1954.
(b)    Forest S. b c1875, d Jan. 1916.

VIII-756 Joseph, b 1850s.
VIII-757 Seward, b 1850.
VIII-758 Margaret, Webster Plantation, Me., Feb. 12, 1857, d Caribou, Me., May 10, 1904; m Prentiss, Me., 1877, Isaac B. Plummer, b Perry, Me., d Oct. 14, 1935.

Children of Margaret and Isaac B. Plummer

(a) Ben.
(b) Daisey; m Gurvin Grant.
(c) Mamie.
(d) Ephraim Trott, b Nov. 1, 1877, d 1970; m Iva Betsey Stinson, b Feb. 2, 1877, d Camden.

VIII-759 Ella.
VIII-760 Rachel.
VIII-761 "Doc".

No. VII-4644
(Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Columbia, July 8, 1821, d Springfield, Mar. 20, 1898; m1st ___; m2d 1850, Mellisa, dau of Chalres and Mariam (Tracy) M. Davis, b Cherryfield, Aug. 14, 1838, d Springfield, Dec. 2, 1925. At least 7 children.

Children of Robert Leighton Worcester

VIII-762 Roxanna F., b Cherryfield, 1857, d Kingman, July 27, 1928; m1st April 15, 1872, Sewell Worcester (her cousin); m2d June 15, 1874, Charles Emerson Bishop, b Fort Fairfield, Me., c1850, d Kingman, 1920, of Ft. Fairfield.

Children of Roxanna F. and Charles Emerson Bishop

(a) Bessie Lena, b June 16, 1891, d Jan. 17, 1983; m Mar. 11, 1910, Herbert W. Leach.
(b) Lettie May, b Dec. 15, 1874, d Jan. 21, 1902; m George Wheeler Smith.
(c) Nell, b Dec. 26, 1876, d c1960; m Lester Jordan.
(d) Christopher M., b Apr. 4, 1879, d 1899.
(e) Inex Iola, b Oct. 29, 1881, d c1967; m Jerry Sullivan (div. 1921); m2d Forest Hill.
(f) Minnie, b c1884.
(g) Myrle, b Aug. 4, 1886, d Dec. 11, 1956; m Ralph Daigle.
(h) Blanche, b Mar. 13, 1889.
(i) Daniel Jay, b July 6, 1894, d 1945.
(j) Robert Fay, b July 6, 1894, d 1931.

VIII-763 Clarinda, b 1859, d 1860+.
VIII-764 James.
VIII-765 Mary Abbie; m Benjamin Franklin, son of Isaac and Abigail Leighton Worster, b Nov. 23, 1855, d Mar. 2, 1931.

Children of Mary Abbie and Benjamin Franklin

(a) Lola.
(b) Birdie L.

VIII-766 Amanda Blake, b c1871, d c1946; m Springfield, Me., Oct. 27, 1890, Everett Lyons.
VIII-767 Robert Leighton.
VIII-768 Howard S.

No. VII-466
(Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Cherryfield, Me., Sept. 10, 1826, d Oct. 16, 1914; m Springfield, Oct. 23, 1852, Lorraine H, dau of Isaac and Betsy (Smith) Tucker, b 1836, d Prentiss, Me., Nov. 20, 1857.

Children of Joseph Worcester

VIII-769 Seward
VIII-770 Mellisa, b Aug.4, 1854, d Apr. 30, 1885; m Charles McAlpone.
VIII-771 George Henry.
VIII-772 Drexie, b Jun 7, 1859; m1st Luther McAlpine; m2d  J.P. Neal.

Children of Drexie and Luther McAlpine

(a)    Mina B.
(b)    Rossie D.
(c)    Evelyn.
(d)    Leroy.

VIII-773 Evelyn, b June 26, 1861, d June 4, 1940; m Prentiss, Me., May 8, 1882, Edgar Alonzo Jipson, b Burlington, Me., Mar. 6, 1847, d Webster Plantation, Me., Dec. 2, 1937.

Children of Evelyn and Edgar Alonzo Jipson

(a)    Pearl Edward, b Mar. 11, 1893, d Nov. 24, 1966.
(b)    Bessie.
(c)    Jessie.
(d)    Elden Chester, b Jan. 26, 1878, d Oct. 21, 1960.
(e)    Lura E., b May 11, 1883, d Apr. 3, 1963.
(f)    Aggie E., Sept. 23, 1885, Aug. 1961.
(g)    Asa Edwin, b Jan. 28, 1888, d Nov. 26, 1972.
(h)    Lyda Viola, b Jan. 14, 1890, d Dec. 10, 1972.
(i)    Claude Vearl, b July 3, 1896, d Mar. 8, 1976.

VIII-774 Eldora, b June 7, 1863, d Lakeville Plt., Me., June 17, 1937; m Donald Dicker, b 1853, d Springfield, Me., 1940. He wass a member of the Maine Legislature ('45, '47, '53, and 1955.).

Children of Eldora and Donald Dicker

(a)    Ruth.
(b)    Aaron.
(c)    Isabelle.
(d)    Myrtle.
(e)    Joseph, d Mar. 1952.
(f)    Eugene, b Aug. 21, 1880, d Jume 1957.
(g)   Jesse E., b June 28, 1884, d Feb. 18, 1972.
(h)   Nathaniel L., b July 5, 1893, d Aug. 28, 1972.
(i)    Carl, b Sept. 25, 1894, d 1964.
(j)    Blanche, b 1898.

VIII-775 Addie Ellen, b Prentiss. Me., Feb. 25, 1866, d Springfield, Me., Mar. 26, 1934; m Dec. 19, 1881, Moses Edward Stevens, b Springfiled, Me., Sept. 1896, d Feb. 25, 1948.

Children of Addie Ellen and Moses Edward Stevens

(a)    Jesse Nolands, b June 13, 1883, d Nov. 18, 1934.
(b)    Maude, b Jan. 10, 1887, d July 6, 1970.
(c)    Daisy, b Feb. 1891, d May 18, 1953.
(d)    Florence G., b 1894, d Nov. 12, 1894.
(e)    Charlotte V., b Sept., 1896, d Feb. 25, 1948; m Dean Burge Balke, b Jan. 3, 1895.
(f)    Prince, b 1900, d 1968.

VIII-776 Orrie Etta, b Prentiss, Me., Dec. 22, 1868, d Prentiss, Me. Aug. 2, 1942; m Aug. 4, 1883, John Breckenridge McAlpine, b Prentiss, Me., June 24, 1862, d Surry, Me., May 16, 1940.

Children of Orrie Etta and John Breckenridge McAlpine

(a)    Floyd Clifton, d Dec. 2, 1964.
(b)    Lester Wllace, b July 4, 1884, d July 13, 1972.
(c)    Vida Ella, b Dec. 29, 1885, d Aug. 29, 1947.
(d)    Mildred Emma, b Mar. 21, d Nov. 1, 1918.
(e)    Orris Wilmot, b Feb. 25, 1891, d May 4, 1964.
(f)    James Henry, b June 10, 1894, d Jan. 23, 1963.
(g)    Kate Eva, b Mar. 30, 1897, d Oct. 14, 1987.
(h)    Bessie Ora, b July 11, 1902, June 20, 1980.
(i)    Leah Dora, b Aug. 7, 1904, d Nov. 25, 1965.
(j)    Ernestine Iona, b Dec. 27, 1906.

VIII-777 William Emery.
VIII-778 James A.
VIII-779 Pearl Andrew
VIII-780 Rose Emma, b Feb. 22, 1877, d Feb. 11, 1946; m Oct. 29, 1892, Lorraine, son of Robert S. Worster and Emma Lamb Tucker.

Children of Rose Emma and Timothy Worster

(a)    Earl Ray, b May 16, 1894, d May 15, 1947.
(b)    Mildred Mae, b Aug. 30, 1913.

No. VII-468
(Isaac6, Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Washington, Me., 1828, d Apr. 1, 1889; m Springfield, Me., Sept. 11, 1859, Almira, dau of Isaac and Setsy (Smith) Tucker, b 1841, d 1880+. A private in the Civil War.

Children of Simpson Worcester

VIII-781 Sylvania, b 1866, d 1880.

No. VII-469
        FERNALD H. WORCESTER (Samuel6, William5, Simeon4, William3, Moses2, William1) b Sanford, Me., Nov. 30, 1818, d Lebanon, Me., July 29, 1886; m Lebanon, Me., Nov. 12, 1843, Angela P. Smith, b Lebanon, Me., d Lebanon, Me., Aug. 1, 1904.

Children of Fernald H. Worcester

VIII-782 Susan J., b c1820; m George J. Fletcher.
VIII-783 Samuel Philips, b c1847.

No. VII-472
        WILLIAM WORCESTER (Samuel6, William5, Simeon4, William3, Moses2, William1) b Sanford, Me., Spr. 23, 1825, d Sanford, Me., Aug. 27, 1895; m1st Emma Wales, b Hiram, Me., June 29, 1840, d Sanford, May 20, 1920; m2d May 7, 1854, Betsey H. Cheney, b Sanford, Me., c1824, d Springfield, Me., Mar. 2, 1881.

Children of William Worcester by second marriage

VIII-784 Frank, b Feb. 21, 1862, d Srpingvale, Me., Jan. 13, 1864.
VIII-785 Frank, b c1864.

No. VII-480
(John6, Thomas5, Simeon4, William3, Moses2, William1) b Sanford, Me., July 4, 1824, d Great Falls, N.H.; m Aug. 7, 1845, Elizabeth B. Johnson, Amesbury, Mass., b Amesbury, Mass., Dec. 9, 1822. Lived in Amesbury, afterward in Great Falls, N.H.

Children of Jethro H. Worster

VIII-786  Ruth A., b Apr. 23, 1847, d ____.
VIII-787  Albert Leroy, b Feb. 10, 1849, d ____.
VIII-788  Harriet Augusta, b July 20, 1853.

No. VII-481
(John6, Thomas5, Simeon4, William3, Moses2, William1) b Sanford, Me., Mar. 20, 1826; m May 26, 1850, Almira E. Colby, Lowell, Mass.

Children of Ira Worster

VIII-789 Ida Isabella, b Portland, Me., Apr. 29, 1851.
VIII-790 Josephine, b Portland, Me., June 27, 1855.
VIII-791 Ira Eugene, b Jan. 3, 1860.

No. VII-483
(John6, Thomas5, Simeon4, William3, Moses2, William1) b Sept. 17, 1833, Great Falls, Somersworth, N.H., d Rochester, N.H., Jan. 4, 1899; m Sarah Ann Nolan of Salem, Mass., d Rochester, N.H., Oct. 23, 1891. Residence, Danvers and Salem, Mass. Shoemaker.

Children of John Franklin Worcester

VIII-792 Sarah Ann, d as infant.
VIII-793 George Franklin, b Peabody Rocks, Mass., Nov. 19, 1859, m Dec. 20, 1881, Mary Buchanan Slater, b Lowell, Mass., June 1, 1862. Residence New York and Rochester, N.H. Shoemaker and elevator constructor.
VIII-794  Harriet Augusta, b Salem, Mass., Dec. 11, 1863, m Evan Chesley, b Farmington, N.H., Sept. 18, 1866, d May 24, 1905. Auditor.

Children of Harriet A. Chesley

(a) Thurlow, b Rochester, N.H., May 21, 1884. Machinist. Residence N.Y. City.

VIII-795 Fred Stickney, b Salem, Mass., Sept. 18, 1866, m Dec. 12, 1889, Abbie Kilham. Residence Lynn. Carpenter.
VIII-796 Lenora Estella, b Salem, Mass., Jan. 6, 1868, m 1st Oct. 28, 1884 or 1885, Malcolm Folsom. Residence Rochester, N.H., m 2d Apr. 17, 1905, Isaiah Cushing.

Children of Lenora E. Folsom

(a) Ethel, b May 24, 1890.
(b) Earl, b Aug. 24, 1893.

Children of Lenora E. Cushing

(c) Lenora Belle, b June 11, 1907.

VIII-797  Mamie Ann, b Salem, Mass., Nov. 25, m 1st Harry Edson; m 2d Nov. 24, 1900, George Murray

Children of Mamie A. Edson

(a) Mildred, b Oct. 28, 1895, adopted by Harriet A. Chesley.

Children of Mamie A. Murray

(b) George, Jr., b July 1, 1904.

VIII-798 William Quint.
VIII-799 Susan Ann.

VIII-800 Lillian Belle, b Rochester, N.H., Oct. 21, 1875. Residence Medford, Mass. Waitress.
VIII-801 Addie Florence, b May 10, 1879, d June 7, 1897, m Aug. 16, 1894, William O. Morrell.

Children of Addie F. Morrell

(a) Grace May, b E. Lebanon, Me., May 27, 1897, adopted by her uncle, Wm. Quint Worcester.

No. VII-489
(Aaron6, Thomas5, Simeon4, William3, Moses2, William1) b Sanford, Me., Nov. 23, 1823, d Pond Creek, Okla., Feb. 26, 1898; m Wellington, Me., 1851, Hannah L. Wadley.

Children of Bradbury Worcester

VIII-802 Asa Franklin.

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